Check out our Wiki or scroll down the sidebar to the 'About NCT' section to find out where to get started with the different units, members, the discography, and r/NCT's rules. This Artist Transformed BTS Members Into Iconic Disney Characters And The Results Are Jaw-Dropping. everyone is in either 1 or 2 units which feels pretty darn fair for the featured releases - 5 people are in 2 units (Doyoung, Jaemin, Yuta, Haechan, Ten). NCT 127’s lineup is expected to remain the same as it was in 2019 with Jungwoo as a member. SuperM perform 'One (Monster & Infinity)' on 'The Late Late Show With James Corden'! While this leaves two members, the planned lineup for the next generation of NCT Dream does not feature Chenle. yeah I hope everyone will get to shine this time! Technically with their ‘endless members’ concept they could be adding new members or subunits at any time, but they haven’t been as on top of NCT lately; we didn’t even get the standard NCT end-of-yearbook.
Im really curious on how they'll show off the Make a wish group with the 3 centers (Taeyong, Jaemin, Lucas). I was starved of NCT and WAYV interaction, for like, almost two years, we're finally getting some OT23 content and I'm always ready to binge-watch NCT being chaotic. Wow this is something, actually. NCT will have their first 23-person reality show.. NCT subunits have had reality shows and such, but this is the first time the full group will be on a show together.

It's also nice that he has a ballad too. This planned subunit features current NCT Dream members Jeno, Jaemin and Jisung, as well as a new member Taesung. Taesung (left) expected to be added to NCT X and Jinyoung (right) expected to be added to NCT Dream. If Taeyong was eligible he would be in that group, no caps), And they are only in 1 group instead of all 3?!

im excited for the show, but i already know mnet is going to give less screentime to certain members. For now no changes have been made public. No one has been added (besides mark to dream) or removed? 3 centers from three different sub units is going to draw in a lot of attention from different fandoms + Jaehyun who is the most popular member in korea. In addition to Jisung, the document states that he will be joined by new members Hyungtae, Jinyoung and Youngwon, who have not yet been introduced. Shotaro and Sungchan will eventually find homes of course they just haven’t really talked about it yet, Logged back in to say this is such a beautiful visualization , I’m pleasantly surprised at SMs choices, every unit has representation in each of the four groups and there’s not an excessive focus on only a select few members, they did something right for once :). Wow that sounds so fun!! All i remember thinking was who is this Mark guy and why is he in everything, and also wondering why one dude has a number for a name... mark and yangyang in a song together woooo im so excited. Check out our Wiki or scroll down the sidebar to the 'About NCT' section to find out where to get started with the different units, members, the discography, and r/NCT… Lastly add shotaro to introduce the new guy who will get a lot of attention being in a group with 3 centers. This time, the album features all 21 members from all four units of NCT; NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV, along with 2 new members being added to the group, Shotaro and Sungchan.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. In summary, the planned changes over 2019-20 are the debut of two new subunits NCT Indonesia and NCT X, addition of three new members to NCT Dream and inclusion of Chenle and Renjun in WayV. Yesss someone finally made a Venn diagram for NCT 2020!! The team went on to introduce a total of sixteen other members until early January 2016, eventually becoming the preparation for NCT. Thank you :). Then we have doyoung who is a recognizable and familiar face to the gp and Xiaojun to get WayV fans interested aswell. It's a really a beautifully design 1 and it really helps to understand the various NCT U units for some of the songs.☺️. allkpop® is a registered trademark of 6Theory Media, LLC. As of their latest 2020 comeback (Punch) the members are as follows: Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, Haechan. In summary, the planned changes over 2019-20 are the debut of two new subunits NCT Indonesia and NCT X, addition of three new members to NCT Dream and inclusion of Chenle and Renjun in WayV. That's gonna be a strong group right there. NCT Indonesia is planned to feature four new members who have not yet been introduced. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Fans question DC Inside post calling for Irene to leave Red Velvet, Cosmetics stores remove 'Clinique' advertisements featuring Red Velvet's Irene after attitude controversy, Korean netizens rage over Chinese K-Pop idols celebrating China's military involvement in the Korean War, Editor who exposed Red Velvet Irene's self-admitted rude behavior makes new statement, Red Velvet's Irene admits she's the idol star in editor's controversial post, ENHYPEN reveals another cinematic debut trailer titled 'Dusk-Dawn', Kim Jaejoong surprises fans with new OST, posts updates about new photoshoot and invites to online dinner, JBJ95 teases their comeback with lyric posters for 'Jasmin', DRIPPIN drops album preview and tracklist for their debut mini-album 'Boyager', Park Yu Chun to appear in L’Officiel Hommes Magazine music issue with interview and fashion set, TWICE reveals highlight medley of their 2nd full album "Eyes Wide Open".
Should be pretty obvious but colors are green = NCT 127, blue = NCT Dream, red = WayV, yellow = newbies! 'NCT World 2.0' will air on Mnet starting at October 15th at 7:50 PM KST. NCT 2020 includes ot21 (the 21 members of NCT), who act within the subunits NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, including Way V, with the 2 news idols, Sungchan and Shotaro…

Edit: i have nothing against Mark and Taeyong being in the same group every debut.

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I was pleasantly surprised Yuta was in 2 units - one for each album release. The holy quintet : Haechan, Ten, Jaemin, Yuta ,and Doyoung! Sungchan Stage Name: Sungchan (성찬) Renjun and Chenle will make their long-awaited addition to WayV as the China-based of NCT. Just one clarifying question —- the og units (127, dream, WayV) still exist , right? It’s hard to say.

They're also planning a special 'ontact' show for fans all over the world. (Dream doesn't count. Recently, a leaked SM Entertainment document has been making waves across NCTzens for outlining plans in 2019-20 for NCT subunits. NCT 127 is one of 4 of the four NCT subunits. This subreddit is dedicated to all subunits of the 23-member K-pop boy group NCT (Neo Culture Technology) under SM Entertainment.

Anyways thanks for this diagram! A group with no Mark and Taeyong in the same group?? Sort by 'New' if you want to know what's happening at the moment! Members were cast through various auditions, with Johnny, Yuta, Ten, Mark and Renjun joining the company via SM Global Auditions, while the remaining members were discovered through street casting, personal recommendations and … As of their latest 2020 comeback (Ridin’) the members are as follows: Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, Jisung Yuta being in so many units makes me so happy! Winwin has not been named as a member of this NCT 127 lineup. I’m suddenly reminded of when a coworker at my summer job tried to introduce all of us to NCT by drawing a venn diagram of the subunits (this was in 2018). In summary, the changes planned for 2019-2020 are the beginnings of two new sub-units, NCT Indonesia and NCT X, with the addition of three new members to the NCT Dream and the inclusion of Chenle and Renjun in WayV. The future lineup for WayV is drafted to have nine members, with the current members plus Chenle and Renjun. With the popularity of NCT Dream’s original lineup, it appears that SM Entertainment will be preserving some of this chemistry, as they will be planning a new subunit called NCT X. Press J to jump to the feed. What has the world come to. That would leave Jisung as the only member from the original lineup, with the maknae now being the senior of the group. On December 2013, SM Entertainment introduced the first trainees from the pre-debut training team SM Rookies, including Taeyong and Jeno.

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