Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. Niall Horan, Heartbreak Weather, review: the closest thing to a One Direction album since the band split 3. Larocca: That soft strumming paired with the plunky production helps make this ode to Horan's partner feel like a grown-up version of "Little Things" or Horan's take on an Ed Sheeran song (although "Little Things" technically is a Sheeran song since the Brit cowrote it.). Overall, a pleasant listening experience, though admittedly not one I'm rushing to have again. That may have set him up for failure considering I love the other songs mentioned.

Once I got to the chorus, I was pleasantly surprised to find out Horan's thesis statement isn't a breakup anthem, but rather a love song. I'm not necessarily mad about it, but it also makes me think of how much I love "Fine Line," which makes me compare this song to that album's fourth song, which is "Cherry," which is one of my favorite songs in recent memory, which makes me feel unfairly underwhelmed by "Bend the Rules.". Heartbreak Weather, Horan’s new album out at the end of the week, is much better.If he’s still making songs for boilerplate network dramas and young-professional mixers, this time they pop. (Or maybe it's just me that can't place it.). Larocca: "Put a Little Love on Me" was the second single, and unfortunately, I don't think it fits within the context of this album. It's much better than "Flicker." As 1D became the biggest pop group in the world, it was apparent that likability (alongside teenage sex appeal, many genuinely good bops, and a rapidly obsessive fanbase) actually sells a lot of records. But on the record’s closer, the acoustic ballad “Still,” Horan sounds like he genuinely wants, or even needs an emotional reckoning.

I like this one much less than its predecessor. Thanks to a lack of expectation, however, his solo career has blossomed. Like, the band has "Hey Angel" on "Made in the A.M.," Styles has "Only Angel" on his debut solo album, and now Horan has "New Angel." On the title track, Horan posits that love has a magical, transformational power that can shift the cosmos and make lonely boys feel complete. Ahlgrim: The stylish, sturdy bass line is easily this song's saving grace. since. Larocca: "Arms of a Stranger" is exactly like when a member of One Direction sings a One Direction song without the other members, except without the nostalgia.

Like what you see here? It’s quite a let down from the promise of Heartbreak Weather’s lead single, “Nice to Meet Ya.” Borrowing some strained swagger from former bandmate Liam Payne, Horan entices an elusive would-be lover over a dancey British alt-rock vibe. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. It works well as an opener, especially since it feels very arena-friendly. This review … I love the gradual tempo change; it gives the song a sense of urgency that compliments its hopeless-romantic theme.

This track doesn't bring anything new to the table or build on Horan's previous work in a substantial way. I'm not tired of it yet. When One Direction were fused together on The X Factor in 2010, Niall Horan – all happy-to-be-there charm and third-place grin – got lost in the mix.

Yes, I'm aware I still have nine more songs to go. Larocca: I liked this album — there were some stellar moments, and I can see myself revisiting some of these songs. Niall Horan released his second solo album, "Heartbreak Weather," on Friday. Horan may have joked that his timing of this album wasn't the best in light of a recent global pandemic, but it's already shaping up to be the kind of music I will gladly add to a coronavirus playlist. He's definitely matured since his 1D days, and while I loved him then, I'm really here for where he's at now. As fame took hold, everyone else got ill-advised tattoos, while blemish-free Horan spent his downtime playing golf. "Put a Little Love on Me" is too generic and cheesy to deserve that assessment. After all the sentimental rigamarole, it’s tough to come away from Heartbreak Weather feeling any closer to Horan. I like "New Angel," despite its triggering idealism (no one can "save you from yourself," and women are not receptacles to pour your unrealistic expectations into), but it doesn't feel different enough from the songs I've already heard. For his catchy but charmless second solo album, the pop singer offers a loose-concept record that explores every angle of a breakup through the most pitiful of conversation starters: the weather. Horan's "Everywhere" is the kind of song I wouldn't seek out or add to a playlist. He spends too much of the record bouncing between sounds and songwriting concepts to feel distinct. I love a cheeky lead guitar, but clearly not as much as Horan. All rights reserved. Available for everyone, funded by readers. Across the rest of Heartbreak Weather, Horan is stuck in two mindsets: bereft or coltish, either haunted by the memory of a lover, or desperately trying to scrub her away.

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