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Rainbow Six Siege is available also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Please note that all product links in the table above send you to Amazon and we receive a small commission for items sold. To determine the best Field of View in Rainbow Six Siege, I gathered the preferences of about 300 professional players. © Valve Corporation. The FoV is locked on console. The wider the FoV, the smaller the enemy on the screen, so you need to be more accurate to hit them. Login Register. Justin Kruger (@UbiJustin) - who worked as the Rainbow Six Siege community developer for three years - released the following statement on Reddit: Their reasoning is understandable as they want to keep all players at 60 fps, but nowadays there are many games with a Field of View option on console, such as Doom, Rocket League, Apex Legends, Battlefield I and V. In most of them, increasing the FoV doesn’t have a noticeable impact on the performance and the overall fluidity of the game, so I hope that someday Ubisoft will consider this addition. Some players tolerate or don’t mind it, others (like me) just can’t stand it :). Just like with our other content, we are updating the list constantly. Click the box to copy it. R6 Tracker | Stats and Leaderboards for PC, Xbox & PlayStation | R6DB | Rainbow Six Siege Stats OBS Overlay ; Premium; Login or Register ... Help.

Always stay connected to Rainbow Six Siege with the r6stats app. I suggest using a high FoV value (90) if you have a great sight and reflexes. Unranked (2800 mmr) - Level 297 - K/D 1.28. Will be back to streaming soon :) Instead, If you struggle at spotting and aiming enemies at a mid and long range, a lower field of view value will benefit your gameplay. Buy one from our verified sellers. My thumb buttons for my mouse. I have also detected a slight fisheye lens effect at 90 FoV.
110 horizontal FoV is equal to 94 vertical FoV with a 4:3 aspect ratio and to 78 with a 16:9 one. We got a lot of support from the community in creating this list. Copyright ©2017-2020 Esports Tales, All rights reserved. Challenges. i use Q & E to lean and have my secondary gadget (Breach charge, flashbangs etc.) Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy - Terms of Use. I believe this aspect ratio brings a huge advantage because it improves your view on the surroundings. Leaderboards. However it is still possible that mistakes show up in this list. MeatyMarley 263,612 Profile Views. If you are using a phone, turn it sideways for a full view. Really? But I want to bind lean to my thumb keys on my mouse ( mouse 4 and 5) for pubg but i'm having a problem when I try to lean right and shoot. More.

In the following video, Rogue-9 compares different Field of View values at 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ratios versus the standard 16:9 one. However … After several several tests, I believe that 75 and 80 are the best options for an ultrawide user as we already enjoy a huge horizontal view with this monitor aspect ratio. Don't take my videos too seriously, i'm just here to have a good time. The Field of view on console is locked to 60. Go Premium. R6 Tracker. The table is responsive. Welcome to our Rainbow Six Pro Settings and Gear List. View MeatyMarley's Rainbow Six Siege detailed seasons and operations history. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Read Our Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure. r6stats includes several features that the official Rainbow Six website does not display or any other stat tracking site. Your email address will not be published.

A multitude of players asked a FoV slider on console, but the Rainbow Six Team always answered negatively, explaining on Twitter that “there are limitations that prevent a FoV slider on consoles. Don’t have time to level up your Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege account?

Thanks for reading. Home. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. This can be a great starting point if you are wondering how you should set up your settings. Ever since ESL announced their Rainbow Six Pro League it has gotten a lot of attention from FPS fans. If you wish to explore and test the maps using a different Field of View setting, Ubisoft provides an easy way to create custom games: Go to Home > Play > Multiplayer > Custom Game > Local. You may think to the FoV as a camera zooming in and out. A high FoV makes targeting more difficult. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Otherwise, zoom in or click the grey area to swipe it. R6 Tracker. He concludes that there isn’t an objective better setting for Rainbow Six Siege, but it depends on the personal preferences of the player: the extreme 60 FoV with a 5:4 aspect ratio does bring a noticeable zoom boost, but it comes at a cost because you lose a massive amount of peripheral view. Generally, playing on a wide FoV also requires a better mouse control and speed in order to move faster across the screen, so you need a solid aim as well. The Official Rainbow 6 Discord. Rainbow Six Siege's biggest waffler, also a slight idot. Rainbow Six Siege Pro Settings & Gear List, Rocket League Pro Camera Settings & Controller List, VALORANT – Best Settings and Options Guide, Apex Legends – Best Settings and Options Guide, Rainbow Six Siege – Best Settings and Options Guide, Rocket League Pro Camera Settings and Controller List, Call of Duty: Warzone Best Settings & Options Guide, Rainbow Six Siege Pro Settings and Gear List, “Rainbow Six Siege Pro Settings and Gear List”. Contact; Premium. We are also happy to include any missing Rainbow Six pros, so please tell us your favorites as well. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Go to Options > Gameplay > Interface Preferences, set Interface Presets to Custom, turn off anything you want to hide, and then click Apply to save your changes. And he also had a 3090 gpu, Your email address will not be published. We also use targeted ads.

The standard 60 FoV is really not sufficient: I feel constrained as if I am looking at the game from a small box - honestly, it is a horrible experience.

I play on a 34 inches ultrawide monitor at about 50-60 Centimeters / 1.6-1.9 Feet of distance, so I can share with you my personal experience. This list is a great resource if you want to know what DPI, multiplier, sensitivity, resolution, fov or aspect ratio your favorite Rainbow Six Pro is on right now.

Finally, if performance is an issue, be aware that increasing the FoV will impact negatively your fps because your PC must work harder to render more on the screen. Search Profile Search. Permanent Link This url will always work even if the player changes their name! The truth is that a high FoV brings both pros and cons. A multitude of players asked a FoV slider on console, but the Rainbow Six Team always answered negatively, explaining on Twitter that “there are limitations that prevent a FoV slider on consoles. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America).

MMR History ; Share Profile . Shop Now. Click Create and then Create New Playlist. I suggest increasing the Preparation and Action Phase duration (under Game Mode Settings) to 120 and 600 seconds respectively, so you will have more time at your disposal to explore the map between each round. Mouse 3 and Mouse 4 Having thumb buttons to lean helps out a ton in firefights for me. Shaiiko is using 46 standard ads and is using 0.01 ADS multipler. The following graph and table show the Field of View preferences of almost 300 professional and semi-professional Rainbow Six Siege players. Former head editor for Natus Vincere, he has produced content for DreamHack, FACEIT, DOTAFire, 2P, and more. Check Marley's real time subscriber count updated every second. All rights reserved. OBS Overlay. Find out pros and cons brought by a wide FoV. Increasing the FoV requires increased rendering, and thus lower fps”.

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