I'll introduce his lover and his lovelife. She just showed an interest in him and has never been in a relationship with him. (Profile written by Jimin) Moreover, Jimin said during in a TV program that he would like to get close with Red Velvet. (Photo : Getty Images/Chung Sung Jun) Red Velvet's Seulgi speaks in front of the media at the SMTOWN Coexartium. – Jungkook is always teasing Jimin about his height.

Kpop – Who wore it better? . Nicknames, preferences, other hobbies or things he dislikes, etc. TT____TT , Jiminieeeeee❤ i love park Jimin, he’s so cute and so adorable (and hot❤❤), Jimin was a class president for 9 years (BTS RUN eps 46), Things that Jimin loves avoit himself is his eyes U R MY E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G !!! He is strong and cute and adorable and he is a good singer, dancer, and he is super funny.

I don’t think V, Suga, and Jin are actually his least favourite things… A little confused over here. If you want of course , I think it is weird I’m jimins ideal type of girl as my friend say because I am small with long hair and super cute as they say but I was born in 2002, He does not have imperfections look at him he is adorable, I love everything about Jimin. Charm point: “Eye smiles, just me in general, my lower body.”. For the 528 people that said Jimin is your least favorite member of BTS, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! He was the last to join the group and practiced dancing harder than anyone else. Member Profile of BTS: Bio, Fan Facts, History etc.

The evidence that is being used to “prove” that the two are in a relationship are postings made on their social media accounts. Any K-pop fan knows about the hottest boy-group of the times, BTS, and about its member, Jimin. 5.

Jimin Is Amazing! He is my best Bias of all, I Was thinking that he was the youngist one but Jungkook is the youngist one. – Jimin’s family conists of: Dad, mom, younger brother I love Park Jimin and I’ll never be ashamed of showing it and tell the world about it!!!

By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. Both idols took a strong position in their groups, as vocals and lead dancers.

Jimin Most recent pics please change https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/40f1ca9f147140e2ead134e8039150ddd83670719a1e05804f0adf37b465b602.jpg, I heard that Jimin got a “Nevermind” Tattoo on his right flank. – According to Jimin, the requirements for his happiness are: love, money and stage. 3. Han Seung-yeon, a member of the girl band KARA, showed a friendly attitude to Jimin when she appeared in MBS’s Weekly Idol with other fellow members. © Copyright 2016 AsiaStarz.com. Kpop Boy Group Profiles – If he’d get a day off, Jimin jokingly said he wants to go on a date with Jungkook while holding hands together. But they've only been together for 5 months, compared to their 11. His serious personality is reflected in this comment. Fans have gathered what they claim is evidence proving BTS ‘ Jimin and Red Velvet ‘s Seulgi rumored relationship to be completely false. Jimin 오빠 is my hubby type, my ideal boyfriend (full of boyfriend material, I can’t!!! By things he dislikes, he means by his least favourite members? Jimin facts: We would also walk holding hands…. It would be great if I could hold her hand”. So it ended up a groundless rumor.

In 2015, he also said he wants to get married around 15 years in the future. Some netizens, however, were hesitant to believe the rumors, saying the evidences presented re ridiculous and that it … I thought jimin was close to Vixx’s hyuk because according to what it stated at Vixx’s hyuk’s profile, it said he was close with jimin. At a fansign Jungkook said he first ranked Jimin 7th in terms of looks but that he now ranks him 1st. Interestingly, a South Korean reported named Jin Ho Lee previously revealed that one of the BTS members is dating someone.

– He enjoys reading comic books. i love him although he is not my bias… love ot7. You may also like: Quiz: How well do you know Jimin? Isn’t as timid as you would think. His sculpted abs are very popular among fans.

Things he dislikes (3 things): V, Jin, Suga. Yes. !” (the lyrics sounded like a children song).

