|  The poverty of Shambhu is not humiliating; instead, there is a quiet dignity attached to his misery which is heartening.

The village has been badly hit by famine and after a drought of three years, it finally rains in the region.

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Life plays a cruel trick on the poor family again; to save Parvati’s life, they have to spend all their money which they had saved to get back their land.

08 November 2013 Balraj Sahni actually rehearsed for the role by pulling a rickshaw on the streets of Calcutta.

Adapted from a play ‘Sajano Bagan’, this Chaplinesque dark comedy tells the story of an old peasant who stands up to a tyrannical landlord to defend his land. For even more, visit our Guide to Horror ... if you dare.

But this one is our own native version of that.


| With genuine plot and out-of-the-world cinematography, Do Bigha Zamin is Indian masterpiece. Shambhu finally becomes a rickshaw puller and starts working hard to save money while he and his son live a poor life in a slum. Do Bigha Zamin is the story of Shambhu Mahto, a poor farmer a small village, and his family. However, there is a problem; Shambhu’s land lies in the middle of the area earmarked for the mill. The village landlord, Thakur Harnam Singh wants to set up a mill in the village.

This brings a lot of joy to Shambhu as he knows that they can finally till their land of 2 bighas this year. So one day, Shambhu sets out for Calcutta while his wife Parvati and old father stay back in the village. Shambhu goes to see his farm one last time and tries to take a handful of soil from his land, but is stopped and chased away by Thakur’s guards.


Coming to the performances, Balraj Sahni played the role which would make him immortal in the annals of Indian Cinema. The film depicts the indivisible nature of this poor family, each member of which walks in complete unison with others for a common purpose, the very fabric of traditional Indian society. There are scenes like Shambhu crying helplessly at his fields or the famous rickshaw race sequence touch and sadden the viewer by the magnitude of their own humaneness.

Back at the village, their land is being auctioned and his old father goes mad, unable to bear this shock. Harnam Singh tries to cajole Shambhu in selling the land to him but Shambhu refuses to part with his land. Shambhu finds her on the road in a critical condition and takes her to the hospital. The film tells the story of a local football club in Kerala where the manager Majeed recruits three footballers from Nigeria for his team.

In spite of his need for money, Shambhu decides upon the rightful means to earn it and never wavers from his ethics. This is something which made old India and which seem to have been eroded to a great extent.

Do Bigha Zameen. He interacted with a lot of poor rickshaw pullers, many of whom were facing the same circumstances as Shambhu. Rajlokhi O Srikanto (2019) is a Bengali feature film directed by Pradipta Bhattacharyya is a cinematic adaptation of the Saratchandra Chattopadhyay’s four-part novel narrating the life of a drifter named Srikanto. by Puru | Feb 7, 2013 | Bimal Roy, Hindi | 4 comments.

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