Wang Yu was self-sacrificial.
She had been raped by her husband, then a moment later, we saw her feeling anxious about his worsening condition as if nothing had happened.

Ta Hwan endangered his people’s lives by putting them into war. She said, “But I will remember…in the next life…in the next life…all the graciousness that I’ve received from you. The love of Wang Yoo and all that. Then, I realized that I was watching the drama because of him and him only. He used Ki’s safety to blackmail Wang Yoo but this is just an excuse.

I think Seung Nyang will forever have that guilty feeling.

She became a traitor that turned her back on her homeland. It’s not even a recap of EK. However it is good that he actually noticed and still has his full sense of awareness to know when it happened. well, i also liked wangyu for her. I absolutely loved this drama. The good thing about her voicing it in the end was that there is no one there to cast a shadow of doubt on her sincerity. When she realized Ki was not one to mess with, she decided to throw Ki away.

Seung Nyang managed to avenge the murder of Lady Park and the death of Byul, but she couldn’t even to the same thing to the idiotic man who’d deemed her father guilty and killed her King. Tessieroo: LOL, I can’t see her sitting around doing needlepoint but yes, she does need something to do.

With the help of who else, but Wang Yoo. I’m glad I inspired you to write! 4, [8] Hwang, “ Chapter 6: The Mongol Overlord Period: Goryeo Women in the Mongol Empire”, para. Ta-Hwan, well, he promised what he could give, which was more realistic.
TN and WY both loved SN in different ways, and she loved both of them. Regardless of whether Empress Ki deserves her negative reputation, it is clear that she made a massive impact on Chinese history. So I didn’t want it to be like a summary, it’s a personal write up. Those times, people are living inhumanly and I used those to criticize each character in the story…Describing the Emperor as a coward has hurt my pride as a critic, he was a coward then, yes, but his character became more dynamic, I saw him change bit by bit while Wang Yoo stayed at least, the same as he was with so little changes.

She never promised anything like that to Ta Hwan. Additionally, Empress Ki was no patriot as what she had used to be as Seung Nyang. 5, Hwang, “ Chapter 6: The Mongol Overlord Period: Goryeo Women in the Mongol Empire”, para.

Rinchan: TaHwan finally finds out who wrote those letters. Only years later to have risen to a high position and have to fight and kill many others to protect herself, her family, and that position.

He also was invaluable to the Empress and it was sad when he passed, though I couldn’t understand how he was able to maintain his hairstyle even in battle. Truly I was heartbroken for WY, and his death, It was so tragic. It was rushed and they spent too much time making Ki focused on revenge and manoeuvring her way through conspiracy, where they could’ve had more reflection sections of Lady Ki and her journey to becoming an Empress. I don’t think she could ever loved the emperor and certainly not nearly half as much as she loved Wang You. She was oblivious to the fact that he is the Crown Prince of Koryo, and he doesn’t know that she is a girl. Tal Tal’s words describe it perfectly, “The palace is a place of grandeur and death.“. In Psychology, I can relate it to as ‘Embedding’ or the times where we cling to the first facts we know resulting for us to overlook the real facts behind and that is what I can interpret that happened.

She was consumed by her revenge, and even power.

She never did her duty to TH, you got that idea from the TalkingTeaBoard or another blog similar to it. He didn’t deserve a forever with her after all that happened. According to the belief system of this drama, there are future lives, and it is hoped that in the next life that WY will finally have the happiness he is seeking and so deserved.

Yangi-ah…I never would have guessed you were into things like this. She ended up a traitor, the same traitor Empress Ki in history. It’s interesting that before this fight, Dowager admired Ki for her brains and skills but just because she wasn’t born in Yuan, that somehow made her a person of less value. He lost his life for someone else’s foolish reasons, and by the hands of an unworthy opponent. Ta Hwan did not choose to die for Seung Nyang, he was poisoned. She had to sacrifice her love for Wang Yoo for the greater good. (I’ll explain later.) Wang Yoo never forced her to love him, she loved him naturally like it was meant to be.

(1), She didn’t sacrifice her love for the greater good. Seung Nyang returned that love even though it was very hard for her to love him entirely because of the circumstances.

At the end well for me …hehe. Her revenge is why she was there in the first place. Both may have loved her but at what cost? one of the many things that made me start to hate Seungnyang. Nyang loves ta hwan all along with their fond memories and hardships.

Well, like bias, like fans, isn’t it? [26] Lady Ki became the unofficial monarch of China. As the unofficial empress, Lady Ki created a special government agency where she wielded a wide-ranging authority regarding tax collection.

Sad to say because why there's many men in this film why do they need to die? 3, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window).

Her revenge had been partially completed. That there is not only one kind of beauty, culture, or way of being.

People flourished under his care. She chose to trade a peaceful life to a life of chaos.

And I know there are many out there who also loved Wang Yoo as much as I did. Yes it is fiction, and his character is idealised, however I feel that if you would have two such men today, both of the same social class/financial situation, a marriage with a man of an Emperor like character would end in divorce due to his selfishness and weak internal conviction. AT first I believed it was because of his jealously, but then I realized, WY was thinking of telling Maha in Koryeo where the information wouldn’t hurt him.

Also, WY shippers, it NEVER happened in real life. Shortcomings? He forgot to put his duty with his people first. The palace people were intrigued by his presence, including the Empress Dowager who admired him. I honestly didn’t feel like rooting for SN anymore towards that last 10 episodes.

But he’ll always be remembered as THE HERO. I suddenly missed Seung Nyang, the Jackal. [35], However, her family’s promotion caused resentment in the Goryeo court. I thought the drama was clever in bringing out how difficult it was for him to survive as a child growing amongst all that palace intrigue, manipulation, lack of love and constant fearing for his life.

And be together forever.

And not just that, to kill the person who did nothing wrong but love her.

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