CUCKOO’s Q10 model has a capacity of 5 litres. What is the power cord length of this model? Can I use CUCKOO to reheat food (that is previously not cooked in the cooker)? Is it malfunctioned? What is the material of CUCKOO’s inner pot handle? CUCKOO Korea Representative Electric Rice Cooker For 3 Persons CR-E0352FP RIce Warmer Cooker Very Easy cooking, 1.8L High Pressure Rice Cooker - CRP-M1059F and NEW Primium IH … With a sleek red and thoughtful design, Cuckoo Cooker is here to make your cooking adventures easier. What is the GABA rice function? Yes, that’s right, Cuckoo Cooker can stir-fry too! How long-lasting/durable is the non-stick coating? Drop us a message and we will reply within 2 working days. Thank you for your order. - Oven Setting can be used while the lid is opened to stir fry. How much time is needed for the sushi rice function? With CUCKOO, preparing GABA rice is a lot smoother and quicker at 2,4 and 6 hours preset at your preference. Not valid for further discounts unless otherwise stated. Qoo10 - cuckoo rice cooker Search Results : Small Appliances,Kitchen & Dining Items now on sale at Q10 multi cooker is optimized for pressure cooking and steam cooking which the lid has to be locked. The standard ratio of preparation is usually one cup of rice to one cup of water. What is the maximum cooking time for Oven/Baby Food/Multi-cook? Product will arrive in Singapore in about 45 - 60 days. How much time is needed for glutinous rice turbo? Oven function can be used for stir-fry, even oil-free for a healthier choice. Open the lid and lock it to activate heating. CH10 High Pressure Point for Cooking (1.9Bar Pressure level) Promotional Discount - Terms & Conditions, Warranty Registration - Retail / Online Partners, AIBI Slendertone ABS 8 - Frequently Asked Questions, CUCKOO Q10 Multi Rice Cooker - Frequently Asked Questions, H2O Steam FX Pro - Frequently Asked Questions, Ultimo AirLift Mop - Frequently Asked Questions, Hurricane Cyclone Vac - Frequently Asked Questions, Sparky Kleen - Frequently Asked Questions, Lapovo Smoothie - Frequently Asked Questions, Arctic Tumbler - Frequently Asked Questions, Sankom Patent Socks - Frequently Asked Questions, Evercook Frying Pan - Frequently Asked Questions, Livington Prime Cordless Vacuum - Frequently Asked Questions, Coocan IH Titanium Ceramic - Frequently Asked Questions, 8 in 1 Gourmet Chef - Frequently Asked Questions, Kinohimitsu Stem Gold+ Set - Frequently Asked Questions, Copper Fit Back Support Super Kit - Frequently Asked Questions, Wondercore Rock N Fit - Frequently Asked Questions, Contour PowerBed - Frequently Asked Questions, Herbal Revival Thomson Activated Ginkgo Set | 120 Tablets - Frequently Asked Questions, Gain City AC Package - Frequently Asked Questions, Kinohimitsu Superfood Plus - Frequently Asked Questions, Tokyo Jelly TJ's Diet - Frequently Asked Questions, Mayer Air Fryer - Frequently Asked Questions, Ultimo Mop Duo - Frequently Asked Questions, Mayer Set Meal Mini Cooker - Frequently Asked Questions, Smart Cutter - Frequently Asked Questions, Nutri Blitzer - Frequently Asked Questions, Freesia Hair Dye - Frequently Asked Questions, Samurai Edge - Most Commonly Asked Questions, Arctic Deluxe Set - Most Commonly Asked Questions, GOURMET CHEF Rotating Air Fryer - Most Commonly Asked Questions, H2O E3 Natural Cleaning System - Most Commonly Asked Questions, Trentios Water Heater Set - Most Commonly Asked Questions, Korea King Cookware - Frequently Asked Questions, Mugen 11-in-1 Instant Pressure Pot - Frequently Asked Questions, Korea King Single Fry/Wok Pan - Frequently Asked Question, BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken Set | Free Luminarc Container - Frequently Asked Question. The Q10 “Keep Warm” function remains active unless you decide you switch it off. Can I change the timing for all functions? How much time is needed for Porridge function? You may explore using the baby food function to prepare not only baby food but puree based food such as mashed potatoes. BONUS 40% OFF SELECTED PRODUCTS IN FACEBOOK LIVE. The number stated is according to the number of cups of rice you are cooking. It takes around 35 minutes to 49 minutes for 2 servings to 8 servings respectively. High Pressure Point for Cooking ( 1.9Bar Pressure level). The new Cuckoo Q10 will help to make your meals easier and keep all the nutrients inside.

The models are only available through JML during this promotional period. What can I cook using the Baby food function? Q10 is a newer model and it has the Baby Food and Oven functions that other models possibly do not have. Get Cuckoo rice cooker models online So, if you are ready to get hold of a rice cooker from Cuckoo in Singapore, you can very well find it online on the Singapore-based platform called Lazada.

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