The particular barbs that Hamlet flings at Ophelia serve in a secondary way to heighten the angry tone of the revenge play, but they also pointedly betray his sexual fascination with her, and her responses are often perceived as self defense, parrying his words and then attempting to mark them as levity in order to preserve herself. Much as their story encompasses great pain and even madness, there is a kind of reconciliation in the way that the lovers come to embody a completeness, becoming a greater whole even in their separateness and their individual solitude. How can we conceive of the sexual apart from death when the early modern slang for orgasm was “dying”. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is more of a prefix than that it's used alone though, and in some youngsters use to denote a female's external reproductive organs as well. Indeed, the entire passage as it stands in Q2 and F lends itself to numerous possible sexual puns, not only these but also head and lap and even possibly Ophelia’s I / ay / eye, which (in other contexts, though not usually this one) is often glossed as carrying a pun on vagina, and occasionally on penis as well.26. 2o6r). The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare. Ophelia: What is, my lord? The genealogy of this particular variant, shaped by the uncanny history of Q1, can therefore illuminate larger issues in how we understand Shakespeare’s texts and make that understanding widely available, or inevitable, in editions of those texts. What is, my lord? Still sight of Count--ry pleas’d me more: In this pornographic passage, the pun in “Count--ry” seems clear, since that word punningly looks back to the description of Calypso and Circe’s naked bodies, and forward to Ithaca, emphasizing Odysseus’s choice to return home rather than indulge in sexual pleasure.

Hamlet’s undercurrent of incandescent rage ignites and he misogynistically redoubles her words back at her. There is, however, at least one instance in the early modern period in which country clearly and overtly carries a pun on cunt. Sammy gives us the final instance at the end of the movie when the food products find out they're, In an HBO original movie about the Mike Tyson rape case, Mike uses this word during a fight with his girlfriend, who then proceeds to denounce him on national TV in the very next scene. Lady will you giue me leaue, and so forth: Ham. K.T. Even naughty thoughts, although ‘naughty’ depends largely on perspective.

It also managed to make its way into their farewell show, Larry David's use of it during a poker game causes an effeminate acquaintance to have a slow-motion nervous breakdown. Captain Mero asks Daenerys to show her c-word to see if it's worth fighting for. HAMLET That's a fair thought to lie between maids' legs. Tyrion in regards to his father in "Fire and Blood".

Implied with one of the hate letters Diane receives. At the end of the exchange, Antipholus asks “Where stood Belgia, the Netherlands?” and Dromio replies: “Oh sir, I did not looke so low” (F, sig. The Dutch equivalent of "cunt" is "kut", and is used quite regularly in the Dutch language, as said above.

It may be, but Hamlet’s meaning is clearer here. See Jezebel's article about it. When asked what it is like to sell out everyone he knew for his own sake, the captain who secured Rip's carrier admitted to feeling like one of these. Averted in a future episode, in which Kenneth says to Liz, "You're acting like a real C-word right now! Of course, this stems from much older traditional ideas of violence and reprisal that have followed us through human history, spanning cultural and geographical boundaries. Underlying the editorial certainty about country matters is a largely unexamined idea of glossing. She is often held up as a character example of a woman oppressed by the men around her. Oph. ****From the operetta, The Sorcerer. This is the first of four unpleasant sexual jests that Hamlet directs at Ophelia just before the performance of The Murder of Gonzago.

G. R. Hibbard follows a similar formula in his Oxford edition: “Sexual intercourse (quibbling indecently on the first syllable of country).” David Bevington’s gloss is virtually identical: “Sexual intercourse.

It certainly could be played that way.

Young children will be corrected, but everyone above the age of 15 will not be, and, though, most don't use it in polite conversation, it is used quite a lot in informal speech. Granted, we tire of hearing about death, writing about death, especially when genesis may be, for the most part, much more interesting. "), but still couldn't resist the temptation to go with a. OPHELIA What is, my lord? Required fields are marked *. Edited by Harold Jenkins. Considering that the word's literal meaning is simply "female genitalia" note In a case of Having a Gay Old Time, it comes from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "scabbard" - cf. Georges Bataille tells us, “We must not forget, however, that outside of Christianity the religious and sacred nature of eroticism is shown in the full light of day, sacredness dominating shame.”*. Hey, we're all guys here; I'll just say. The Plays and Poems of William Shakespeare. By Cock, they are to blame. As Martin Battestin, one of the few theorists of glossing, has written: “The editor in annotating a work intends to make the meaning of the text more intelligible to the reader, on the one hand by recovering for him certain information . You must know that the dividing line between good and bad wasn't hetero and homo, but active and passive. "Oh, I remember." Before night’s swift dragons cut the clouds full fast. Wendy's reply is, "Well, tell Stan to f**k off! skilfull in country matters if I  haue often conference with your seruaunt.” Peggy Knapp argues that a pun on cunt here “is intended to further the deception of Musidorus’s disguise, while it allows Zelmane/Pyrocles to talk with his cousin about love and pastoral terrains (country-ness).”18 The trouble with these parallels is that it is hard to know whether “country” simply indicates, with no pun at all, the kind of rustic earthiness, sexual license, or general naivete that London writers commonly attributed to provincial folk.19 After all, Touchstone’s “copulatives” (those who are joining together, those who are copulating) are literally in the country; the pleasures to which Donne refers are childishly innocent, as the country was often imagined to be in comparison with the city and court; and Zelmane’s joke may simply concern the gap between the Musidorus’s true identity and his rural disguise. For multi-volume works, I use the format “” or, if a volume contains multiple parts, “” If the volumes have multiple imprint dates, the abbreviation takes the date of the volume containing Hamlet. In Mandarin Chinese, the equivalent is "bī" (屄), and has about the same effect and usage, with one weird exception: "niú bī" (牛屄, sometimes with a different last character but with the same sound), usually abbreviated as "NB" on Chinese message boards, can mean "really fucking cool" when used to describe something, and either "badass" or "total dick" when describing a person, depending on whether you mean it positively or negatively.

That’s a faire thought to lye between Maids legs, As Thompson and Taylor note, “‘Thing’ could be a euphemism for a man’s penis; alternatively nothing (the figure nought) could refer to a woman’s vagina.”25 In either case, the double entendre seems certain, given the clear reference to what lies “between maids’ legs.” We might read the lines as encompassing Hamlet’s typically double perspective: it is a “fair thought” both that “no thing”—no penis—will lie “between maids’ legs,” thereby ensuring their chastity; and, with his usual misogynistic sarcasm falling heavily on the word fair, that “nothing”—a vagina—lies “between maids’ legs,” thereby ensuring their wantonness. New Cambridge Shakespeare. whenever it was about to be spoken. "Did you know Stuart Adamson?" The Story of Layla & Majnun. Murphy §1533. We do know that readers of Hamlet in its early editions were given no typographical cues like the dashes in Homer Alamode to prompt them to read the word in this way. Even if we remain behind for a time, like Rengetsu,******* death hounds us into the very hollows of our lives. We become intimate, promiscuous even, with some portion of their experience as it becomes mutual with our own. However, it's not a word you should sling around if you don't have the intuition to know how you'll be interpreted, context is important. No doubt there has been any number of country matters spoken of in newspapers and magazines, but this one stands out by virtue of the personalities involved. "Who invited Steve?

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