really liked the detail in this story think the storyline was easy to catch on too and understand why the mother would hide that the babay was a girl because she was depressed and after having 4/5 girls and always wanting a boy it is all she could do, the youngest girl can be pictured a a little terror but she really grows on you throught the story. Diamond does become close friends with a few of the other acts, including Madame Adeline who becomes like a second mother to her and Mr Marvel who is in charge of the monkey act. This is a perfect summer read; very cute and fun.

I had become a bit fed up of Jacqueline Wilson books by this point, but this one sprung out at me. Another superb novel to delight Jacqueline Wilson’s vast 8-12-year-old girl fanbase. With a new baby on the way the mother decides they need a bigger and better home. But that's the end of the Diamond girl run because Mum's having another baby, and this time it's a boy. ‘Imagine if it comes before she gets to hospital! Diamond Girls is written from the perspective of Dixie, who is living in a walking drama right now. Jenny Colgan is the author of numerous bestselling novels, including 'The Little Shop of Happy Ever After' and 'Summer at the Little Beach Street Bakery', which are also published by Sphere.' We’d love your help. by Corgi Childrens. Recommended to Lake Villa District Library by: Jenny Colgan is the author of numerous bestselling novels, including 'The Little Shop of Happy Ever After' and 'Summer at the Little Beach Street Bakery', which are also published by Sphere.' It's a good thing I read Colgan's subsequent novels first (like the Cupcake series & also Sweet shop of dreams) because if I were to read this (Diamonds) first, I wouldn't want to read anymore of Colgan's novels. I’m not really a fan of ‘slice of life’ books, and I can’t say this one was an exception. This book was okay - not the best for people with past trauma. Read it as a rom com chick lit beach book and you'll have a good time. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Their mum is expecting her predicted baby boy as she believes in star charts and fate etc. There are, naturally, a million roadblocks between their first kiss and their happily-ever-after—how can American political royalty and actual British royalty ever be together? What they really need is a nice steady bloke with a heart of gold who'll come and help them move their stuff to the new place and sort things out for them a bit: Poor Bruce. But also she finds out who her true friends are. There are few things that make me happier than a Jenny Colgan book, even re-releases that perhaps would have passed me by the first time, feeling a bit too “young” in terms of the lead character. Some people fall in love.

There seemed very little lasting happiness in this book, and even though the emotions were very believable, I would have preferred some that were slightly more positive. We’re glad you found a book that interests you! A very traditional Jacqueline Wilson about a large family of girls living with their single mum, who is pregnant with another baby. I'd be curious how she would fare in the age of social media! has published 70 bestsellers, and this one employs her usual template of thriller spiked with romance.Its main character, Drex Easton, is an FBI agent in pursuit of a serial killer, but for him it’s personal. easy to read. I remember reading this and becoming so involved in the world that i almost felt I was the main character. I did like the main character, Dixie and Bruce. My sister has currently been making her way through the Jacqueline Wilson collection so after she had finished reading this book I also decided to read it.

RELEASE DATE: March 27, 2018. They're a bit rough, but their hearts are in the right place - they're rough diamonds! Preparing to move to the new house the family receive a shook when they find that their new home has been broken into, so they try their best to restore the house. I love it.

By the time Mum comes home with the new baby, Jude's been in a fight, Rochelle's found a new boyfriend and Martine's stormed off.

She started sniggering again. When the party girl must stop sponging and start creating a life for herself, all hell breaks loose. Categories:

I don't quite understand why I liked this book so much. This is a love story game in which relationships form between the "love-allergic" heroine who wears track suits around and the handsome men. It’s free and takes less than 10 seconds! ROMANCE

But felt that Mary and Dixie almost dying with Mary's mum admitted to the Mental Health Ward and Martine pregnant at 16 did not prove 'a happy ending' in my eyes. Having now moved everything seems to fall apart with Jude getting into a fight and Rochelle finding a new boyfriend. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I'm sticking to happy books and escaping the horrid events of my life. The love affair between Alex and Henry is intense and romantic, made all the more so by the inclusion of their poetic emails that manage to be both funny and steamy. Casey McQuiston

It goes through the daily lives of the girls up until the day their mother gives birth. However, the point of this is that she grows up in more ways than one, deals with crisis maturely, and. How will old Bruce cope?’ ‘I hope she doesn’t hook up with him, he’s such a creep,’ said Jude.

