In your experience, are mesh undershirts enough of a barrier to prevent that? Each color is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Especially for $6.45 each. I’d be interested to know how they compare to the ExOfficio’s 2.9 ounces. Can I say that I’m closer to your mom’s age and I LOVE when she appears in your posts to show that us older ladies can still be stylish. One thing to note about the AIRism Mask 3-Pack in Grey is that this shade won’t be available in size Small until late September. I’m looking at you, Arcteryx. Honestly, it’s really hard to point out any not-so-good items on this undershirt, but if I had to point out anything, they would be: While the polyester/spandex blend is pretty darn nice, it does slightly border on the synthetic-feeling side. Through years of rigorous testing in fairly extreme environments, I have concluded that UNIQLO is the best place for gear that is affordable, high quality, good looking, and technically sound. (c) if (a) doesn’t work for you and you’re not open to doing (b), i’d recommend finding an alternate fitted undershirt that is still lightweight, but is a tad thicker. I picked up enough to travel with and to wear every day. So, worst case scenario, you rotate your 4 pairs which you brought along with you, and you could EASILY go two weeks without washing clothes. The elastic for the mask isn't as stretchy as the usual surgical face … Since the material is perforated, it’s semi sheer so I’d recommend wearing a cami like their bra top camis underneath. Yup, although I bought a few just before the promotion kicked in. (I’m closer to her age and about her size so I love it when she turns up in your blog). heya rick, good to hear from you buddy and thanks for stopping by! but, i do have some recommendations for you: 1. if you’re sweating through only in the underarm area, you may want to find a lightweight undershirt with underarm pads, or a hyperhidrois undershirt. But even with that in mind, I still reach for these all the time. I use an aluminum-heavy antiperspirant to prevent sweating, and it works very well, but I’m concerned that the aluminum will rub off on my dress shirts and stain them. I'm an editor who works from home with her dog every day. I had one white Reebok tee (on the right). Aside from my long-sleeved AIRism, my favourite UNIQLO shirt is an AIRism t-shirt. i love the styles on both of you, thanks for this very helpful post. And since this is a travel blog, let’s take a look at a few travel-specific characteristics while we’re at it: There’s no contest here. I tested the Uniqlo AIRism … the lightest 100% cotton undershirts i’ve come across to date include zimmerli (very expensive) and shirtless undershirts. As per the Uniqlo Airism Mask Reviews, the brand is quite famous for its other product range. let me know if you have any other questions (: Love the website. 2. if your only sweating area is the underarm area, you may want to consider wearing a stronger antiperspirant like sweatblock or kleinerts dry body wipes. Not knowing the sizing, I asked for large instead of my regular size Medium since I heard they run a bit small. AIRISM FACE MASK (PACK OF 3), $14.90 at Uniqlo. I must have weird shaped legs as all material and all lengths ride up my legs. I just compared the weight of the Airism to ExOfficio: 1.7 ounces versus 3.2 ounces. I just got two pair, and I think they are also very good. Finally, when masks became readily available at every store and online shop, I purchased based on what I found aesthetically pleasing (if I have to wear it, I might as well like the look, right?). For base layers and mid layers, UNIQLO’s options are a fraction of the price of popular brands like icebreaker and The North Face. This "Social Distancing From My Family" Candle Is... 10 Delicious Desserts You Can Make At Home In Your... 17 No-Cook Dinners For Busy Weeknights When You Just... 50 Holiday Recipes That Will Have Everyone Asking... Hello, and welcome to my love letter to the Uniqlo AIRism Face Mask, AKA the most lightweight face mask I’ve ever had the pleasure of covering my face with. This is the best mask I've ever worn. It was the only shirt I wore while working in a manufacturing warehouse with equal parts machinery heat and water molecules in the air. It really protrudes out and I have normal sized nipple.

Thanks!! In almost every category, it is a superior product. I have a pair of boxer briefs from Icebreaker that I really like, and I’m about to try some from Smartwool and Minus33.

