Cyanippus and Aemilius found its way into the scholia on that poem, perhaps After the capture of Troy Agamemnon together with Cassandra was slain.

§ 23  HERACLEO: Pluck up your brows then, friend Phaedimus; after all this, it is time to rouse thyself in the defence of the islanders, and others that live by the seaside. editors could not isolate these, since they only knew the scholia 55.

The fish called labrax behaves himself more stoutly than the elephant; for when he perceives himself struck with the hook, without assistance he sets himself at liberty, widening the wound by flinging his head to and fro, and enduring the painful twingings of the hook, till he have freed himself from it with the loss of his flesh. But for my part, I produce no particular hedge-hog of Cyzicus or Byzantium, but all the sea hedge-hogs in general; who, when they perceive a storm coming, ballast themselves with little stones, lest they should be overturned by reason of their lightness or carried away by the rolling of the waves, which they prevent by the weight of their little stones. 15. Cf. Author names Wakened in that manner, with an impetuous noise they mount upward again, designing thus a kind of rest still intermixed with motion. Schol. * Excellent formatting of the texts * Easily locate the biographies and treatises you want to read with individual contents tables * Features two bonus biographies – discover Plutarch’s ancient world * Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres. But Orestes was reared in the house of Strophius, and took vengeance on the murderers of his father. 30. For in that sense many read ἤια (provision) for ὤεα (eggs), referring it to the providence of those little creatures, who, when they find their provision in their magazines to begin to taint and grow rotten, bring it forth and expose it to the open air, to prevent the progress of the putrefaction. 4. When battle was joined, two of Rheximachus's sons were slain. For which reason Pindar likens himself to the dolphin, and confesses himself to be moved in the same manner as that noble creature, Which flutes' beloved sound Excites to play, Upon the calm and placid sea. 16. 41.

And therefore, when they enter the Euxine Sea, they coast along the land on the right side, and contrariwise when they come forth; prudently committing the care of their bodies to the best eye. So Euripides45 the tragedian. For they say that Telemachus, when he was but a boy, falling into the sea, was saved by the dolphins that took him up and set him ashore. Commentariorum in Aratum Reliquiae (1898). 14. For thus comparing what you have both discoursed one against another, it will be found that you have acquitted yourselves on both sides like true champions against those that would deprive brute animals of sense and understanding.

68 (iii p333, Hense); Valerius Maximus, iii.2 ext.4. But that rarely happens. Calpurnius, a Roman, violated her, and Lucius delivered over the maiden to be thrown into the sea.

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