Paragon paths As described in the Classes section, though, the Life domain is incredibly broad, and a cleric of any non-evil deity can choose it. That's kind of the point. As you can tell I love story telling, but don't know a lot of the details for D&D. The most experienced barbarians were almost incomparably powerful, with a strength and constitution well beyond that of most mortals. Thus, they see their deities in every bend of a river, hear them in the crash of the thunder and the booming of the glaciers, and smell them in the smoke of a burning longhouse. [17], Barbarians had a reputation, perhaps not completely deserved, as reckless ruffians and savage nuisances who needless disrupted society by acts of mayhem. [CDATA[ List of known barbarians Close. If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it. Thor since you're like a Viking would work. Not all are evil, but few are good. He said that Tempus matches what I'm looking for and he's going to have him ride two wolves instead of horses.

He only found small bones in the ruined camp of which he could only assume, was his daughter. Thanks for contributing an answer to Role-playing Games Stack Exchange! Leonin and the Gods. Maybe Thor or Odin have visited your tribe or your native lands, and didn't get around to introducing themselves. He asked about deities, not which cast member his barbarian reminded you of. Can I contribute? This is a list of deities of Dungeons & Dragons, including all of the 3.5 edition gods and powers of the "Core Setting" for the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) roleplaying game.Religion is a key element of the D&D game, since it is required to support both the cleric class and the behavioural aspects of the ethical alignment system – 'role playing', one of three fundamentals. Barbarians were mighty warriors[8] who relied on their strength and incredible toughness, characterized by a bestial rage empowered either by ancestral totems and nature spirits[9] or an inner passion for violence. These gods are a young dynasty of an ancient divine family, heirs to the rulership of the cosmos and the maintenance of the divine principle of Ma’at—the fundamental order of truth, justice, law, and order that puts gods, mortal pharaohs, and ordinary men and women in their logical and rightful place in the universe. At least thirty deities are widely known across the Realms, and many more are worshiped locally, by individual tribes, small cults, or certain sects of larger religious temples. A variety of gods across the worlds of D&D inspire their followers to embrace this path.

Time and time again, barbarians proved their cunning and resourcefulness as well as their sheer physical power and endurance. When you take damage that reduced you to 0 HP or suffer and effect that would cause you to die while raging, you may instead use a Rage to return to life with 1 HP and gain temporary HP equal to 1/2 your maximum HP value that lasts for 1 minute. If a spell, such as Raise Dead, has the sole effect of restoring you to life (but not undeath), the caster doesn't need material components to cast the spell on you.

Now, you likely have a less positive attitude towards them compared to your allies. There could be several choices. Giving healing boosts (which will happen often) seems overpowered from the original. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. This allows the zealot to more easily return to keep fighting for their God(s).

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