in his recent drama, “100 Days My Prince”. revealed that his parents are handling it very well! Yixing: Wait, I'm your dad? he will show his strength and hide his weakness. Check out Baekhyun’s YouTube channel here: Luhan doesn’t like if someone were to touch his head. If their want to vent, Lay-Luhan will close the door turn off the lights, sit on the bed while ignite lightstick for climate change.

Yejin is SHINEe's model for Amigo Music Video, Many netizen agrees if Chanyeol have beautiful smile, Chanyeol's symbol inEXO K is Phoenix (Fire-Flame), If there's chance, Chanyeol would be promoted as group band. He now makes sure to be more considerate when taking sign requests. If Luhan could pick a cartoon character to describe himself, he would pickSon Goku from Dragon Ball. Sehun: “D.O.

Chanyeol never told other members about it, Chanyeol like to ask cosmetic product to Kris, when he was little, chanyeol's friends always tease him about his big ear, Chanyeol has rich family, that's why there's no negative things about him, Chanyeol is visual in EXO beside Sehun and Kai, Chanyeol call him self Happy Virus, because he want that he can brings happiness everywhere he is, Chanyeol said that if he'll always protect Baekhyun cause he felt that Baekhyun have tiny body than him :D, Suho, Lay, Kai, Sehun, and Chanyeol famous since they were trainer, specially chanyeol and lay who has fans club, “No matter how difficult and hard something is, I will always be positive and smile like an idiot” – Chanyeol, Chanyeol and Baekhyun likes play online games, If Baekhyun ask Tao to teach him Chinese, Chanyeol would ask for Kris, A lot of Online Polling shows that they wants Chanyeol and Baekhyun to be duet couple, Chanyeol and Kris is the laziest member for cleaning, Chanyeol likes put his clothes for wash with Sehun's, so sehun can wash it too, in the early days of the promotion, Chanyeol live in the same room with Kris, in a fan sign event, there's fans who wears skirt, and chanyeol scold her right away, Kris: “Chanyeol especially bright. D.O.’s parents are supporting their child a lot when D.O. The thing i was concerned most about was the way to make my voice tune sound different than other singers", Main Dancer, Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Face of The Group, Dance (ballet, jazz, hip hop, popping, rocking), -there are 3 rooms In the dorm Kai shares the room with D.O. D.O. I don't give a fuck. After 1 day of being a trainee, his interests in singing became his passion. Luhan is Fan of Donald Duck. things. 43) Suho and Sehun are the earliest to sleep. At the airport Luhan crashed into the glass door because he was too immersed in conversation with Lay and didn’t see it coming. Luhan wanna having duet with Wang Lee Hom (His favorite singer). Fans now starting to calls him as EXO’s umma (mother in Korea), Kai: ”D.O. Luhan likes eating ham & sausage fried rice made by Lay. Accordingly Luhan was really popular in his highschool.
Luhan said that he wanted to be a manly man and sexy, but his fans always say that he’s cute. Luhan said that he never received a love letter. Luhan is Fan of Yunho DBSK. He sorts anything as its colors, brands, and type. ... Before debuting, his parents was against him becoming a singer, but when they learned that it was SM Entertainment who offered him the opportunity, they became supportive. Jjangu is Kai’s second oldest dog, a brown toy poodle. 5) He attended Korea National University of Art & ranked in the top50 of the 400 students in the school at Seoul Gangnam. Chanyeol said : “My attractive is my low voice and my pretty teeth ? According to Chanyeol, Toben is very hyperactive, especially with him! To be able to show my ability vocal fully, I needed to practice our country’s ballad’s perfectly, and find a way to express the sensibility found in R&B and soul songs. We recently had a VIP premiere that they attended, and they were so happy that they cried. These overzealous fans were hoping to catch a glimpse of the EXO members who attended as guests.
was “He is cold and doesn’t talk a lot.

introduced himself as Umma of Exo-K during their radioshow activities. He just glad that to be able to stand on stage. It wasn’t while walking the streets. Luhan favorite football team is Manchester United. “I’ve begun asking for their age. When members ask him to do stuff, he would say “No, I don’t want to do it!” while hitting them on the arm. Exo is a successful Kickstarter project. D.O. Sehun’s first dog is a white Bichon Frise, named Vivi. None of these facts are mine.Have any questions or requests? Luhan Favorite football position : the striker. If any were Luhan will answer honestly, and he also did not have many secrets. Luhan used to be pretty good in Science and Math.Especially Math. As D.O. 31) Suho ranked himself 6TH, look-wise, in EXO K. 32) A fan asked in a fansigning event: “Who is the big shot of EXO-K?” He crossed out all the other members’ names and checked off his own. Luhan is 2nd of Most EXO Romantic Members And at 4th of Most EXO Naughty Member. Because him like singing too much, he’s taken many vocal course. He was dubbed the member with the most Aegyo. He is very playful and can hardly stay in one spot.

Kris call Luhan as a ‘Cute Little Prince’. When EXO’s teasers were being released, Luhan was too afraid to go online and check people’s responses. Luhan dream is to become a singer because he loves singing.

Even the mall. All of EXO-M members said that Luhan is the mood maker of the group. Vivi is very popular among EXO-Ls because Sehun often features her in social media posts and live streams. Luhan always brag to the other members about the good places at beijing. Luhan and scored 0.0 pts, which means he is not ugly or very handsome ° \ (^ ▼ ^) / °. [5th] EXO MOST POPULAR MEMBER THE 5th PLACE IS CHANYEOL !!!

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