He is Sherlock's older brother and engages in sibling rivalry with Sherlock. Seems innocuous enough, but everything in Magnussen's mind palace represented something. Irene is brilliant enough to impress Sherlock, and managed to deceive him; however, she also ends up falling in love with him, which proves to be her downfall.

Didn't realise you were keeping a blog, John. By now, the news of his suicide would have reached most of the staff in the hospital.

John is very tolerant and understanding; as Sherlock's flatmate he has to deal with everything from coming home to find Sherlock shooting holes in the wall to opening the refrigerator and discovering a severed human head. It's better than your hardcore war journalist routine.".

He should have probably waited for his companions, but chances were they would be late.

And it was. It helps. But hey, they couldn't all be Detective Inspectors, Journalists or Trauma Surgeons. He has strange connections, including a graffiti artist, as well as the entire network of the homeless (similar to the Baker Street Irregulars' street urchins in the original stories). The story deals with John's grief and how others see him. Cigarette addiction is something Mycroft shares with Sherlock; Sherlock remarks that Mycroft can only handle low tar cigarettes and thus "smokes like a beginner". - John, I may be on the side of the angels, but don’t think for one second that I am one of them. He assumes that this couple are clients, but Sherlock's conversation with them eventually implies that they know one another. Why he lied to me? He still blamed himself for the first one, having asked John to come over to Bart's and tell his students about the life of an army surgeon.

John stared, mouth open. From what he heard the DI was gaining back the respect from his superiors, especially after he discovered the mole in the Yard. Initially the mind palace appears as a series of assorted facts that appear on the screen when a scene is shown from Sherlock's point of view. All the more reason to plant a former classmate as Sherlock’s flatmate.

You've used capital letters! An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works But not today. It was a bit annoying being always the shoulder to cry on and since his students did the same, he avoided them as much as he could. John was not too surprised when she didn't show up to his wedding, noting a free bar would have been a bad mix with Harry around. I can’t ever figure out how some figures this stuff and explain while making it perfectly believable. Yes, you were.

Smith also has an uncontrollable need to confess to his crimes, going as far as to confess to his closest friends, even his daughter Faith, but making them forget his crimes through the use of memory inhibiting drugs. The Limejuice Mystery or Who Spat in Grandfather's Porridge? ", "Later, first I need something to drink.

In "The Empty Hearse", Mary is upset with Sherlock when they meet, since John had been through a great deal of emotional pain; however, she quickly warmed up to him, and saw that Sherlock had great challenges when it came to understanding human emotions. If Sherlock suspected the truth, that totally explains why he had to keep the whole fake death thing a secret from John. What a nice change. She picks the name at random when John asks what he should call her.

And then he let me watch him die. Speaking of that night out with Stamford–what if Mike was trying to get information about Sherlock out of John? "No harm."

Mike knew that John was pretty open expressing happiness or anger, but he practically never showed his pain. During the show, Mary is shown to have an unusually excellent memory and the ability to understand a skip code; clues which help Sherlock realize that all is not as it seems with Mrs. Watson.

The series is a contemporary adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and was created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. In A Study in Pink, upon first meeting John, Mrs. Hudson thought he was Sherlock's romantic partner, and throughout the show, she is seen to still believe that they are a gay couple, despite John's repeated protests that he is not gay and that he and Sherlock are not a couple.

In "A Scandal in Belgravia", Lestrade says he and his wife have settled their problems, but Sherlock flatly informs him that she is (as of Christmas that year) sleeping with a P.E. John and Nick humoured him with disbelieving exclaims while slowly emptying their pints and letting the short moment of awkwardness flow away. Mate! William Sherlock Scott Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) describes himself initially as "a consulting detective, the only one in the world" [1], helping out Scotland Yard when they are out of their depth with cases (usually homicides). After a traumatic case involving the Holmes' psychotic sister, Eurus, which was ended when Sherlock made a genuinely emotional plea to her as he acknowledged her condition, Lestrade noted at the case's conclusion that Sherlock was "a good man", able to recognize the human element that he had once lacked. There were still those moments when he looked so fragile, so vulnerable, so hurt, beyond his friends' reach that they tried their best to avoid them. In solving cases, Sherlock uses a technique known as the Method of Loci, which he calls his "mind palace", which enables him to efficiently store and retrieve information for deductions. She is also very patient during Sherlock's long-winded and embarrassing best man speech at the reception of her and John's wedding, appearing to be quite amused by Sherlock's rambling, awkward, but ultimately very touching soliloquy. In "The Six Thatchers", Mary gives birth to her and John's daughter, whom they name Rosamund (which is revealed to be her real first name). Instead of going to prison, Sherlock is sent to do dangerous undercover work in Central Europe; this is interrupted by the shocking revelation at the end of Series Three of Moriarty's survival.

