(HB), After a run of spellbinding singles, the Norse disco maverick released this synthesis of the frivolous and cinematic: an album so casually virtuosic it seemed to have dropped out of an alien supercomputer. (HB), A solo album from The xx’s most elusive member was the subject of rumour for a good few years; the reality was better than fans could have hoped for.

Monstrous ballads meet shattered beats and siren strings, a cyclone propelled by the wisdom of age. (RO), After hit album Voodoo, D’Angelo almost died by various means, including addiction and a car crash. (JM), A breathtakingly brave and graceful testament from the ultimate survivor of patriarchal rock.

‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ Is a Very Nice Sequel! Nothing they’ve done since has been as good. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Lyrically, she celebrated the suffragettes and her own possibilities in the face of chronic illness. Is this supreme shade, or an oversight of massive proportions? (AP), For three decades, Björk has weathered professional belittlement, abuse and tragedy, always reiterating herself in song, as if it were normal to absorb so much.

Harry Styles confirms he stripped naked for new album cover art. Is it supposed to look like a JCPenney Portrait Studio? (JM), There’s a kind of telepathy that develops when a band spends as much time together as Big Thief. Is Harry Styles going to make millennial pink good again? Between this art and the SNL announcement about Harry’s hosting, are light pink and light blue his official colors for this comeback? (JM). Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! “I am actually good, can’t help it if we’re tilted.” (AP), Inspired by the “icy altitudes” of Joni Mitchell’s open-tuned confessionals, the dubstep producer took singer-songwriting into a compelling new landscape of minimalist clicks and autotuned emotion. The indie-rock band’s second album in the space of five months (the first being UFOF), was described as the “earth twin” and, indeed, they sound utterly grounded – to each other, and to their surroundings in the arid Chihuahuan Desert of Texas, near the Mexico border. 8. Red shows Swift with a newfound confidence – and at times, weariness – that can only come with experience. The sound is expansive; there are lyrical and musical motifs throughout.

23. (AP), Solange’s third album is so meticulous, so modernist in its approach to space and structure, that early listens could feel like walking admiringly around an exhibition. St Vincent, AKA Annie Clark, has a tagline for each of her albums. (RO), Richard Dawson was once a heart-on-sleeve singer-songwriter, but by 2014, the Geordie’s outré folk had made him Britain’s leading avant-bard. Gift cards. 11. The sensual power of Diawara’s lullsome voice and her shimmering guitar patterns remain hypnotic.

The picture depicts Styles reclining naked from inside of an enormous red heart. (AP).

Masterful, minimalist storytelling guides us through summers spent painting boats and long nights in hotel bars. This is pop music at its most precise – every synth and drumbeat fired off like a bullet from a sniper – but at its most unbound, too, finding brutal, beautiful new ways to sing about the most saturated of subjects: breaking up. The Heartbreaking Story Behind Gin Blossoms’ “Hey Jealousy”, Max Ehrich’s Beach Photo Shoot, Stevie Nicks’s TikTok, and ‘Jennifer’s Body’, The Full Story of Tom Petty’s ‘Wildflowers’ and Its Massive New Reissue, A Grab Bag of Pop Culture Recommendations and Rob Harvilla on the Music of the ’90s, David Byrne’s Still Dancing With the Light in ‘American Utopia’, Breaking Down the Tragic Situation in Nigeria, Plus Final Debate Reactions, Goodbye Quibi, Halloween Costumes for the ’Gram, and More Halloween Spirit With ‘Twitches’, “Le Dinner Debonair,” ‘Hell in a Cell’ Preview, and Why Pro Wrestling No Longer Has Any Megastars, How Will Stan Van Gundy Fit With the Pelicans? Blond is far less cohesive than its predecessor, Channel Orange, but does that really matter? 9. Blackstar is more alien than Ziggy; as inscrutable as the deepest corners of the universe. The album, Styles’ follow up to his 2017 self-titled solo debut, was described by The Independent as “a dextrous and audacious record” with “flickers of ingenuity”.

22. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! Last day to save 20-60% off sitewide. “Suck on my balls/ I’ve had enough,” she sings on “Sorry”.

