Pellet stoves require certain clearances from nearby materials so they do not overheat the materials and cause them to catch on fire. The vent shall not be within 1 m of a building opening or air inlet or another appliance or within 1 meter of the center line of an exterior gas meter.

To make sure that there is no hazard the flue outlet needs to be far enough away from the roof, from nearby buildings, and windows of course. The hot flue gases from your stove need to be able to discharge freely and not present a fire hazard, whatever the wind conditions. If the flue exits the roof further down then it must extend high enough to acheive 2.3m of horizontal clearance. That applies to most solid fuel appliances. Follow manufacturer's installation requirements specific to your pellet stove. Contact Form and Directions to Showroom Tel. We will sometimes run our chimney design through software to add an extra level of certainty. Station Works, Johns Road, They will not work in a power cut! There also appears to be evidence that after an initial flurry of enthusiasm over the last ten years that the Northern European pellet industry is contracting.

You’ve got to fill it every day, and clean the ash out every few days. One may then end up installing draught stabilisers to cope. Most compellingly, the pellets are made from a sawmill waste product–no trees are cut just to manufacture them. We, in the UK exist within an energy framework that is electricity daft! Stoves with an upper flue make installation easier and faster, as they allow you to create a smoke fitting with no bends and with a regular configuration. A wood burning stove that you only have to fuel twice a week for continuous operation. between 1m and 3m horizontally from the appliance. This means that the flueing arrangement must be acceptable for the fuel being burnt, comply with current regulations and codes of practise, and where a flue doesn’t currently exist be subject to the provisions of a valid building warrant. Manufacturers specify maximum vent heights, and the stove will not operate at all or will not operate effectively if you exceed those. Flue outlet height, UK stove building regs J In Document J, pages 30-32.
The archetypal owner is someone who isn’t daunted by a little technology–an engineer or someone who likes to tinker.” There are two basic stove types: inserts that fit into a fireplace and freestanding models, like the Lopi Leyden that Goodrow and Willis bought. Local authorities in Scotland regard any woodburning appliance as “Class 1”. Before you get too excited, remember that the British pellet fuel industry is in its infancy. The size of the vent would normally need to be a minimum of 550mm² per kW above 5 kW. Pellet Stove Requirements. The document is relatively long and detailed so below we have answered the most common questions relating to these requirements. Most solid fuel appliances in the UK have either a 5" (125mm) or 6" (150mm) flue outlet on the top or rear of the appliance. Also calculate placement by considering the type of vent to be used and by following the vent manufacturer's clearance requirements. The balanced flue allows the stove to be fully sealed because all the air needed for combustion is drawn in from the top of the chimney to then be able to supply the stove. Its easy then to extrapolate to guesstimate your annual fuel cost. Like all other solid fuel appliances flues should be swept annually. I got excited five years ago when one, notable Danish manufacturer launched a “gravity feed” no electrics, pellet stove. For buildings with combustible roofs e.g. up to 30kW burning any fuel - Minimum 150mm diameter. Manufacturers may limit the amount and type of elbows that should be used. Stovesonline LtdFlightway, Dunkeswell Business ParkDunkeswell, Devon, EX14 4RD, © Stovesonline Ltd. VAT: 801261871, Company: 04636920. Amazed?! A dusty product will create a cloud of dust as the appliance is refuelled. There is no such thing as a cheap pellet stove! This can block the chimney or the connection to the stove.

Few standards exist with regard to quality control.

The recommended minimum diameters for stoves is as follows: up to 20kW burning smokeless fuel - Minimum 125mm diameter.

Use a cap on the vent pipe to prevent water, birds and rodents from entering. Check for framing members within the walls and ceilings where you plan to cut holes, and if there are some in the way you should adjust the stove's location. Please, please, please, look closely at these! Yes. This device shall be capable of stopping the fuel-feeding if the temperature exceeds 95 deg C in the furnace supply plenum; shut down or failure of combustion air; failure of the combustion air supply mechanism to stay in the fully open position; shut down due to mechanical failure or failure of the flue-gas flow. “But the pellet stove takes a little more involvement.

So much so, and so often do we find ourselves saying the same things time and again, that in the showroom we now have a handout that gets given to everyone as soon as the “P” word is mentioned! To get a good draw you need a tall enough chimney and to raise the end of the chimney or flue up away from the roof. Do not install a flue damper, and use a ceiling support or fire stop spacer where a vent pipe passes through a ceiling.

In practice the information above makes the provision, supply, installation and support of a pellet stove, unwieldy, cumbersome, and not always economic against other more available fuel types. slate, stone, marble, granite, concrete, glass, ceramic tiles etc. For stoves above 5 kW a permanent air vent connected to the outside is required in the same room as the appliance. So the regs recommend a minimum flue size of 150mm for any stove (on which wood could be burnt) unless it is Defra Exempt. That can of course block the chimney. A pellet stove works with forced draught and the combustion fumes are expelled through an electric fan. Any work that affects an existing chimney (including installation of a stove or flue liner) or creates a new chimney is considered building work and so comes under the Building Regulations. This kind of system guarantees a perfect draught and therefore a stove that heats well without backdraught and a perfectly clean glass. Most of our customers fit their stove and or flue liner / system themselves. a smoke pellet should be burned at the bottom to check for any leaks or blockages in the system. CHP projects (Combined Heat and Power) seem to fascinate central government who would much rather burn the fuel for us, then sell us the electricity produced.

The building regulations say that the flue diameter (or cross sectional area) must not be smaller than the size of the stove outlet, which generally makes great sense. Also, see, and use, the fuel cost calculator mentioned at the bottom of the page. The vent must also be located not less than 0.3 m above grade level or any surface that may support snow, ice, or debris or be located under a veranda, porch or deck. Chimney fire The build up of tar in the chimney (especially when burning wood and bituminous coal) is dangerous as this is the cause of chimney fires. The pellet stoves are a revolutionary invention of the past decade in the field of alternative heating systems to petroleum products. For free-standing appliances (i.e. When installing a new twinwall flue system, if the flue exits the roof within 600mm (horizontally) from the ridge (high point) of the roof then the flue must extend a minimum of 600mm above the ridge. Soot builds up in a chimney over time, especially when burning wood or bituminous coal, and especially when slow burning overnight (do try to avoid overnight burning or 'turning your stove down for the night' - it also results in higher emissions).

The pellet stoves without ventilation are stoves that can heat naturally, per natural convection, without any fan. As a bonus, you save on chimney-cleaning costs, which can be significant for conventional systems that need cleaning two or three times each heating season. From time to time the soot becomes dislodged or grows to such a size that it falls down. Inevitably this leads to increased costs and environmental impact. Pellet Stove Installation Requirements Pellet Stoves are typically clean-burning that stoves form one leg of a dual-fuel strategy that is appealing to growing numbers of homeowners concerned with personal independence, sustainability and cost savings.
a. on the ceiling at least 300mm from any wall, or if it is located on a wall, as high up as possible (above any doors and windows) but not within 150mm of the ceiling; and. Pellet Stoves are typically clean-burning that stoves form one leg of a dual-fuel strategy that is appealing to growing numbers of homeowners concerned with personal independence, sustainability and cost savings. Saltfire Stoves Ltd

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