Provide Infection Control Officers (ICO) as mandated by Ryan White Act. If a firefighter doesn't have anyone to relive them after their regular 24-hour shift, they have to stay another 24 hours. Contact the Fire Department (Non-Emergency), Phone: (719) 385-5950 NOTE: The phone numbers for the Colorado Springs Fire Department fire stations are unlisted. Become a Member. Colorado Springs Fire Department Strategic Plan; Contact Info. Each year, the call volume goes up by about 3 to 4 percent. As more and more people are fleeing their homes because of wildfires, other people are offering to help. The City of Colorado Springs has a Burn Ban in effect. Three people are dead after investigators believe a man lost control of his truck on I-25, crossed over the median, and slammed into an oncoming car. Fax: (719) 385-7388 However, the images of the mountains on fire and a line of cars trying to get out of town are all too familiar for many living in Olympic City, USA. Some folks want to provide the service to the community through an ambulance service," said Chief Collas. Contact. Browse All Feeds Browse Near Me Top Feeds New Feeds Alert Feeds Dashboards Calls Platform Broadcast. Evaluate, select, purchase, and manage inventories of all medical equipment. Fax: (719) 385-7388 Volunteering to Make House Calls Since 1965 Volunteering to Make House Calls Since 1965 Volunteering to Make House Calls Since 1965 Volunteering to Make House Calls Since 1965.

Contact the Fire Department (Non-Emergency). They're some of the men and women you might need to call at any time of the day. Develop and manage a mandated employee Infectious Disease Policy and Procedure. Colorado Springs, CO 80910. Firefighters work 56 hours a week in rotating 24-hour shifts. The City of Colorado Springs has a Burn Ban in effect. Manage certifications and training required for provision of Advanced Life Support to the community.

A family and their pig were forced to evacuate their home joining hundreds of people impacted by a wildfire. All while firefighters are getting more calls for help.

Act as liaison between the Fire Department, other Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers, and the medical community. If you would like to contact a fire station, please call our headquarters office at 719-385-5950 during regular business hours to be transferred. Fax: (719) 385-7388 Provide Public Information Officer service to the media 24 hours per day. A table of fire department calls by year, starting in 1980. That's because of mandatory over time. Contact Phone: (719) 385-5950 The Operations Division is the largest section of the Colorado Springs Fire Department. Officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) are asking for help from the community with tracking down a person who poached a deer in a small Colorado town.

The chief says they've asked city council for eight more firefighters and four civilian support staff. Colorado health officials are utilizing new technology to help with COVID-19 contact tracing, and many people in Colorado can expect a message about the tech on their phone this Sunday. Springs Fire Department Springs Fire Department Springs Fire Department. Contact the Fire Department (Non-Emergency), Phone: (719) 385-5950 73% of the Department’s calls for service are responses to medical emergencies. Regardless of the staffing issues though, the chief says they're committed to getting the job done. Although there is no official word on the East Troublesome Fire being deadly, a man tells 11 News he believes his grandparents perished in the blaze. Fire Operations The Operations Division is the largest section of the Colorado Springs Fire Department. Operate a Quality Assurance (QA) program for the delivery of emergency medical services. "We will keep up. The chief says part of the staffing problems has to do with a lack of people with specialized certifications, like paramedics.

Premium Help. Fire Code, Amendments & Administrative Rulings, Fire Board of Appeals & Requests for Variances, Hazardous Materials Management & Emergency Reporting (HAMMERS), Fire Department Access during Construction, Fireworks, Pyrotechnics and Flame Effects, Haunted Houses & Special Amusement Buildings, Evacuations Plans & Drills General Requirements, Find Your Protection Class rating (ISO Rating), Colorado Springs Fire Department Strategic Plan, Contact the Fire Department (Non-Emergency). Home; Leadership; Fire Safety; Events; Antique Truck Campaign; Donate; Photos; Join Us; Contact Us; Welcome. 11 News reporter Kyla Galer spoke with the Colorado Springs Fire Department's chief to find out how they're keeping up in this 11 Call for Action investigation. Home; Listen. Fax: (719) 385-7388 00:00 Play Live. However, that means some firefighters don't see their families for days.

There are three basic “teams” - the A, B, and C Shifts. Phone: (719) 385-5950 Fax: (719) 385-7388 Contact the Fire Department (Non-Emergency) Address: 375 Printers Parkway. But over the last nine years, the number of sworn firefighter positions has dropped by 16. Authorities in Teller County believe a person or people are behind horrible injuries to a small dog.

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