Especially for... By joining this newsletter, you agree to receive emails and agree to this site's privacy policy. overall body fit is similar, and neither is better or worse than the other, but as mentioned above, they are designed for the different seasons. love your site and the reports you have done on clothing and travel tips. [REVIEW] Uniqlo Singapore AIRism Face Mask. Your email address will not be published. Better, worse, or about the same (in terms of fit, comfort)? The Uniqlo AIRism Face Masks feature a three-layer design: a breathable moisture-wicking AIRism material, a built-in washable filter, and UV-blocking AIRism mesh material. Fit is admittedly rather subjective, but these specific differences are just objectively superior. Hi Debbie, the bag my mom is using is a Goyard St. Louis tote, Been living the messy bun life lately, but when I, On the blog ~ teddy bear or tailored? Airism is definitely silky, almost unpleasantly so. When I first put it on, it felt so lightweight it was almost cooling. At 115 gsm, this is one of the lightest weight undershirts I have ever worn. This is entirely based on my own personal experience, but I hope to share a number of instances where this mask has treated me well. To prove how well this fabric breathes and cools: it was the only shirt I could bear wearing while biking in 40ºC humidity for a month in Vietnam. Uniqlo also has boxer-briefs in Tencel. i’d say the ribbed-tee retro tri-blend heather grey v is neck and neck with airism. What does that mean for Bay Area winter? 1) I plan to get them as inner shirts but I sweat a lot and I’d not want the pit to seep through my shirts. The Uniqlo AIRism face mask is available in two colors currently (white and black), with a gray color slated to release mid-September. Does the elastic hurt your ears? The near-perfection of the Uniqlo Blocktech Parka, The one problem no Lifestraw review ever mentions, The Uniqlo Airism boxer brief, thoroughly reviewed, In search of the best travel pants for men, Best backpacking water filters and purifiers, Reviewing the new Tortuga Setout Backpack. Required fields are marked *. And, as mentioned, it’s also significantly wider (not top to bottom, but in terms of circumference) than the Ex Officio’s, which seems to have far too small of a waistband compared to how loose the rest of it is (though admittedly this was not much of a problem for me). Still, I wanted to test the mask even further and see what it could do. Loved your insight…thank you! They are so light and pack really well. Probably. Thanks for finding these things. They’re seasonal, so they’re only available in the summertime, but check eBay in the winter, where they’re always available. I am ALL about city to backcountry crossover. The Ex Officio isn’t that bad. I’m a fan of the thicker waffle texture, curve hem bottom, and mid-length sleeves with banded arm openings so that you can push them up on your elbows for a slouchier look. Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. From big do-it-all players like The North Face and Patagonia to smaller companies like Smartwool and Mountain Hardwear, there are endless options when it comes to brands for hiking and adventuring apparel. It’s labelled small, but it’s just nonsense. The thing is tiny, and I’m not. I love your bedding. Frequent international traveler tired of hubby’s complaints w/price tags, quality, fit and drying time.

Drying time seemed to be about the same as some of my other synthetics and synthetic blends. For a month of cycling around 100km per day in Vietnamese humidity and heat that would melt my body into the bike seat, clothing choice was critical. But aside from that, they’d work just fine. Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Every day, it was worn under a fully loaded pack: fully susceptible to wear from branches, bushes, rain, sun, the hip belt, shoulder straps, dangling straps… the works! If you need any more proof as to the longevity of a shirt, I have worn this shirt on hikes in: Peru, New Zealand, Northeast USA, Alberta, Ontario, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Tanzania. My $.02 – bought Airism shirts a year ago and loved the lighter weight and comfort. If so, what can I do? if you try out some of the undershirts recommended in the above articles or mentioned above, please let me know which one(s) work out the best for you. Have you guys found a way to safely whiten them? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If that’s what you want, take a look at a list of the best men’s underwear I’ve found thus far (and a dedicated list of travel-specific options here). One of the major problems with the Ex Officio is that it does not come in a size small. look forward to your reply thanks. Waistband is a bit flimsier than airism. Not sure if you’ve addressed this but just wondering how can one prevent his nipples from getting attention. very comfortable. Certainly, I agree that their stuff is a great value for hiking. A shirt is a shirt. In 2016 I bought a long sleeved Airism shirt to wear on that 22 day hike I was talking about. The draped cut helps elevate it from a simple tee shirt, and it also knots easily over leggings or maternity dresses / bottoms. Guess which one I chose to wear 99% of the time? Give them a try!! However the blend is different from the usual airism, i wish i can refer to your review before decide whether to get the seamless or the usual one.

When I run, I prefer to do a short run (30 to 45 minutes), where I warm up with a walk, then do intervals of running and walking, for 90 seconds each. Looks great half tucked in the front with jeans, or knotted as shown in the first photo in this blog post! I obviously would prefer to do all of these workouts without a mask, but if I want to go to an indoor gym, I'll need a mask.

I had one black UNIQLO tee (on the left).

The sun was out, shining, and there was barely a cloud in the sky. The Best Bag System for Backpacking & Travel, Best Down Jackets for Every Budget and User, Eddie Bauer Microtherm 2.0 Stormdown Review, The Best Pot For Backpacking: An Affordable Aluminum Camping Pot, UNIQLO Review: The Best, Most Underrated Brand for Hiking and Travelling, on UNIQLO Review: The Best, Most Underrated Brand for Hiking and Travelling. La Niña is here. Here’s a brief cost comparison. Being in Thailand, I can tell you they perform well in hot, damp weather. You can buy the pair for less than $120 American, which is a steal. ( can’t try without the buy). In theory yes, but they can go up to $50 each, which is a little intimidating. I don't want to work out in a mask, but can I run in one? UNIQLO AIRism Review. It’s incomprehensibly annoying.

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