Learn more about us at, Wrap your head around fun and effective vehicle designs, Muni-Toons: Cartoons for Cities of All Sizes, Five Great Reasons to Use Interactive Microsites for Employee Communications, Top 5 Reasons to Use Cartoons in Your Communications, Follow OTL Creative Group on WordPress.com, Benefits and HR messages: It’s time for some serious LOL, Back to the Drawing Board…with cartoonist Jenny Campbell, Cartoonist draws attention to HR messages, Custom cartoons will engage your employees. Not a simple feat, by any means. While she was telling me this, she choked up and had to turn away for a minute. In the last session, with three classes of third graders in attendance, I was in the midst of an interactive exercise where the kids help me “create” a crazy character from scratch, and I was wildly drawing this character based on their ideas, and really getting into it. Once we have the mascots pretty well-formed in our heads we’ll come up with a topics calendar and strategy, identifying from the client down which messages they’d like to convey at which times throughout the year. No, I definitely need some reference. This is the second article in the series. As far as which I LIKE using the best, I’d have to say that I love drawing in pencil, but I also love drawing in ink. He became a supporter of seniors who wanted employment and “created innovative
Here’s a quick story from yesterday that doesn’t involve my work with OTL, but was a perfect example of how to answer this question.

A request was made to company executives to have cartoonist Jenny Campbell paint one of the cartoon mascots onto the side of a new machine that was being installed. Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/otlcreativegroup. And, if I’ve made my team really happy, then I feel pretty confident that the employee reactions will be the same.

Sundays. Through a three-part series of blogs, she responds to questions OTL’s clients have about the cartooning process. After graduation, she moved to California and landed a job as an artist and weekly columnist at the Pasadena Star-News. Watching her father work hard instilled in Jenny a love of writing and journalism. But as cartoonists who inspired me, I’m STILL enamored with Schulz, Thelwell and Kelly, and I’ve also become an avid acolyte of Edward Gorey. I don’t actually do any drawing on the computer. Her fellow characters include wrinkly senior friends, her granddaughter Treggie and Cleo, a And, the fact that I’ve been able to make a living doing this for more than 25 years, leads me to suspect that, for the most part, folks are liking what I do. I probably wouldn’t draw a raven looking coy and innocent… he would absolutely be up to something. No, I don’t recommend using cartoons to announce an upcoming acquisition or changes to your pension plan, but eye-catching characters are ideal for delivering those messages employees don’t want to read. So, cartoon panels about retirement programs, medical benefits, safety initiatives, or heart-healthy exercise will vary by organization – from the characters, scenario, style of humor, to the tips/advice that are offered along with the cartoon panel. Jenny Campbell is an American cartoonist and children's book illustrator. Like a lot of successful business people – Lord Alan Sugar, Peter Jones, Duncan Bannatyne – Jenny left school at the age of 16 and began everyday working life. Requests were made by employees to add an additional character to the team of mascots. She brought skills of writing, illustration and cartooning from her work Her art in the comic strip is uncluttered and clear, with easy Still, it’s a perfect mix when we can come up with an idea that makes everyone laugh but also drives home the point. job opportunities” for those who were interested.
She was a "Dragon" on two series of the UK's Dragons' Den. In the last of a three-part series, nationally-syndicated cartoonist Jenny Campbell (“Flo and Friends”) explains gag writing for the employee benefits cartoon campaigns she develops with Outside the Lines Creative Group. When it actually happens, it’s such a joy,” Campbell says. That’s one of the best things about the work we do: nothing is “off the shelf.”. In other words, do you have a personality of the character in mind while you’re drawing it or does it get a personality as you are drawing it?

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