I was struck by the eighteenth sentence you wrote above – if that is true, you might be interested in this article about the scientifically-supported study of positive emotions and thought, and your power over creating them. Since I’ve tried befriending a lot of people, I’ve come to realize that they just talk bad stuff behind their each others’ backs, that they’re rude and even kind of hypocritical, but they have lots of friends. And now that most single women these days have their very high unrealistic expectations which makes love much more difficult to find for so many of us single guys unfortunately. bout how can we connect? This was after WE MADE OUT, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a friend zone… but I don’t know what this means please help me understand. Why I can’t feel the love from my friends or family. I hate that! The part that baffles me the most is that others talk about how someone is a total jerk or a**hole, yet they’ll still be friends with, and spend time with that person.

Has anybody seen her?” while I ask all the time when a person is missing, whether I like them or not. My good intentions are often misconstrued by them and when they are, there’s little if any contact. Put on a happy song, think back to one of your happier times.. do you not smile? Your husband is abusive. Recently our friend finish her nursing degree which is only 2 year program and all of the sudden everybody listens to her advise and completely ignoring me. My of these concepts of live and connecting with people that we learn are illusions that turn into delusions over all it is about balance. I feel like an empty shell of a person but I just can’t break out. I love you all so much. What about if you are really lonely and it is not only a state of mind? Don’t wait for someone to spell it out to you. Best of luck finding the diamonds in the rough . All the rules about asking people about themselves and keeping talk of myself limited doesn’t mean anything apparently. I felt stigmatized and downright bullied by the so called “professionals” I turned to for help and support and I’m not delusional or think everyone is out to get me, this really did happen, they turned my fears into reality. Now I’m 68 and stopped dating or trying since the last man who I spent 2 years with left with my money. Just be nice to the rest of the family don’t talk to mom about anyone . Invisible in a conventional context … always seconds at work, social & family whatever the occasion they just put up with me. I call them. So, I choose to avoid them so as to not upset them. Haha, what? Doesn’t tell me I’m wrong all the time or, “you are wrong and let me tell you why. And I’m just SO LONLEY!!

But the thing about it for me is, I have no idea what I do wrong. I feel this same way. Have I done wrong yes but I’m the only one getting punished. Internal Family Systems therapy is the go-to paradigm; it’s a way of moving closer to aspects of ourselves that originated as proactive defenses to childhood threats, but which now cause trouble for us. If I never went back to my office again would anyone notice I wasn’t there? Does anyone see a pattern? I apologized, but now this friend won’t even see me.

I just find I don’t really care about that anymore. It may bring us up too! I read this kind of stuff over and over again but knowing it does not make the thoughts change. Yes, some women, too, enjoy no strings attached sex. I am currently in a rough situation after coming out of a 12yr relationship that left me completely drained and empty. i thought the same thing reading this. I have no friends it was my self destructive behavior that drove them all away and I’m either too proud or too scared to ask for forgiveness but I can’t bring myself to make new friends and every day is just getting worse and worse. We have to take on our critical inner voice. We can notice the times it seeps in and tampers with the filter through which we see ourselves and the world around us. You need support. God made women beautiful, and that’s that. Good luck and much love. I don’t know what to do with this but it sure helps to read something I could have written.

All I have control of is how I react or treat others, If they don’t reciprocate all I can do is stay on the high path and know someday that if I keep trying it will get better it’s not great but, there’s hope.

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