institution. option. Abstract This is a study of the complex problems faced by the authorities when coping with the first major submarine chase in Sweden during the 1980s. While the submarine sightings subsided with the fall of the Soviet Union, the debate about these events has reemerged sporadically. But the cause was never established. [1] Three Swedish Navy destroyers were berthed in Hårsfjärden fjord near Stockholm when the torpedoes[2] or oil tanks[3] of HSwMS Göteborg exploded; flames then also enveloped Klas Horn and Klas Uggla in an inferno. However, the reports of these incidents are not uncontested, and an intensive debate emerged early on. Three Swedish destroyers were sunk in the Hårsfjärden in an explosion on … Center for Strategic and International Studies,, "Omprövning av ubåtsfrågan (SOU 2001:85)",, "Sweden steps up hunt for 'underwater activity, "Sweden boosts forces to search for 'foreign underwater activity, "SvD avslöjar: Skadad rysk ubåt söks i skärgården", "Försvarsmakten konstaterar trolig undervattensverksamhet", Search for foreign vessel continues off Stockholm,, "Sweden hunts for suspected Russian submarine in Cold War-style drama", "Fartygen i hamn - men ingen nedtrappning", "Military heads into 'new phase' in sub search", "Militärexpert: Ryssland kan vilja testa sina nya ubåtar", "Swedish military even more certain: It was a foreign mini-submarine", "Some Remarks on the US/UK Submarine Deception In Swedish Waters in the 1980s",,7340,L-4162450,00.html,,,, Cold War military history of the Soviet Union, Articles with dead external links from May 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 16:56. In 1984 a Finn living in Sweden published the satirical Finnish novel Probable Submarine (Todennäköinen sukellusvene) under the pen-name Klaus Viking. Mankell considered the incursions to be one of the worst scandals in Swedish political history. The work was later translated to Swedish as Sannolik u-båt by Paul Jansson. For the 1981 Hårsfjärden submarine incident, see,årsfjärden_disaster&oldid=961212324, Articles lacking reliable references from February 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 7 June 2020, at 06:43. This debate unfolded somewhat, but far from exclusively, along leftwing/rightwing lines, and became tied up with the larger issues of relations to Moscow and Swedish armed neutrality. The Hårsfjärden disaster was an event in the Swedish Navy during World War II. This incident encouraged development of incident weapons to increase security of future submarine incidents.[1]. The Soviet Union consistently denied that it was responsible for violating Swedish waters, and claimed that the U 137 had only crossed the border because of navigational faults. article name / move request. Having experienced a major 'success' in the submarine defence area a year earlier in the so-called 'whisky-on-the-rocks' crisis, the Swedish military and political leadership was caught in a credibility trap that closed forcefully as over 400 journalists reported the unsuccessful search-and-surfâce mission in the small bay of Hârsfjarden. A theory emerged that the cause was a bomb dropped accidentally by a Swedish plane on training maneuvers, and other theories were advanced. On October 27, 1981, the Soviet submarine U 137 became stranded deep inside Swedish waters. The novel is an examination of Swedish culture and politics as seen through the eyes of a Finnish immigrant who takes it upon himself to create some excitement by constructing a sham submarine and towing it through a restricted military area of the archipelago. [2][1], An investigation into possible sabotage commenced. He said the Swedish media had “about ten thousand chances” to learn to be more critical of claims of foreign powers’ submarines in Swedish waters.

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