The shifting energy is due to how no single performance is ever the same; the one constant is the German composer’s joy in creating sound, and the spaces in between. In contrast to her fragile performance on UFOF, here Adrianne Lenker sings in lusty whoops and calls on “Forgotten Eyes”, while “Not”, the record’s dark, brooding soul, caterwauls with feedback screeches and a merciless, two-minute guitar solo that leaves you simultaneously devastated and enthralled. Her turn of phrase – already impressive for an artist so young – improves immeasurably from opener “State of Grace” and leads the listener to the greatest song of her career to date: “All Too Well”. Did Harry choose Tim Walker as his album photographer because he was responsible for the most deranged celebrity photoshoot in recent history, pictured below? He sang of “testing sounds/ For the deaf and the forest cold” and now describes his sparse, graceful debut as “a fractured diary” reflecting “a lack of something”. (JM), By 2015, Kendrick Lamar was already a grandmaster stylist. (Answer: yes.). (AP), Three albums in, Kacey Musgraves worried that falling in love with her husband would affect her music. Is this a sex thing? Start your Independent Premium subscription today. But Styles is finally opening up, thanks to the deluxe CD version of his new album, Fine Line. The EU referendum produced a shock result, David Cameron resigned as prime minister, and the arguing began, as a new harder-right politics emerged. Its #BlackLivesMatter-referencing lyrics reveal a man renewed yet still fluttering in the crosswinds of passion and vulnerability. As did Del Rey. Tyler Herro Now Has a Theme Song. Let’s just dive in. “I found a little plot of land/ In the Garden of Eden,” she sings on one of its best tracks, “81”, seemingly poised on the edge of religious reverence. The comedian has done so many masterful impressions through the years. Popular products. Fine Line is the second studio album by English singer Harry Styles, released on 13 December 2019 by Columbia and Erskine Records. Is this a spin on that cheesy Pinterest pose where someone is holding the photographer’s hand? Plus: Will ‘The Bradshaw Bunch’ be the next ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’? Del Rey desires to be desired; she likes it when her man makes her feel like a child; she "wants to die". (It’s OK if it is a sex thing; I just want to know going in that that’s the intended vibe.).

Life is messy and confusing; Ocean makes all of it sound beautiful. The month of its release, a shaky performance on SNL prompted naysayers to write the singer off as a flash-in-the-pan, but the album – full of beauty, gloom and strange subservience – had staying power. Harry Styles ‘unboxes’ his own album for a YouTube video, revealing naked cover art in the process. 15. (AP), After an 18-year break – and within months of co-founder Phife Dawg’s death – there were mixed expectations for ATCQ’s return.

The cost of games had remained stable since 2005, when ‘Call of Duty 2’ set the standard price. Where's my order? 2. Tracks are stripped of any unnecessary embellishment, anything that might distract from Ocean’s hypnotic musings on love, sex and death.

Why isn’t his turn on ‘Saturday Night Live’ as the Democratic nominee landing? Gift ideas. (JM), On his 69th birthday, two days before his death, David Bowie released perhaps the most extreme album of his career. (RO), The decade’s second great Solange album churns several deformed, jazzy aesthetics – including Brainfeeder’s gloopy electro-funk and the concoctions of DJ Screw – into a lustrous cloud of R&B. Plus: NBA Mailbag. 28. This week, Harry teased the artwork for the vinyl copy of the album in a 37-second YouTube clip: But, if we're being honest, the real star of the video is his butt. (HB), In 2016, the UK was in chaos. Masks.

“I was like, ‘Man, I wonder if I’m gonna be able to write.’” She needn’t have worried. The charismatic grime MC is bursting with all the self-aware anger, humour, confusion, vulnerability and creativity of his generation in multicultural urban Britain. Or does Harry’s hair just have magical powers, and it does shit like that on its own? One pitch for how that might sound – somehow futuristic yet familiar – came from Venezuelan producer Arca.

Does Harry Styles know how buttons work?

The analogies and references are less spelt out, too.

Now, the latest installment of the series is setting a new mark at $69.99. (PS), Combining rumbustious soul-rock with swampy blues grit, this four-piece from Athens, Alabama, were one of the most exciting sounds of 2012 thanks to their humdinger of a debut album. Yet her finely wrought arrangements – echoing guitars, beautiful melodies and samples that wrongfoot the listener with their cheerfulness – form a superb kind of juxtaposition with the album’s themes. Sell your art. The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. And what a record it is: melding Eighties pop with alternative rock, it brims with a wild vivacity, as squelching synths come up against gnashing guitars, vulnerable lyrics and often distorted vocals. Lead single “Nobody”, with its almost aggressive vulnerability, is a masterpiece. After hearing the everlasting bop that is ". Then the lights go out, and a distant scream draws you into the shadows. Reporting on what you care about. Watch the full video above and let me know what you think of Harry stripping down for his artwork in the comments. Harry Styles has confirmed he stripped naked for the cover art for his new album. In the midst of all this, Skepta – always wary of institutions – poured gasoline over the whole mess and lit a match. Is Harry Styles going to make pop music good again?

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