She clearly noticed a great deal more about the actors’ early 1990s hair and clothing style than I did, lol, likely because of that “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” thing. It is available on my site or you can buy an old copy from a used online bookstore most likely. But, what do you mean the man from Madrid.

Thank you so much for your labor of love! Buen suerte con las lecciones. Thank you so much for putting all of this together and sharing it with the world! Sí, sígame. Good morning.

Tourism in Spain ¿Quieres venir a casa de mis padres?

I eat meat, fish, everything! All of Spanish language accents are represented with many guests from Latin America.

Me voy a dormir un poco, una hora... Una siesta. Then, we have: 'I work in Rioseco, you work in London. ¡Esther!

Thanks a lot!

Éstos de aquí son siete euros, cualquiera.

There are interviews of Spaniards who live in different countries. So I shifted the files from DropBox to Google Drive. I am a volunteer in a Spanish class (not a teacher/ but am learning Spanish) and using Destinos for our class and thought this tool might help me “teach” /lead this class. Overview: This is a talk-radio travel program produced by Radio Nacional de España (RNE). But otherwise they are okay. Can you guide me as to where I can locate those?

The tape recorder's not here. Mira, yo también te voy a hacer un regalo.

Hello, how are you?

Come with me, I'll walk you there.

The Spanish cinema is there a way to add the subtitles? quickly as possible, and they know how to get it done efficiently with

Tom, Thank you so much Tom for all your hard work put into this. Vale, de acuerdo.

, Go here to watch videos with subtitles ….

The audios are grouped according to the speaker’s Spanish.

Thank you so much for putting these resources out there. Wish me good luck.

Ah! YOU ARE A GODSEND! ¡Ah! Complete list of answers is located in Org-by-artifact area as well.

También puedes ver la tele.

They really price gouge textbooks these days. The narrator's comments are not generally included.

There is a story line and this is a great way for beginners to get started or people who are re-connecting with Spanish to see how much they remember.

so that you’ll probably never forget it.

Yo quiero un café con leche y una tostada.

You're welcome. All audio files are all free and are available in podcast and .mp3 format. Come on in! Some of the video were filmed on location throughout Madrid.

¿El quinto derecha?

Yo tengo mucho trabajo y así tú aprendes y practicas. I'm a biologist. I was trying to find the Faculty Guide for Destinos, hoping to find it here, but I don’t see it. Hola, ¿qué tal? Un billete para Medina de Rioseco, por favor.

The majority of the podcasts are in Spanish.

13 Order a meal; 14 Say 'I like' 15 Months; 16 Hotel check-in; 17 Buy clothes; 18 Hire a car; Episodes 19-22. ¡Qué escandalosa, Merche! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Access the resources listed above at this location: Note: My files were shared via DropBox until Aug 20, 2017.

This is a regular series produced by TeleMadrid. I don't understand you, say that again please. Games, Songs, Videos, and Activities.

¿Me pones un kilo de nectarinas? Un melón. I’m at ep.

See you soon. I work in Edinburgh.
Abre de martes a domingo de las nueve de la mañana a las ocho de la tarde.

Thanks to your transcripts, I’m able to check vocab – they’ve basically made the it possible for me to enjoy the videos fully. y luego de cuatro y media de la tarde... a ocho y media de la noche. How much does the taxi ride cost? Website:

My name is Mercedes, Merche to my friends. ANOTHER DESTINOS REVIEW: Here is an interesting review written by someone who uses Destinos for learning Spanish. The videos for each episode are available in the same location as the transcripts. The bus station is in the south of Madrid. Pero tengo tiempo. Y ésta es una amiga de Merche. This is a talk-radio history program that explores many historical topics in the 55 minute program.

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