If I go to the official BBC Sherlocked convention like I'm planning, you know I'm gonna ask.

"Please, Greg, please, just tell me." Quite extraordinary.”, The man’s voice fell to an angry drawl, “Fuck you, Pretty Boy!”, Entries tagged with character: mike stamford.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Another outburst from John.

If you think Sherlock made it all up then you don't even believe a man called Moriarty existed.

EDIT: I've compiled all my evidence in one post for ease of reading here.

This all comes to a head with a twist that made my jaw drop (and which sent me rushing back to the beginning to pay attention to all of the clues that I'd missed the first time through.

During their first case together, Sherlock deduces that John had refused to accept help from Harry after being invalided out of the army, even though the fact that she gave John her old phone is an indication that she wants to stay in touch with her brother. The Sherlock we meet at the start of this story is cold, detached, manipulative, self-serving and so utterly far from human it's difficult to imagine he'll ever get there. She also gives Mycroft her personal number and suggests they go out for a drink.

In "His Last Vow", when Charles Augustus Magnussen is "reading" Sherlock's list of pressure points (weaknesses), the list on the screen scrolls on for some time (and Magnussen mocks Sherlock by saying that he has "rather a lot"). Especially considering M-theory. And he hadn't been as close to the man as John. In "His Last Vow", Magnussen reveals he has gathered blackmail information on Mary Watson to control Sherlock through John Watson, hoping to gain power over Mycroft, and by extension, the entire British Government. He had most of his cases reviewed, there was even talk that he might get sacked. With her protection gone, Irene was left to the mercy of any who were after her. He has a reluctant respect for Sherlock and often defends him from the other police officers' animosity. Most of the stories that she publicized were made-up to sell better.

Furthermore, Sherlock does not seem to understand the deep emotional impact his actions have on those who care deeply about him. "An arrest, really?" The brothers have been seen challenging each other's wits throughout the series, and enjoy playing Operation as though it were a chess game. He then pretends to be an actor named Richard Brook and manipulates journalist Kitty Riley as well as the general populace into thinking he has been forced by Sherlock into portraying Jim Moriarty.

Smith attempts to kill Sherlock, believing him to be a threat. Was Mike/Moriarty was carrying on with his murderous habits way before we even realized we should be paying attention? Mike Stamford is a doctor who attended medical school with John Watson at St. Bartholomew's Hospital and went on to teach there. He is on good terms with Sherlock Holmes, and introduces him to John after hearing both state separately that they were looking for a flatshare in London.. She stole her identity from a dead child five years before marrying John, seemingly deliberately choosing one named Mary as she "always liked" her middle name. You only write about politics, military stuff and about Sherlock. In "The Final Problem", it is revealed that Moriarty had arranged with Mycroft to meet with Eurus Holmes for five minutes unsupervised, during which he helped to do Eurus's bidding. She reappears later in the episode when she is brought into questioning by Mycroft following the connection between her codename, "Love", and the codename, "Amo" (the Latin word for "love") used in a rescue operation in the British Embassy in Tbilisi which resulted in the British ambassador and several private military contractors (led by Mary Watson) being massacred. When a bomb is 'delivered' to Baker Street via drone, putting Sherlock, John, and Mycroft in a position where they will have three seconds to flee out of the room before the bomb explodes, Sherlock uses his knowledge of Mrs. Hudson's routine to calculate when would be the safest time to leave the room so that she will be unharmed by the blast, as she was initially hoovering directly beneath them.

Haven't heard from her in a while. John is hurt when he discovers that the reason that Mr. and Mrs. Holmes did not attend Sherlock's funeral was because Sherlock had told them, unlike John, that he was alive. I wouldn't have thought you were the type. He should have probably waited for his companions, but chances were they would be late. It seemed Greg had come to the same conclusion.

It sounds like another mad adventure, mate! Molly was originally intended to be a one-off character to introduce Sherlock, but Brealey impressed Moffat and Gatiss and they "couldn’t resist bringing her back". In "The Final Problem", Mycroft explains that Eurus is their estranged younger sister, and the youngest child of Mr and Mrs Holmes, who possesses a transcendent intellect greater than even that of Isaac Newton. He also gives the cases names he deems appropriate. Lady Alicia Smallwood (Lindsay Duncan) is a member of the Cabinet Office and a colleague of Mycroft Holmes. Maybe Mike/Moriarty set the whole flatmate thing up from start to finish. Title: Not English But AngelsAuthor: SiderisPairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson; Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade Length: 203,251 wordsRating: ExplicitWarnings: Dubious consent, show-typical violenceVerse: Sherlock BBCAuthor's summary: A sort-of canon, sort-of AU fic in which I twist and supplement canon to weave it into a new story in which Sherlock and John come from different worlds and nothing is quite what it seems.

", "Hah, innocent kids. The second one were the kids. It really must be!

It started early.

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