It was not surprising, watching "60 Minutes" Sunday night, to learn that Andy Rooney had never heard of Kurt Cobain or the band Nirvana. His first book, A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney, made its way into our house at some point in the early '80s and even then I found myself puzzled, and somewhat intrigued, that a person could fashion a career out of doing nothing but complaining.

He went on to say that Cobain's … He wrote for Godfrey's daytime radio and TV show Arthur Godfrey Time.

During the same period, he wrote for CBS News public affairs programs such as The Twentieth Century. Andy Rooney will announce on Sunday's "60 Minutes" that it will be his last regular appearance on the newsmagazine. "Rooney offers his opinion," The Tufts Daily, November 19, 2004. Despite being best known for his television presence on 60 Minutes, Rooney always considered himself a writer who incidentally appeared on television behind his famous walnut table, which he made himself.
For his service as a war correspondent in combat zones during the war Rooney was decorated with the Bronze Star Medal and Air Medal.

[35] Over the years, many of his editorials poked fun at the concept of God and organized religion.

[8] In 1968, he wrote two CBS News specials in the series "Of Black America,"[8] and his script for "Black History: Lost, Stolen, or Strayed" won him his first Emmy."[9]. Mr. Rooney said Mr. Cobain's suicide made him angry. It makes me angry, too, not because I want his wasted years -- such things are not transferable -- but because Mr. Cobain had a 2-year-old daughter who will grow up fatherless. "What's all this nonsense about how terrible life is?" He even goes on to suggest someone more appropriate (a Harvard professor who died of natural causes) to mourn. Another special, Andy Rooney Takes Off, followed in 1984. During a segment on Tom Brokaw's The Greatest Generation, Rooney stated that he had been opposed to World War II because he was a pacifist. Goodbye, Andy Rooney. It's next to impossible to find a recording or transcript of Rooney's comments on Cobain's suicide, probably because CBS rightly realized they made him (and the network, by association) look like a raging asshole. Kurt Cobain was born Feb. 20, 1967, to Don and Wendy (Fradenburg) Cobain in Aberdeen. [26] He penned a regular syndicated column for Tribune Media Services that ran in many newspapers in the United States, and which has been collected in book form.

"[15] After receiving many letters from Native Americans he wrote "when so many people complain about one thing, you have to assume you may have been wrong". He also read only critical feedback from listeners without interjecting any commentary of his own.[23][24].

In 2006, CBS released three DVDs of his more recent commentaries, "Andy Rooney On Almost Everything," "Things That Bother Andy Rooney," and "Andy Rooney's Solutions. Rooney lived in the Rowayton section of Norwalk, Connecticut,[39] and in Rensselaerville, New York,[40] and was a longtime season ticket holder for the New York Giants. Rooney's shorter television essays have been archived in numerous books, such as Common Nonsense, which came out in 2002,[25] and Years of Minutes, probably his best-known work, released in 2003. Rooney, 92, has been featured on the program since 1978. Emily's identical twin, Martha, became Chief of the Public Services Division at the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland; her son Justin works as the Pentagon producer for Fox News. It was not surprising, watching "60 Minutes" Sunday night, to learn that Andy Rooney had never heard of Kurt Cobain or the band Nirvana. ", People of the American Civil War by state, Articles with dead external links from November 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2014, Articles incorporating text from Find a, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, "Andy Rooney To Kick Off The Albany Academies' Alumni/ae Speaker Series On September 19",, "Colgate alumni play important roles in variety of fields",, "'A few minutes' with Andy Rooney becomes 91 years",,,25679,,,, "'60 Minutes' commentator Andy Rooney dies",,, "Andy Checks Out The New Rides At The Auto Show",,, "Andy Rooney Regrets a Racist Comment in a Recent Column",,,2362788,,,9171,969591,00.html,,,,,, "News & Documentary Emmy Awards — 60 Minutes Receives Lifetime Achievement",, "Andy Rooney to step down from his '60 Minutes' role, "Andy Rooney ends his regular role on '60 Minutes'",, "Humanist Network News #35: Andy Rooney on Atheism",, "CBS firings should go higher up, critics say",, "So You Want to Live in ... Rowayton, Connecticut",, "Andy Rooney celebrates big day in big way",, "Longtime CBS newsman Andy Rooney hospitalized",, "Andy Rooney Remains Hospitalized After Surgery",, "The Open Mind - Andy Rooney on Andy Rooney (2003)",, 2001 — Emperor Has No Clothes Award from the.

He attended The Albany Academy, and later attended Colgate University in Hamilton in Central New York, where he was initiated into the Sigma Chi fraternity, before he was drafted into the United States Armyin August 1941. "[15], In 1990, Rooney was suspended without pay for three months by then-CBS News President David Burke, because of the negative publicity around his saying that "too much alcohol, too much food, drugs, homosexual unions, [are] all known to lead to premature death. "What's all this nonsense about how terrible life is?"

"Why?" [41], Rooney was hospitalized on October 25, 2011, after developing postoperative complications from an undisclosed surgery,[42] and died on November 4, 2011, at the age of 92, less than five weeks after his last appearance on 60 Minutes.[43][44]. I doubt he remembers the cultural critics who lamented the fact the Andy Rooneys of the world weren't paying enough respect to Jelly Roll Morton.

Sunday evening, some adult did just that, and on national television too. Privacy, Rooney joined CBS in 1949, as a writer for Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts,[5] when Godfrey was at his peak on CBS radio and TV. Rooney wrote a column in 1992 that posited that it was "silly" for Native Americans to complain about team names like the Redskins, in which he wrote in part, "The real problem is, we took the country away from the Indians, they want it back and we're not going to give it to them.

He later wrote, "her name does not appear as often as it originally did [in my essays] because it hurts too much to write it.

Let it be known, young people, that your pain and depression aren't legitimate unless they're identical to what Rooney himself has gone through.

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He attended The Albany Academy,[2] and later attended Colgate University in Hamilton in Central New York,[3] where he was initiated into the Sigma Chi fraternity, before he was drafted into the United States Army in August 1941.

I can't understand why this is the one kind of pain we want to deny or denigrate, or why we would imagine that the young are immune from it any more than they are immune from AIDS or pneumonia. Is there anything that makes you sound like more of a doofus than admitting you don't "get" art?

DAVID BAUDER - AP Television, Writer. At the end of the 1978–1979 season, "Point/Counterpoint" was dropped altogether.[5]. He said that makes him proud, and that it proves that the country has "come a long way — a good way.

When CBS declined to broadcast his World War II memoir, titled "An Essay on War", in 1970, Rooney quit CBS and read the opinion himself on PBS — his first appearance on television.

I wouldn't.

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