Near the Gomel Sukhoi State Technical University, a computer science teacher Vadim Belsky was detained and transported to the Sovetskiy district department of internal affairs. The protests, nicknamed the Slipper Revolution[61][62] and the Anti-Cockroach Revolution,[51] were initiated by businessman and blogger Sergei Tikhanovsky when he made a reference to the children's poem The Monster Cockroach (Russian: Тараканище, romanized: Tarakanishche) by Korney Chukovsky. Без тлумачэньня прычын", "КГК задержал члена президиума Координационного совета Лилию Власову", "Лукашэнка зьняў пасла ў Гішпаніі, які выказваўся за перападлік галасоў на выбарах і суд над вінаватымі ў гвалтоўных дзеяньнях", "МВД об акции на переходе: люди блокировали движение, будет возбуждено уголовное дело", "В Минске милиция задержала несколько десятков протестующих студентов", "Журналисты Еврорадио задержаны во время стрима с протеста студентов", "Взялись за студентов. [68], During an interview, Lukashenko claimed that the opposition protests were a part of a plot[69] orchestrated by foreigners, who he suggested might be Americans, NATO members, Russians, or even Ukrainians. As the representative of the strike committee explained, Yuri did not leave the mine after the night, handcuffing himself as to hinder the attempts to carry him to the surface. People began to gather near the Minsk Regional Court to support the representatives of the strike committee of Belaruskali, against which the management of the enterprise filed a lawsuit. On 11 August, the protests resumed in Minsk and other major cities. [53], On 17 August, Tsikhanouskaya released a video in which she stated that she is ready to lead a transitional government[165][559] and to organise a new, free and fair presidential election.
A protester, Alexander Taraikovsky, died near Pushkinskaya metro station. [525] The Belarusian Fund for Cultural Solidarity was established with the purpose of providing legal, financial and psychological assistance to representatives of the Belarusian cultural community who actively express their civic position. [276][277][278] Alexander Lukashenko issued a statement in which he threatened dismissal for school teachers who do not follow "state ideology".

[211] There currently are no broadcasts on the station except for sports news. “It is now becoming increasingly clear that the bloody scenes on the streets of Belarus are just the tip of the iceberg.”.

In Minsk, a 73-year-old man with a daughter and grandchildren were arrested with nearly 20 other people who gathered near the 86th school after the closure of the polling station. In Mogilev, one of the activists marching near the executive committee building was deliberately injured by a hit-and-run driver, with no medically significant outcome. More than 10,000 women took part in the event. This was the first time in 29 days of protests when damage was done to a public property.

[67], Tikhanovsky was detained in late May 2020 by Belarusian authorities, and was formally accused of being a foreign agent. Their experiences abroad, Rakhlei said, as well as a younger generation more connected to the outside world, have helped drive anti-Lukashenko sentiment. [374] At least 20 students were detained by early afternoon in Minsk, charged with "organizing unsanctioned protests and rallies". 11 фактов о ней, которые интересно узнать", "Сотрудники PandaDoc не могут получить зарплату: счета компании заблокированы", "Вечер пятницы. [441] Later, employees of Belaruskali learned that Yuri Korzun was forcibly released and taken out of the mine, after which he was sent by ambulance to the emergency room of the Saligorsk Central Regional Hospital.

34 detainees were placed into custody for considerable administrative offenses, awaiting the court's decision. [335] An anti-Lukashenko demonstration was also held in Brest. "Могилевская" в Минске", "Belarusian protesters defy Lukashenko, EU announces sanctions", "Belarus Opens Criminal Probe Against Oppositions Coordination Council- Prosecutor General", "Яшчэ чацьвёра афіцэраў падалі рапарты аб звальненьні", "Belarus strikes must continue and grow, opposition leader says", "Колонна авто с красно зелеными-флагами и вертолет над проспектом Независимости", "Belarus opposition council members summoned for questioning", "Праўрадавае шэсьце і пратэстоўцы побач у Слуцку. [387], On 3 September, in the morning, near the spontaneous memorial at the site of the death of Alexander Taraikovsky near the Pushkinskaya metro station, utilities, under the supervision of police officers and law enforcement officers in civilian clothes, covered the inscription "We will not forget" with salt and removed all the flowers put there by civilians the previous night. an unknown major hit a woman in the face after she approached him too closely. Riot police, as well as several water cannons (one of which broke down), were employed to disperse the rally. [73] Lukashenko accused Russia of lying about the arrested "mercenaries", saying "So far there is no open warfare, no shooting, the trigger has not yet been pulled, but an attempt to organize a massacre in the centre of Minsk is already obvious. [369] Coordination Council presidium member Liliya Vlasova was detained by the Department of Internal Affairs on unknown charges.

However, no details about the ongoing investigation were ever revealed. Посчитали сами и спросили у МВД, "Belarus ambassador who sided with protests says Moscow won't send troops", "Major int'l brands pull commercials from Belarusian TV – media", "Belarus live updates: Merkel calls for 'national dialogue, "Merkel: Belarusian government must avoid violence and start national dialogue", "Belarusian ambassador resigns after supporting protesters", "Lukashenko, Still in Power in Belarus, Rewards Security Forces as Protests Continue", "Belarusian ambassador, entire theatre troupe resign as dissent against president mounts", "Estonian government does not recognize Belarus election results", "Merkel and Putin discuss political crisis in Belarus", "Belarus opposition leader decries "rotting system" as strikes ramp up", "Belarus State News Circulates Misleading Anti-Opposition Video", "Rally in Mogilev | In Pictures | Belarus News | Belarusian news | Belarus today | news in Belarus | Minsk news | BELTA", "Lukashenko Supporters Unfurl Giant Belarus Flag During Rally in Gomel", "Митинги за и против Лукашенко, сладкий стол на пл. But the country of 9.5 million has officially confirmed around 70,000 cases and has recorded 603 deaths, though critics say the real figures are higher. [610], On 15 August, a meeting was held with the head of the upper chamber of Parliament of Belarus Natalia Kochanova and press Secretary of the President of Belarus Natalia Eismont. Initially, Serbian armed forces were supposed to take part in the drill, but Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin clarified that the operation was cancelled and troops were called home under the pressure of the European Union. В Минске на прессу составляют протоколы", "Водометы, жесткие задержания, взрывы и стрельба. [504], On 29 September, Tsikhanouskaya met with president Emmanuel Macron in Vilnius, where they discussed the overall situation in Belarus, Russia's involvement, as well as possible ways to resolve the crisis. [144] On 15 August, thousands of people gathered at the funeral in Minsk.

", "Кандрусевіч у інтэрвію польскай тэлевізіі: "Ёсьць падставы меркаваць, што выбары праходзілі несумленна, "Archbishop stands by detained Belarus protesters", "Belarusan election officials say exit polls favor Lukashenko", "Yermoshina: Polls in Telegram channels are a hoax", "Глава МВД Беларуси взял ответственность за травмы попавших под раздачу", "Глава МВД Белоруссии взял ответственность за попавших под раздачу", "Protestors pack Belarus capital, Russia offers Lukashenko military help", "Мінск.
[321] A pro-Lukashenko bike ride was held in Minsk led by Alexander Lukashenko's son Viktor Lukashenko. [446] During the women's solidarity rally on Independence Square near the St. Helena Church several women were detained. [280] The Government of Lithuania handed a note of protest to the Belarusian ambassador in Vilnius accusing the Belarusian armed forces of violating Lithuanian airspace by as much as 3 km the previous day. So far, this has not been fulfilled. 5, also resigned in protest, saying, "My colleagues have been broken down by threats, turned into criminals, and made hostages of the system".

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