Maria Theresia had a 17th-century opera house converted into the beautiful dance and concert halls now known as the Redoutensaele. Its stunning Baroque architecture, lavish interiors and beautiful gardens are well worth a visit. First variable with showers, becoming drier and brighter in the afternoon. The Hofburg is an enormous palace complex in the heart of Vienna, which includes fascinating museums, a church and chapel, the Austrian National Library, and the Spanish Riding School, as well as the office of the President of Austria. Palaces, manors and town halls in Austria, Capuchin Church and Imperial Crypt (0,4 km). Of note are the equestrian statue of Emperor Joseph II by Franz Anton von Zauner at the center of Joseph Square as well as the statue of Francis I in the Inner Castle Court (innerer Burghof) by Pompeo Marchesi. It was built for Emperor Franz II/I by the Belgian architect Louis Montoyer at the beginning of the 19th century.

Hofburg Palace is a sprawling hub of imperial power and was home to the Habsburgs for over 600 years. However, this wing had already been in use for more than a century, constructed as the residence of the Emperor Rudolph II in the style of the late Renaissance. In the Knight's Hall (Rittersaal), on 15 May 1717 the Empress Maria Theresa was baptised by the Papal Nuntius Giorgio Spinola, representing Pope Clement XI, with baptismal water containing a few drops from the River Jordan. In the autumn, the Kunstforum Wien shows one of the most internationally important painters of the present day: Gerhard Richter. Ringstrasse (333 m) The exterior decoration with attic style figures was executed by Lorenzo Mattielli in 1726. Behind the Loreto side chapel is located the Hearts' Crypt, a semicircular-shaped annexe separated by an iron door, where 54 hearts of House of Habsburg members are kept in silver urns.[3]. In the first ten years the BHÖ (Burghauptmannschaft Österreich) ran the convention center; since 1969 a private company (HOFBURG Vienna - Wiener Kongresszentrum Hofburg Betriebsgesellschaft)has been managing the international congress and events center.

It also served as the imperial winter residence, as Schönbrunn Palace was the summer residence. From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core, Radetzky- Appartements - Radetzky Apartements, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe,, Website of HOFBURG Vienna (Hofburg Congress Center), Hofburg Imperial Palace information and photography, The different sections and museums of the Hofburg, Panoramic virtual tour inside the Hofburg Imperial Palace, Collections of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Congratulations: 50 Years of the Eurovision Song Contest, Großer Sendesaal des hessischen Rundfunks,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, About Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core. Dear customers, guests, partners and friends of HOFBURG Silvesterball! After the renovation of the Palais in the 1820s by Joseph Kornhäusel, that section became connected to the Hofburg as well. Through its architecture, this wing still bears a connection to the Late Renaissance.

However, the Imperial Forum was never completed and remains a torso. However, because the old Imperial Theatre (Burgtheater) stood in the way, these plans remained unrealized until Ferdinand Kirschner built the wing from 1889 to 1893, utilizing a slightly altered plan. You can also find further information in our data protection declaration. The museum's exhibitions of luxury crystal glasses, silverware, porcelain and more provide insight into the extravagant dining culture of the former imperial dynasty. On our website you can search for hotel rooms in the Hotel Reservation Services system (HRS). The reconstruction and restorage work performed lasted five years.

In the early years of the 20th century improvements continued with various repair work and the addition of the Little Bear statue in 1902. The Hofburg was built on a site once occupied by the fortifications and towers of the medieval city. With its ornate coffered ceiling and 26 crystal chandeliers that once held 1,300 candles, the hall has a truly imperial aspect. More structures and annexes were successively added. Equestrian statues of the two most important Austrian field marshals, Prince Eugene of Savoy and Archduke Charles, stand at the foci of Heroes Square. Visit one of the biggest palace complexes in the world. 46 - 60°F. The New Castle wing today houses a number of museums (the Ephesos Museum, the Collection of Arms and Armor, the Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments, and the Museum of Ethnology) as well as the reading rooms of the Austrian National Library and the Hofburg Congress Center of international renown. The Sisi Museum, the Imperial Apartments and the Imperial Silver Collection are open daily, including public holidays. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. The Old Town Hall of Wrocław is one of the main landmarks of the city.

Located in the center of Vienna, it was built in the 13th century and expanded several times afterwards. The oldest parts date to the 13th century, with construction having continued right into the 20th century. The oldest parts date to the 13th century, with construction having continued right into the 20th century. The Palais Archduke Albrecht (formerly Palais Tarouca-de Sylva), home of the Albertina museum, is also considered a part of the Hofburg because of its structural connections to the Augustinian monastery. This was the final stage of the main building program.

However, this wing had already been in use for more than a century, constructed as the Viennese residence of Emperor Rudolph II in the style of the late Renaissance.

