In 2018, the EU and Azerbaijan endorsed joint Partnership Priorities, along the four Eastern Partnership priorities that guide our political dialogue and cooperation. Moldova has repeatedly been subject to Russia’s economic sanctions.

Utilising coercive policy while exerting different types of pressure on the Eastern Partnership countries, Moscow repeatedly underlines that they belong to the near abroad, the strategic and exclusive area of Russian interests. Nevertheless, the EU-Azerbaijani relations are well developed, especially when it comes to trade. Yet, despite its relative isolation, Belarus is indeed changing.

In return, Brussels looks forward to more activity from Baku on political and economic reforms. AnalysisIssue 3-4 2019Magazine. The EU funds have now secured the employment of about 200 medical and administrative staff as well as, Effective inclusion and participation for children with disabilities in quality education, health and social services in Zambia, We are pleased to announce that the co-funded project by EU and Austrian government "Effective inclusion and participation for children with disabilities in quality education, health and social services in Zambia” has been reoriented to align with the Zambian national Covid-19 contingency plan, Education must not fall victim to COVID-19, 29/09/2020- Last week, I took part with my colleague Vice-President Dubravka Šuica in an event organised jointly with UNICEF. In any case, it is obvious that the document is going to be signed after the new European authorities will be installed. The March-April 2018 issue takes a deeper look at the consequences of Putin’s presidency and what could eventually come after….

Articles and Commentary, The then EU High Representative Federica Mogherin meets with Azeri President Ilham Aliyev in Vienna on May 16 2016. -

When answering a relevant question, the European Union foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini said: “Whenever there is a strong political will, things become realistic, so inshallah, we might get there”. The first issue of 2018 looks at the rise of a new generation in the post-Soivet space – one that may be radically different than previous Soviet and immediate post-Soviet generations. Azerbaijan, Eastern Partnership, European Union, South Caucasus, August 1, 2019 - Avoiding any direct confrontation with Russia appears to be the more expedient policy. Meanwhile, for the first time, the European Union is preparing an agreement with a country that is not a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). With the new agreement — which will replace the obsolete Partnership and Cooperation Agreement of 1996 — Azerbaijan will assimilate certain legislation to European Union norms and standards.

His main interest is in peace and conflict studies, while his focus areas mainly cover Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Yet, it remains one of the least familiar to the general public in the West.

A decisive issue for, EU–Western Balkans: support education, professional journalism and fact-checkers to strengthen democracy and counter disinformation, The first edition of the EU – Western Balkans Media Literacy Conference took place on 29 September gathering fact-checkers, youth, journalists and authorities from the Western Balkans, the EU and beyond discussing media literacy and fight against disinformation. The Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry indicated that the sides were close to completing their talks on the agreement, with over 90 percent of the issues in question already decided. If there is one phrase that is being repeated like a mantra in 2017, it is that “the world is upside down”. Unlike Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, all of which have signed association agreements, comprehensive free trade agreements and reached visa-free regimes with the European Union, Azerbaijan seems more interested in cooperation rather than integration, thus stopping short of regulatory alignment. These values and norms can be assessed to be obstacles that keeps the Azerbaijani authorities out of the European Union’s framework.

AnalysisIssue 3-4 2019Magazine, May 2, 2019 -
So what happened to Azerbaijan’s European Union policy?

You can now hear among ordinary Azerbaijanis, sometimes even among the intelligentsia, that by pushing Turkey aside the European Union demonstrated that it prefers to be a Christian club that would not welcome Azerbaijan.

But it has also led to the uncertainty regarding the timeline. It is Azerbaijan’s key trade partner and destination for Azerbaijan’s oil and gas exports.

The talks kicked off in February 2017 and are allegedly in the final stage.

Photo: European External Action Service (cc) At the Munich Security Conference in 2017, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev summarised the government’s reasons for the rejection of the Association Agreement, which he called a “unilateral instruction”. Up until the mid-2000s, Azerbaijan’s westward integration was considered and discussed in the country as something natural, historically necessary and irreversible. It has also created a certain dissatisfaction as some critics reiterate that the European Union’s energy agenda has always shadowed its policies on human rights and democracy, despite the European Union’s claims of representing a value-driven identity, democratic principles and its claim to support democracy in other countries. New Eastern Europe is co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The main reason he cited was the lack of “a very precise wording about resolution of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan based on territorial integrity of Azerbaijan”. As a result of a direct confrontation with Russia, Georgia’s territorial problems were sharpened, while Ukraine was also dismembered. Articles and Commentary, May 2, 2019 - Unlike Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, which have prioritised a set of pro-western policies and Armenia and Belarus, which are officially in the pro-Russian camp, Azerbaijan has become totally neutral without any sign or hint of joining any bloc. According to recent news, the European Union and Azerbaijan are negotiating to finally sign a historic agreement within the framework of the Eastern Partnership. It often seems, at least from the outside, that Belarus remains isolated from the West and very static in its transformation. Vladimir Putin is set to win a fourth term as president of the Russian Federation. The Conference conclusions stress the,, It was at this time, the turn of the century, when Azerbaijan, together with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine created the international organization known as the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development (GUAM), to signal the trans … First as a schoolboy I would hear, watch and read extensively about Azerbaijan’s European integration on the mass media. Azerbaijan holds a unique position among the six Eastern Partnership countries. As a result, the negotiation of the Association Agreement, launched in 2010, was stopped in 2013 when the Azerbaijani authorities stated that they were no longer interested in the deal, and instead offered agreements to individual European Union states on policies like energy cooperation and strategic partnership. This agreement is very similar to the agreements it has signed with the countries within the European Union Eastern Partnership Program; the document is believed to encompass political, economic, commercial, regional and energy security.

There are several reasons for this policy change. Therefore, it is no coincidence that skepticism about European integration both at governmental and societal level strengthened in Azerbaijan in the late 2000s and early 2010s, when oil revenues to the country increased and geopolitical confrontation in Eastern Europe escalated. The start of harsh Russian policy coincided with when Azerbaijan began losing its interest in integration projects. The European and Azerbaijani sources expected early April and then mid-May as the time when the strategic partnership agreement between Azerbaijan and the European Union would be finished. As a strategic initiative to deliver brings Caspian, Central Asian and Middle Eastern gas resources to the European market, the Southern Gas Corridor can be instrumental in the European Union’s energy security in terms of diversifying its energy supplies. Gwendolyn Sasse Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego. Either through common experience or history (or both). One thing is clear, regardless of the present developments, many experts in Azerbaijan affirm the country’s destiny is connected to the European Union. Azerbaijan’s relations with the European Union was first formalised with the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, which came into force in 1999.

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