Voiced most times by Billy Connolly, Kosei Tomita. Willow | Debbie | Rick Mitchell | Giselle voiced by Jane Krakowski and 2 others .

Sonny Quinn | Griffin | Miles Morales | Officer Earl Devereaux | McSquizzy is usually grumpy, short-tempered, bitter, territorial, irritable, and selfish. Barry | Aaron Mitchell | In the fourth film, he is voiced by Lee Tockar, who also voiced Bibble, George of the Jungle, Stretch-O-Mutt, Inky, and Takutanuva. Horace Nebbercracker |
Deborahbot 5000, Live-Action Movies Paige | Billy Connolly is the voice of McSquizzy in Open Season, and Kosei Tomita is the Japanese voice. Teresa | See image of Lee Tockar, the voice of McSquizzy in Open Season: Scared Silly (Movie). Firewater | The Undertaker |

Joseph | George Little | Brenda Bunson |

Bomb | Snowbell | https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/McSquizzy?oldid=2010093.

Terence | Matilda | Fifi | Mighty Eagle | Mopsy Rabbit | Monchi | Reilly voiced by Jon Favreau and 1 other . Hal |

Stuart Little | Glenn | Voice Actors Characters TV Shows Movies Video Games Shorts Attractions Commercials. Garry Pig | Eric | Dennis | Bobbie voiced by Georgia Engel and 1 other . Stine | He has dark brown eyes. He is one of Boog's best friends and the Furry Tail Clan's leader. Wilson |

Whoopty | Chicken Joe | ... McSquizzy voiced by Billy Connolly and 5 others .

King Leonard Mudbeard | Frank | Dave | Fire!" Wanda | Jailbreak | McSquizzy | Gwen Stacy | He has somewhat of a dislike for Elliot due to his somewhat idiotic, confused personality. Benjamin Bunny | In the first and second film, he is voiced by Billy Connolly, who also voiced Ben in Pocahontas. Mary | R.L. Courtney | Abby | Bea. Images of the McSquizzy voice actors from the Open Season franchise. Champ | "Ready! Leah |

Cottontail Rabbit |

Ranger Beth |

Gum | Alistair | Steve the Monkey | Ursa | Barry |

Wade | Flopsy Rabbit | Stella | Jenny Bennett | Spider-Man Noir | Tim Lockwood | Ericka Van Helsing | Lani Aliikai | McSquizzy is an Eastern gray squirrel. However, he doesn't completely hate him as he has assisted him on missions. McSquizzy is a character in the Open Season franchise. Peni Parker | Winnie | Hi-5 | In the first and second film, he is voiced by Billy Connolly… Giselle | Ian | Manny | The Blues | Jonathan Loughran | Billy Connolly is a voice actor known for voicing King Fergus, McSquizzy, and Ben. Buddy | Poppy | He is one of Boog's best friends and the Furry Tail Clan's leader. Silver | Cody Maverick | Tinkles | Tank Evans | Linda Mitchell | Katie Mitchell | Chowder | McSquizzy was once confused to be a red squirrel. Thomas McGregor | Gisela and Giselita | Spider-Ham | J.C. | McSquizzy is a character in the Open Season franchise. Gordy Red | Aunt May | Bo | Ruth | DJ Walters | Flint Lockwood |

Sam Sparks | Sam Carter | He is one of Boog 's best friends and the Furry Tail Clan 's leader. Wanye | Mr. McMahon | Wally | Judge Peckinpah | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Deborah | Zach Cooper |

Werewolf Kids | The Pirate Captain | Peter Parker | Boog | Mark Bowman | Big Z | Dracula | Zeta | Edith | Dahlia | Wayne | Gene | Peter Rabbit | Animated Features Serge and Deni | Ella | Alex | Gale | Weepy | However, he is shown by using his anger off at others that are greatly bothered by him, making him not all bad. Zee | ―McSquizzy commanding the Furry Tail Clan to attack.
Ultimate Spider-Man | Images of the voice actors who play the voice of McSquizzy in Open Season 3 (Movie) Roxanne | In the third film, he is voiced by André Sogliuzzo, who also voiced Dynomutt in Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Monty in Stuart Little: The Animated Series, Puss in Boots in the Shrek video games, and Smokey and Steamer. Wilbur | Eunice | Hatchlings | McSquizzy is a character in the Open Season franchise. Bubbles | Martha | Chuck | Frankenstein | Hunter | Elliot | Sarah Quinn | Mavis Dracula | Hannah Stine | Blobby | Doug | Reeko | Brent McHale | Murray | Reginald Skullinski | Cyrus | Felix | Vlad Dracula | Take a visual walk through his career and see 5 images of the characters he's voiced and listen to 1 … Zach | Cyrus | Mr. Weenie |

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