The project was led by Gottfried Semper and later by Karl Freiherr von Hasenauer. Your audioguide will keep you entertained and informed with interesting facts as you wander through the palace's offices, lounges and bedrooms.

The Redoutensaele were entirely destroyed in a fire in 1992 and under reconstruction until re-opening in 1998. Equestrian statues of the two most important Austrian field marshals, Prince Eugene of Savoy and Archduke Charles, stand at the foci of Heroes Square. The 24 Corinthian columns are done in scagliola technique, in which painted gypsum resembles marble. The Swiss Wing also houses the Knight's Hall. Today it is under the auspices of the Austrian National Library.

In the former Court Church – today highly considered because of its church music – the 1854 wedding of Emperor Franz Joseph and his Sisi …. The Vienna Tourist Board acts purely as a middleman in this regard, and does not store any data.

It is said that Ferdinand I did not wish to house his son under his roof, being that Maximilian had veered towards Protestantism.

HOFBURG Vienna offers 182,000 sq ft (16,900 m2) of floor space spread across 35 rooms for events for anything from 50 to 4,900 people. The whole palace complex is under the administration of the governor (Burghauptmann), who in turn is part of the Burghauptmannschaft, an office which has been in existence since the Middle Ages under the auspices of the Burgrave. Have a look!

In the middle is a bronze statue of Francis I dressed as a Roman emperor, by Pompeo Marchesi. Buy your ticket in advance online: no … The connection between the Amalienburg and the Swiss Court is the Leopoldine Wing (Leopoldinischer Flügel) which was first built in the 1660s under Emperor Leopold I and thus named after him. The latter was originally planned by Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt and accommodated, in addition to the Aulic Council (Reichshofrat), the offices of the Imperial Vice-Chancellor (Reichsvizekanzler), who was the de facto prime minister of the Holy Roman Empire since the ceremonial position of Imperial Arch-Chancellor (Reichserzkanzler)—whom the Imperial Vice Chancellor represented—had always been filled by the Archbishop of Mainz since the Middle Ages. ).Currently a high volume of visitors is expected. Numerous architects have executed work at the Hofburg as it expanded, notably the Italian architect-engineer Filiberto Luchese (the Leopoldischiner Trakt), Lodovico Burnacini and Martino and Domenico Carlone, the Baroque architects Lukas von Hildebrandt and Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach (the Reichschancelry Wing and the Winter Riding School), Johann Fischer von Erlach (the library), and the architects of the grandiose Neue Burg built between 1881 and 1913. For more than seven centuries, the Habsburg empire was ruled from the Hofburg Imperial Palace. Europe's first imperial convention centre played an important role in the development of the congress and meeting tourism in Vienna. All the way up to the present Ring Road, new grounds were laid out, in which the neoclassical main castle gate (Burgtor) was integrated.

The registration details needed for myVienna are collected and processed on the basis of your consent under the terms of Article 6 GDPR for the purpose of identification, saving your travel plans and contacting you for these purposes. HOFBURG Silvesterball 2020 will not take place. Previously the castle of the Austrian rulers had been located on the square called "Am Hof," which is near the Schottenstift (Scottish Monastery). Save money by combining your visit buying the Sisi Ticket, giving you access to the Schonbrunn Palace and Imperial Furniture Collection as well as the Hofburg. Its construction was begun by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and finished by his son Joseph Emanuel in 1735. An additional father-son collaborative project resulted in the Winter Riding School (Winterreitschule) across from the Stallburg (and where the first Austrian parliament sat in 1848) and in the Imperial Chancellory Wing (Reichskanzleitrakt) across from the Leopold Wing. An Imperial Forum (Kaiserforum) was planned, in which a two-winged structure reaching beyond the Ring Road, with the twin museums (Kunsthistorisches Museum and Naturhistorisches Museum) as flanks and terminating at the old Imperial Mews (the Hofstallungen, not to be confused with the much older Stallburg) of Fischer von Erlach. Restoration work began in the 1950s following a period of research, and this conservation effort continued throughout the 20th century. In this hall Napoleon I asked for the hand of Archduchess Marie Louise, the daughter of Emperor Francis II/I. Or you can contact our Data Protection Officer at It is flanked by two soldiers of the period as a reminder of the unsettled times which saw Vienna besieged by Turkish armies in 1529, as well as the struggles between Protestants and Catholics during the Reformation. With the Sisi Ticket on the trail of Empress Elisabeth at the Hofburg, Schönbrunn Palace and the Imperial Furniture Collection. In 1809, a part of the old bastion adjacent to the palace was demolished in the course of the Napoleonic Wars. Between 1328 and 1333 an upper storey was added to include the Council room and the Aldermen’s room. Today, it is home to numerous museums with outstanding collections, the Spanish Riding School, a congress center, the seat of the Austrian Federal President as well as the historic Heldenplatz.

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