He returns to Castella Rock for his late father’s memorial; he hasn’t been back in two years, since the death of Abby’s own father. Broken families, abuse, teen pregnancy and nutty parents. I really loved this book, I like the names of the sisters. I don't really get why the mum decided the baby was a boy and woudn't change her mind - a bit of a weird additive to an already strange book. Were some things silly? Refresh and try again. This book was okay - not the best for people with past trauma.
Sophie was a woman who grew up getting pretty much everything she wanted. The mystery of who killed Cass and how the killer evaded capture is the real driving force of the story, whereas the romance barely reaches a simmer.

| Eh. It is a very fun novel and one you can put your feet up and enjoy. I did like the main character, Dixie and Bruce.

It sorta seemed like J. Wilson crammed as much family trauma as possible such as teenage pregnancy, family violence, and severe OCD disorder that may scare children. Welcome back. We’d love your help. Continue to Travel ; CANCEL. Since becoming a full-time writer, she has written numerous novels including The Dare Game; Bad Girls; The Worry Website; Lola Rose; The Diamond Girls; Clean Break; and Hetty Feather. Children's books featuring bold and brave girls are both becoming easier for parents to find, and also cover a large range of... Dixie is the youngest of the Diamond family. Printable Book Club Questions . | The mum usually really stressed and the family falling apart but at the end they play 'happy families' with mum not stressed at all - even though all four daughters are in a troubling part of their lives. She pulled a stupid froggy face that was nothing like my Uncle Bruce. Jacqueline Wilson's 'Diamond Girls' is another captivating story that allows you to delve into someone else's life, someone else's situations as well as someone else's perspectives.

I'm so glad she doesn't worry about these thin. I won a copy of this book from Goodreads giveaways, I was not required to give a favorable review. But she will find a career, friends that actually care, and makes amends with her step mother. =\. Abigail Winthrop has long since believed that the convicted serial killer known as Dr. X was responsible for the death of her best friend, Cassandra Martin. Read it as a rom com chick lit beach book and you'll have a good time. I think that the friendship between the two is the most important as they have both been in difficult times growing up, both have been shown a lack of compassion. Jacqueline Wilson was born in Bath, England on December 17, 1945. She ends up rooming with 4 guys who are students at art school. Is this what we want our children to read about and emulate? I can't remember much of what happened except I remember this one scene where the main girl has her bluebird up the sleeve of her jacket and she's going into the yard of the house next door and playing with the young girl there, all dressed in white, so clean and pristine and her mother wouldn't let her do anything that got her dirty. Yet another masterpiece by Jacqueline Wilson.
This basically glorifies sleeping around, having a different father for every child, and has the oldest child following in her mother's footsteps by getting pregnant. Sophie, who finds herself having to support herself after her father removes the cash that underpins her lifestyle, is indeed a real pill in a way. LBGTQ. • Buy this book at the Guardian Bookshop. She has a way of telling a story that is funny and relatable. Though there isn’t any doubt how much either character cared about Cass, the lack of emotional maturity bogs down the romance. Hetty soon becomes like a sister figure for Diamond and cares for her more than anybody else. She and her sisters, dreamy Martine, glamorous Rochelle and tough Jude, could hardly be more different from each other but their Mum's tried to teach them the value of sticking together. But when she decides to tell Cass’ story and that of the rural town ripped apart by her murder, Abby realizes that Dr. X wasn’t the killer. She hangs on to Bluebell. 40. Absolutely amazing, touching, sweet and a heart warming ending. I think the mum was irresponsible going clubbing and partying when she has 5 children all from different fathers. ‘Mum’ll be all right, won’t she?’ I said. There are few things that make me happier than a Jenny Colgan book, even re-releases that perhaps would have passed me by the first time, feeling a bit too “young” in terms of the lead character. It is a slice-of-life book written in the point of view of Dixie, the youngest daughter of a complicated family. She is a very sweet and sensitive character who is difficult not to get along with, and we as the audience feel so much sympathy for her as we find out more about her, as well as with Hetty. Jacqueline Wilson is a star at telling gritty, realistic stories from the perspective of a child. Imagine if, let's say Nikki Hilton, loses all her money and her friends and family, and is forced to live in a dirty sharehouse with four guys as she tries to find her own way in the world. When Abby reveals that Cass’ killer is still out there, Paul will do whatever he can to help solve the case.

So when I saw her latest book Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend in a local supermarket, I couldn’t resist picking it up.

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