Infinity came to Odin and took over his body. Legend has it that Hela was born in this condition.

[33], Hela trapped Thor and the Warriors Three in a idyllic paradise, with their loved ones all around, leading them off. After banishing Leah, Hela hinted the possibility that she was none other than the grown-up Leah. Loki arranged for Hela to drink from the Holy Grail, and her hand was restored; however, Hela's hand returned at the expense of Leah's life, who was, after all, Hela's handmaiden. - Complete Story, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 All Gwenpool Missions Cut Scenes Movie, Thor discovered her secret: her cloak is the key to her power, and without it, she was a half-decayed corpse with no power at all. • Ultimate Spider-Man: Doomed! They performed a ritual creating the nexus of the netherworlds. Due to Darwin's involuntary mutant ability to evolve to save his life, he became a male version of Hela, matching her powers equally. Without a Hel to go to, their souls would remain wandering Midgard, at the mercy of the Disir, a group of cannibalistic exiled Valkyries cursed to only be able to feast on the spirits of the dead, as long as they weren't in Asgard or Hel. After sharing a kiss with Thanos, Hela, Thanos, and the Black Order left. The Destroyer remained in Hela's realm to remind her of her defeat. At some point, she was considered the daughter of, Hela was (presumably erroneously) introduced as "Hela of the. They all gathered to await the arrival of Hela to escort him off to Valhalla. Hala is cold, cryptic and nefarious, often challenging those who try to oppose her. Upon refusal, Hela departed, leaving Thor to contemplate the situation. [61] After Tier was able to kill Pluto, Mephisto decided that the rules were forfeit and turned his attention to his fellow Hell-Lords. Hela ended up leading her allies into a brief fight against Beta Ray Bill and Odinson by mistakenly following the trail that led to Stormbreaker, Beta Ray Bill's hammer, before taking them to the right hammer; only to discover it couldn't be lifted. [11], When wearing the garment that serves as her cloak, cowl, and headdress, Hela's body is fully alive and healthy. [59], Leah returned to Loki's life in the form of a creation of Loki himself that the trickster had written into history to defeat the Serpent.

Hela planned that when Naglfar was finished, she would send an army of Draugr in it to Asgard to destroy the gods. [30], Hela met with Hell-Lords in Hades. These spirits were in the other-dimensional realms of Hel and Niffleheim, two more of the Nine Worlds, both of which Hela ruled. Without it, Thanos' resurrection couldn't be performed.

History of Hela, Daughter of Loki, and Queen of Death. This created the powerful entity called Infinity. [34] Thor challenged Hela to combat; if he won, they all go free; if she won, Thor was hers forever. She sent the Black Order to retrieve Thanos' body, but Thanos' head was missing.

Other Characters: Nick Fury • Maria Hill • Jane Foster • J.A.R.V.I.S. [51], Hela continued to operate and prey upon the weak in Las Vegas. [32] She later came to Asgard to claim Odin's soul, but was driven off by Thor. [13][14], For ages, Hela sought to bring more Asgardian souls under her control, and especially longed to possess the souls of Odin and his son, Thor; however, during their first meeting, when Thor offered his own life in exchange for that of Lady Sif, who was a prisoner of Hela, the goddess was impressed by the young thunder god's nobility and let both of them go. Marvel Rising Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Odin, ruler of Asgard, decreed that Hela would become goddess and ruler of the spirits of the dead on the day of her maturity. • Ultimate Spider-Man: Venom!

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