No, from what we know no actually if you heard this it just people saying that because of something seulgi, jimin or both did. Park Ji Min is really adorable. I think Jimin is quite close with SHINee’s Taemin. Likes clothes and style (same with me). His favourite items are New Era ( snapbacks ) and Bandanas. Jimin also has a black belt in Taekwondo, and was trained for about 7 years in Kumdo. – Jimin is ranked 25th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”. – He is most confident in his eyes. Which is the best Kpop song of 2019? Poll: Who owned SEVENTEEN’s HOME;RUN era. He has revealed his ideal situation of dating when he had a interview for the game, He said with a shy smile “I want to go on a simple date such as taking a walk with my girlfriend and have something to drink together on a bench. In the last few months, there has been an increase in articles and postings claiming Jimin and Seulgi are dating. A few weeks later, JYP announced that Wonder Girls has disbanded and that the members did not re-sign with the agency. – Rap Monster: “Basically kind and gentle. – When the weather is sunny and cool, Jimin likes wearing earphones while listening to music that gives a good feeling. Though he didn’t mention any particular members, he showed some interest in the girl band. Introduction BTS officialさん(@bts.bighitofficial)がシェアした投稿 - 2017 2月 1 7:00午前 PST Jimin is a South Korean singer born on October 13, 1995 in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea. BTS officialさん(@bts.bighitofficial)がシェアした投稿. BIGBANG T.O.P Rumored To Be In A Relationship With SM C&C's Kim Gavin. He’s close with VIXX’s Hyuk not with VIXX’s Ravi. Kpop Facts JiMin's ideal type was revealed to be someone with mono-lid eyes, long black hair, and a pretty smile. Most Red Velvet fans know that Seulgi’s nickname is Seulgi Bear. All Rights Reserved. Jimin is also known for his tiny fingers compared to the other members. Once, he used to eat only ONE proper meal in 10 days The Rumored Beef Between TWICE’s Jeongyeon and BTS’ Jimin https://cdn2.tstatic.net. At the same time, there’s also the popular girl-group that came from SM Entertainment, Red Velvet, and one of its members, Seulgi. (Laugh)” Bts jimin. The album that Jimin first bought was BOA.

Sitemap I wish for a love story that I love one woman forever”. Whenever a dating rumor swirls around him, they show extreme sensitivity to his love affair.
Is quite stubborn. -“Wake Up” (Japanese, 2014) He loved to drink beer However, Seulgi wasn't able to see Jimin wave at her so he bent over to Jin to whisper something to him.

Bts' jimin, netizens seem to more evidence dug up for their proofs that the haters. Jeongyeon had also been caught on camera making eye contact with Jimin, and Jeongyeon gave a smile to Jimin as well as Jimin who gave a smile to Jeongyeon. – J-Hope: “Is kind, listens to his hyungs well, has a lot of greed, and has a personality where he makes sure to do his part, and he has a really good personality where he likes me the most and his faith towards me is very strong~~ ♥♥♥♥” Feel free to comment below. , Since you’ve added it to Kookie’s profile… He is a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys. In the program Music Bank, BTS and TWICE were in the same backstage and they were promoting each other’s songs they were going to bring.At that time, all the members of TWICE looked very excited and laughed at the appearance of BTS, but only Jeongyeon seemed uninspired and didn’t laugh when …

, @jurajil:disqus Kpop Girl Group Profiles It is somehow unlikely to be coincidental. – Things he likes (3 things): Jeonggukkie, performing, receiving attention. And he wants someone shorter than him…I know someone…me. – He prefers a sunny and cool weather. – His favorite foods are pork, duck, chicken, fruit, and kimchi jjigae. I would like to write more but it would take ages! Odd thing I find attractive about him, his neck. – Pre-debut Jimin entered Busan High School of Arts as the top student in modern dance, but later transferred to Korea Arts High School with V.

