Berkowitz DM, et al. On an annual basis, this would be 9,360 rolls or 53 miles of unused, wasted tape.(17). Medical tape … Some medical adhesive tape is made with zinc oxide to help reduce the risk of infection, and it is intended to “breathe” to allow air to circulate around the wound. Please take a minute to review our Privacy Policy. Some types of cloth tape are also pressure sensitive to gently cover injuries. Except for norovirus, these organisms can create antimicrobial resistance problems and are among the most common causes of hospital acquired infections in intensive care units. Cloth tape is an adhesive tape made with a cloth backing or core, and the use of cloth makes it especially durable, rugged and flexible.

If the use is both permanent and on a porous surface, such as corrugated cardboard, then as long as the adhesive strength of the tape to the cardboard is higher than the internal strength of the cardboard (as evidenced by the tape … Arch Surg.

This type of tape can act as an insulator to prevent bodily secretions and blood from getting out of the bandage to keep it more sanitary. Five representative tapes were compared to plastic film in studies on the proliferation of the normal human skin flora and the fate of inoculated Staphylococcus aureus. Lavelle BE.

73, No. 7. Rehabmart is pleased to carry a complete selection of superior quality medical/surgical adhesive tape from qualified and credentialed vendors, which include McKesson Medical-Surgical, Independence Medical, BSN Medical, North Coast and Sammons Preston. (6) Also, studies of mucormycosis by Alsuwaida(7) and an extensive literature review of 169 mucormycosis cases by Rammaert, et al. The advantage of using waterproof tape for bandaging is that water will not be able to penetrate the bandage and add infection to a wound. 15. It comes in a variety of lengths, widths and styles that are designed to meet a wide variety of bandaging needs. Band-Aid Brand First Aid Water Block Waterproof. Vol. The tape’s medical-grade adhesive is also water-resistant and strong enough to stay on for three to five days, even while you work out or take showers. Hageman JC, et al. Our adhesive bandage and fixation series includes the following products: catheter fixation plaster, medical tape, silicone adhesive tape, wound skin closure strip, these products are all from a material to coated with various adhesives, in order to firmly apply to the skin, It plays the role of fixing other medical … Vol.

28, No.
Now Offering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Cost Savings Products During COVID-19  More Info   |   Dismiss, Universal Bean Bag Positioner Drape Packs, Cost of Surgical Site Infections to the Healthcare System. Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory, Vol. 1Harris, P.N., Ashhurst-Smith, C., Berenger, S.J., Shoobert, A., Ferguson, J.K. Adhesive tape in the health care setting:another high-risk fomite?. It has been found that healing time tends to be improved when wounds are kept ventilated as well as being cleaned, so the tape promotes a healthy flow of air rather than suffocating the wound site.

Adhesive Tape in the Health Care Setting: Another High-Risk Fomite? Vol.

73 Federal Register 20373. This type of tape is often applied when treating older people who commonly have thinner skin. Projecting this usage to the hospital’s annual activity would result in waste of 11,310 rolls — or 73 miles of tape. By Kari L Love, RN, MS. Some individuals can be allergic to certain types of tape; therefore it is good to have several types available.

One of its benefits is that since it is so gentle on the skin, it can be used when dressing wounds that need to be treated and redressed frequently.

(3), Other studies have shown that medical tapes, once opened and put into use can be sources of contamination. Applied Microbiology. (2), Lavelle (2004) states that most surgical tapes are supplied clean, rather than sterile, yet this does not guarantee they will remain clean in a clinical setting. Rhizopus Surgical Wound Infection Associated With Elasticized Adhesive Tape Dressings. To reduce the risk of bacterial transmission and cross-contamination in high risk patients, such as patients receiving dialysis for end stage renal disease, both United States federal and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines advocate dedicating a roll of tape to a single patient. 2012;196:34. P. 641-652, October 2006.

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