Check out our range of courses at, © Eurocentres In other words, they tried to avoid using regional accents as much as they possibly could. To go crazy.
There are innumerable variations of the Australian accent, so whatever you come up with can be your own version or might even match up with a different part of Australia! It’s a very practical approach! Would you like to get language learning tips sent straight to your inbox? To drink with the flies

Unlike some of the strong accents and dialects used back in England, the Australian accent was clear and easy to understand, because it was developed by people trying to understand each other! G’day mate! Her accent is definitely more broad than general.

In order to understand this more clearly, one could use three recognised Australians as a point of reference. It’s much easier to remember the most popular Australian slang words, or expressions that are only used Down Under (as Australia is fondly known), than it is to remember the pronunciation rules. The “i”, for example, is pronounced more like the “oi” in oil. Are you ready to venture Down Under? With these words and expressions you should be ready to go Down Under. So the word write sounds more like wroit. To be seriously ill. Rookwood is the largest cemetery in Australia and is in Sydney. It was also speculated that ethnic speakers were similarly disassociating themselves from the trappings of the "low prestige" accents of their parents by adopting the "general" accent. Where Did the Australian Accent Come From? However, there are a number of features that most of them have in common. For this reason, it was often said that Australian English at that time was the purest form of English, since it was spoken almost without any kind of regional accent. However, there are a number of features that most of them have in common. Then, of course, these people had children. Academics David Blair and Peter Collins speculated in 2001 the reduction was the result of individuals actively attempting to escape the "working class - low brow" social stigma attached to broad-accented-speakers. Both Christopher Pyne and Penny Wong do it, too.

It can be said that the Australian accent is a blend of the accents of the first white settlers from the British Isle, in particular Ireland and South East England.

5 Most Common Myths about Studying English Abroad. I thought the same thing about Gillard. Private Schools in Australia taught students to use RP pronunciation as much as possible. How are you goin‘? At first, English people thought the new Australian accent was great. Some people speak with a “general” accent, which is more or less the way it has been for centuries. RP is very different to any other accents that exist in the UK, and people who spoke with an RP accent back then really looked down on people who didn’t speak like that. Do you want to improve your English so that you can communicate with native speakers from all over the world?

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