Director. They’ll also host virtual experiences this winter, weather permitting. On March 13th, 1997 one of the largest UFO sightings ever recorded took place across the southwestern United States. Up for a road trip? Many. Our electrified lifestyle throws major shade on stargazing. “Folks are welcome to snowshoe, walk, ride fat-tire bikes, ski, or snowmobile on the closed portions of the Park Loop Road,” Brechlin says. The park’s position on the coast, far from major urban centers, means very little light pollution. That's just ludicrous for a movie of such quality. Directed by Roy Knyrim. In no particular order. Now.

For now, “come see shadows cast by the Milky Way, and indulge in night-sky therapy,” he says.
are observed in the woods outside. Night Skies Details. Amateurish script, story, dialogue, direction... must I go on? The skies above Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument are rated 2 on the scale, indicating a typical truly dark site where the Milky Way can be seen by the unaided eye. As the world came to a halt amid the pandemic, we noticed a bright spot, literally: clearer, sparkling night skies. This true story, based on transcripts from actual hypnosis-therapy sessions, finally reveals what happened after the infamous incident ended and how six people, stranded by chance on a forgotten road, encountered more than just lights in the sky. |

The other characters aren’t any better, but at least the movie stuck with the most likable character for most of the story.

Steven Spielberg conceived the idea after Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Sure its a low budget scifi horror thriller with not all the acting up to par, but it worked for me. Thanks to reduced glare, the summit of Cadillac Mountain (reachable by car) is a great place to stargaze. And right now Mars is at its closest approach to Earth, which means that the view is particularly clear and interesting,” Jorgenson says.

“Skies might be darker in Groton State Forest proper, but getting good views of the skies there can be a bit of a challenge” due to tree cover, Vinton says. In order to classify the sky as overcast, 90 to 100 percent of the sky …

For now, “come see shadows cast by the Milky Way, and indulge in night-sky therapy,” he says. It’s slow and completely ineffective at generating horror, but takes itself too seriously to be fun in a cheesy way. It felt as believable as it could be at first but the final 10 ish minutes just felt too weird to even be believed.

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