I still have the box, so this is not my imagination. HOW DUMB FOR HSN TO HAVE PILLOWS FOR SALE THAT ARE OVERSIZE AND DO NOT PROVIDE PILLOW CASES IN REGULAR SIZE. i agree with these complaints. No I am not involved with law. Not very happy with joy now.. Three or four times I just picked them The quality is going down.

Save on a huge selection of new and used items — from fashion to toys, shoes to electronics. And I have been cautious with it - still got burned. i am beyond angry and disappointed.

Everything sold by Joy Mangano is Junk!!! I took one off closet rack and it just broke. It seems Joy Mangano, IDL or HSN the company she sells for? I purchased a Joy Mangano My Little Steamer/Huggable Hanger combination in February 2008. i have always enjo'yed Joy's products, until my last two purchases. This is my daughter's burn caused by the Joy Mangano steamer! All her stuff is crap. they are hard, lumpy, heavy, NOT CLOUDLIKE at all. After checking I find that ingenious designs is NOT approved by theBBB. I used it a total of 5 times and you guess it, it doesn't work properly. I have brought the steamer years ago and it burn up and was leaking all over, I will never buy another one, I have brought everything off HSN. JOY MANGANO MIRACLE MOP INSTRUCTIONS When removing the Miracle Mop from packaging, both the top and bottom locks will be in the locked position.

How she did not think of new filters when she sold over 92000 purifiers.washing them a few times is ok, but please, you don, the expect me to use a beat up falling apart filter that is not cleaning my air. They again offered a refund but when realized it was part of a combo purchase they couldn't refund my money. I have the My Little Steamer also. It just stopped working. Beware of Joy Mangano NEW Miracle Clean product!! I now have permanent scars and medical bills I don't need, aside from the trauma and suffering/pain. By August 21, still no steamer and I called again to be told that the previous two steamers were mistakenly sent to Colorado and they had no more steamers in stock and again it would be a while before they had any.

The company continues to deny the steamer is the cause and at first told me to contact Target to return the steamer and file with their safety team. IS THERE ANYONE WITH THIS VACUUM SITUATION?????? I bought 2 forever fragrant airflo purifiers and really like them, but I need new filters. I suffered second and third degree burns all over the right side of my body & trauma as well. Who do I contact next? Getting the Ingenious Desings customer service department on the phone was a hassle, but when I finally got through they promised me a shipping label and an exhange for a new steamer that would arrive in two weeks after receiving the defective one. She said that they would be available very soon, no problem...still waiting..ingenious designs say they do not deal with them, hsn said then are not there to buy. The only way to get their attention to is to sue them. Still to this day anytime she sees hot water she panics:( There are so many burned complaints on this steamer. Ipswich Buddhist Centre (aka Triratna Buddhist Centre or FWBO) - cult behaviour, control, various abuses of nationwide triratna movement reported in uk press, risk of abuse, caution advised. .someone called hsn where they were sold and asked about buying new filters. She was no where near the steamer, it really became a water gun suddenly...so scary and traumatizing!!! QVC would have taken care of replacing / refunding the steamer and not pushed you off on JM even if the return date It is such crap and I went back to the good old plastic ones...they are 10 for $1.00 and not once have they broke. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Joy Mangano Memory Cloud Warm & Cool Pillow, Standard/ Queen at the best online prices at eBay! HSN sold 2 pillows by Joy Mangano that DO NOT TAKE REGULAR PILLOW CASES OR KING PILLOW CASES. I would not have taken Lo and behold in two weeks a new steamer arrived. Joy Mangano introduces the Memory Cloud Pillow - it has a cooling side, a warming side, and is great for many sleep positions. Seems to me their quality control is not working or it is a bad design. This product is very dangerous! They said they had no steamers in stock and it would be a long time until they had them so they offered a refund. So beware of HSN snake oil sales since they are Aiding & Abetting in this fraud.

HOW STUPID TO DESIGN PILLOWS WITH TEMPTEXX TECHNOLOGY BUT YOU CAN'T USE REGULAR PILLOWCASES ON THEM. Junk, junk, junk! my other complaint, i thought i would try the huggable hangers bonuses galore special she had just this week. By July 25 still no steamer so I called again.

Unfortunately I threw the box it came in away so probably cannot get a refund and I am really mad that Joy Mangano has her name on this and she should be aware that this is a piece of crap product!! Live and learn. i think i should get at least 50% refund BECAUSE I BELIEVED HER. I have sent emails & spoke with several reps of HSN and no advail.

The label came a few weeks later and the steamer was sent back on June 24.I called back on July 9 to ask where my steamer was and they said they would send it out right away. HSN sold 2 pillows by Joy Mangano that DO NOT TAKE REGULAR PILLOW CASES OR KING PILLOW CASES. !SO I DECIDED TO LOOK AT JOY MANGANO RECALLS AND REVIEWS BECAUSE I PURCHASED HER SUPER CHICK VACUUM CLEANER AND THE ON/OFF SWITCH THREW A SPARK OF FIRE AND FLEW OFF.HSN SAID WARRANTY EXPIRED TO CALL THE COMPANY.BUT AFTER ALL THESE RUN AROUND AND FUSTRAITED CUSTOMERS, I JUST AS WELL TRASH IT. HOW STUPID TO DESIGN PILLOWS WITH TEMPTEXX TECHNOLOGY BUT YOU CAN'T USE REGULAR PILLOWCASES ON THEM. Joy's credibility is garbage. I would never recommend Joy Mangano's My little Steamer 90 Watt. I first purchased a CIA luggage set from them back in 05 and I still use it. 2 pc set for 5.00...and no takers. My daughter was badly burned as Joy Mangano's My Little Steamer became a boiling watering gun and projected water aggressively out of the steamer. Joy Mangano MemoryCloud Warm and Cool Pillow provides medium support for a moderate level of support to align the spine Universal shape designed for side, back or stomach sleepers Made with memory foam clusters that conform to the curve of your head, neck and shoulders well, to find out they did not have anymore solid black ones, because the black one they had just threw in with my blue one because it was the last one they had left from someone returning it. This was the beginning of me realizing they will refuse to own the fact their steamer caused my daughter's burns.

of course because i waited and trusted her it is too late for a refund. IT is clearly a problem that they created, they should fix.! is there a reason for this defect. Also I asked HSN if it is Septic system safe and they responded NO. © 2004-2020 ComplaintsBoard.com.

Just someone sick and tired of companies not owning up to their responsibilities. I demand you stop it and put it back on my old phone... he said NOPE isn't going to happen...sue us. i called HSN to send the black one back and to have them send me another black one. They told me to contact the corell co.. Why should I have to go thru this. I have so many previous purchases & Thisi one has been hard to deal with! CleanBoss by Joy Mangano. After steaming a sweater the other day, I set the unit down on my bathroom counter and shut it off. I think Joy Mangano does not care about the public or her products, & her concern is greed & more money only. Now there is no scent, so I feel scammed for such a short period of product effectiveness. I purchase thru HSN. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising from our partners.By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy.

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