Twitter account (all BTS members share 1 single twitter account): @bts_twt A series of photos revealed that Seulgi and Jimin interacted with one another at the said award ceremony. Disclaimer -“Youth” (Japanese, 2016) Profile and Facts of Jimin from BTS: Bio, Fan Facts, History etc. – Hobbies: Getting beaten up (Profile written by Jimin), reading books/novels and staying on his phone for hours, relaxing and hanging out with friends. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1b3f243e511d693d918f53f796a4c38d5d562c10f97cb5256061a1e165fd8178.jpg.

-“Wings” (2016), -“O!RUL8,2?” (2013) – Things he dislikes (3 things): V, Jin, Suga. Netizens speculated that Jimin was talking to Jin about his "girlfriend."

I’ve seen that jimin is good frnds with Exo’s Chanyeol too. He lost weight because he want to look more manlier BTS officialさん(@bts.bighitofficial)がシェアした投稿 – 2016 4月 4 5:01午前 PDT, -“Dark & Wild” (2014) BTS' Jimin and Red Velvet Seulgi were recently embroiled in a dating scandal after the two idols were photographed together at an award ceremony in December 2016.

– His favorite colors are blue and black. Rumors that BTS’s Park Jimin is dating Kim Seulgi of Red velvet.

(He was going to rank Rap Monster as the 7th but he changed his mind saying that recently Rap Monster got better-looking). Blood Type: A E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G !!!

But responding to a personality’s statement “She is interested in BTS’s Jimin,” she said honestly “When we made a comeback for Mamma Mia, BTS did too so we had a promotion schedule at the same time.

– Suga: “Follows the hyungs’ words well, isn’t the personality where he’ll receive dislike somewhere, puts in effort to live his hardest”. He said that comic books influenced him a lot.

Do you like Jimin? Please update picture, descriptions, quotes. yeah because vixx’s ravi is only close to kai and taemin(he has other friends but kai and taemin are the closest). Other members about Jimin: Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups – In 10 years, Jimin wants to be a cool singer who enjoys the stage. Jimin Profile and Facts; Jimin’s Ideal Type Stage Name: Jimin (지민) Real Name: Park Ji Min (박지민) Birthday: October 13, 1995 Zodiac sign: Libra Height: 173.6cm (5’8.3″) (He said it with Jin in their video in V live app form Dec.) Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs) Blood Type: A MBTI Type: ENFJ Twitter account (all […] – Things he want to steal from other members are: Rap Monster’s height, V’s talent and gaze, J-Hope’s cleanliness, Suga’s diverse knowledge. – Jimin is close friends with SHINee’s Teamin, EXO’s Kai, VIXX’s Ravi, Wanna One’s Sungwon and HOTSHOT’s Timoteo.

– Jimin became interested in a singing career after watching a Rain performance. And when Jungkook talked about his wishes, Jimin shouted: “Live happily together with me!” -MCD Backstage 140425- I have been interested in him since then”. – Jimin was ranked 64th in the “Top 100 Handsome Faces of 2017”.

The possible pairing began when BTS's JiMin revealed that he would like to become friends with Red Velvet. 6. i love everything about him,height,weight,color,passion,makeup or pure face..

4. @KProfiles you spelled Taemin wrong in one of the facts. Suga asked him to redo the lyrics, but in the end he still couldn’t use Jimin’s lyrics. Kpop Polls MBTI Type: ENFJ – In the dorm he shares a room with J-Hope.

It’s like being attacked by a puppy. JOAH! I love u my mochi u r mine u get that, Those are just the members he usually bicker/argue with lol ..but he loves all of them, watching his interaction with all of them I don’t even know who he favors the most (except for jungkook). 8. – Once he wrote some lyrics and gave them to Suga. Oh! -“Skool Luv Affair” (2014) Kpop Quizzes He is not so careful about events, like “White Day,” so he might not plan anything big for those days. My ultimate bias is Kim Namjoon although Park Jimin is among my top 3 with Kim Taehyung.

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