It was at Dalton that Epstein got to know Alan Greenberg, a top executive at Bear Stearns whose daughter attended the school. That’s my definition of IQ.” Epstein’s attempt to portray himself as a galaxy-brain genius was surely helped along by his vast fortune—as I would find, the myth of his genius and the fortune were mutually reinforcing notions. The feds dropped their case, and Epstein ended up serving 13 months in a private wing of a Palm Beach County jail, where he was chauffeured to and from a luxury office space for 12 hours a day and allowed to receive female visitors. In particular Epstein had an affinity for posing pseudo-deep questions like “What is up?” and “What is down?” at the scientific summits he hosted on his private island. “She was definitely legal age, but she looked really prepubescent, physically….He was walking around [a popular mall] with her and finding it funny that people thought he was her father.” If Epstein was at all embarrassed about the nickname given to his Boeing 727, “The Lolita Express,” he didn’t show it. This is ridiculous. Summarizing for me, she explained that she’d asked Epstein why he had so many girls around. ”Jeffrey had money, Ghislaine had status,” Julie said. Every time I did manage to drill down into something concrete, some actual idea or thought of his, it was a mixture of psychotic Silicon Valley drivel and freshman-year bongwater philosophy, delivered to me with total reverence. Dan Kaiser, attorney for one of Epstein’s victims, said that Maxwell was “integral in maintaining the sex trafficking ring….She provided important administrative services in terms of the hiring of recruiters, and management of those employees, the making of appointments and dates for interactions between Mr. Epstein and the underage girls that were providing sexual services to him. Ralph FiennesAlec BaldwinDavid BlaineJimmy BuffettCourtney LoveCharlie RoseMike WallaceBarbara WaltersEhud BarakTony BlairDavid KochJohn GutfreundPrince Andrew. I remember thinking they weren’t that funny….Why would an adult tell this story?” said Julie. In 2011, Rodriguez was sentenced to 18 months in prison for having tried to sell the book to an undercover agent after failing to notify investigators about its existence. He said no: “A lot of people would figure out in a nanosecond who it was. He loved Lewis Black, Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks—he liked guys with an edge.”, Epstein’s fondness for edginess went well beyond comedy. “I used to call him on his birthday,” Julie said, “and he was always really short on the phone, but sometimes he would sort of snicker and laugh and say, ‘Oh, I’ve been so bad.’….I didn’t know what it meant at the time, and he used to be full of crap sometimes and say things to try and make himself look interesting, but now I do.”. You remember that? According to Julie, the remainder of their relationship was built on resentment, mutual jealousy, and a toxic codependency. Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book contains the names of people who could be described as being a mixture of the Feudal Elite, Robber Barons, Zionists, Nazis and members of the security services. The novel is an unbearable horror show. Sometimes I would have delightful conversations with normal people who had cleaned a car or given Epstein a facial, and only shared in my distaste for Epstein and his circle.

Instead, he tried to make a $50,000 score by covertly peddling the black book to one of the attorneys launching lawsuits at Epstein on behalf of his victims. All I did for weeks was sit on my couch, feel like dogshit, flip through this haunted book, and call people up one by one in between bouts of stress diarrhea. In the years following, Epstein began to play a central role in Wexner’s life. Epstein’s affection for young women was no secret. But instead Julie told me that Epstein had said that his “ADD tendencies” necessitated frequent massage for him to “clear his head.”, Much of Epstein’s personality that was chalked up to eccentricity by Julie at the time now seems incredibly fucked up in retrospect. Shuster was fresh out of college when she ran into Epstein and Maxwell at a social event in New York.
Jeffrey introduced me to the guy who watched them.”.

Leslie was shy, quiet, and the meeting was short and uncomfortable—few words shared, no food served, the trio sustaining themselves on peanuts alone.

Built into the premise of Epstein the mastermind scammer is the notion that some kind of legitimate path to a legitimate global aristocracy exists.

Minsky died in 2016. For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis, the election, and more, subscribe to the. “He loved [her], but she was never going to marry him, and it wasn’t going to work,” Julie said.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. ?”, Me: “Meryl and Jimmy were listed with an address and this number. PRAYER CHAIN FOR TRUMP: Please add your name and a prayer to support our President! The truth is that the elite world that Epstein ascended into, the one I tapped into by way of the black book, is populated with hordes of loathsome, boring, untalented people living their bumbling, idiotic lives while just so happening to wield some share of the preposterous global bounty that he and the rest were after. [Here I let her know I’d be interested in hearing her daughter’s story.]. Old hippie: She didn’t want to get any shots. They weren’t all elites, thankfully. And you’re going to think it’s totally crazy, but I bet you he cloned himself, and whoever killed themselves was a clone….I try not to think about it. Epstein gave Shuster a full tour of the house, including the master bedroom and massage room, the same room where dozens of alleged assaults took place, and he had his staff serve them lunch in the large parlor downstairs.

(Julie wasn’t attending in any official capacity.

While Epstein played the piano for the small crowd in his place, a friend of hers pulled her aside and told her, “I think he’s hitting on you.”. He was attempting, somehow, in his ignorant and scientifically naive state, to do something scientifically important. She said he was a big fan and wanted me to come entertain, and that there was going to be some big, high-profile people there. He asked the kinds of questions that a young comic would ask in comedy class.”. Maxwell, Epstein, and musician Michael Bolton at Mar-a-Lago in 2000. Julie remembers when Jeffrey moved in. Reclaiming power from those who abuse it often starts with telling the truth. Although she had better insight into his life than perhaps most people on this Earth, she too had agonizing, unresolved questions, and parts of Epstein still remain an enigma even to her. I completely believe what she wrote.” Julie told me Maxwell was Epstein’s ticket into proper high society. It’s violent and grotesquely pornographic, containing toddler brothels and graphic details of children and infants being ceremonially raped and trained into sex slavery. "},{"id":18,"description":""}]; Subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily to have our top stories delivered directly to your inbox. Me: Oh, wow.

Would you fly out to Ohio’—and, of course, that’s like hell for Jeffrey, going to Ohio–‘would you fly to Ohio for several months going over all my books with a fine tooth comb and find out what’s going on?'”.
Maxwell was indispensable to the world Epstein had built for himself, but eventually, Julie says, he wanted to dispose of her anyway. He then said, “I have a real call coming in,” to what sounded like someone else in the room, his voice quiet in the way of someone who has just pulled the phone off his face to look at it. Me: OK. How did she end up getting that job? She tells him that girls enjoy being raped. He said he never knew Epstein was having sex with children until Maria Farmer, a student at the academy and an acquaintance of Pivar, had told him she had been assaulted and held hostage by Epstein. “He was a monster—what he did was so sick, you know, and then I read my diary, and saw how nice he was when I was going through [a major family crisis] or a breakup or something, and it hurts to still miss that part of him,” Julie said. Maria Farmer and Virginia Giuffre both say that Maxwell sexually abused them. Epstein used his money and influence to brand himself an avant-garde intellect, a sparkling autodidact dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge on the far-out edge of human perception. Some of these were listed in a contact book found in his New York house when raided by the police. I was kind of mad at her,” said Tracey.

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