Considering that most Poles have their roots in rural areas this may be an even more apt candidate for the most “Polish” type of Polish surname.

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This is a habitational surname that had been given to someone who hails from Kwiatków, a place in Poland.

One of the most interesting sub-categories of cognominal names are the so-called occupational surnames. This Polish name with Hebrew origin means ‘fiery ones’.

This is a habitational name which means somebody who belongs to the ‘oak grove’ area. This is a unique Polish surname that means ‘round cheese’.
lark) changes to Skowroński, Ryba (fish) is now Rybiński, Kaczmarek (=innkeeper) is now Kaczmarski and Kowal (blacksmith) becomes Kowalski.

This is an occupational surname that is given to people who used to sell or work with mortar.

The polish name for Bartholomew, Bartosz, has its roots lying in the biblical references. Starting in the late 18th century Polish Jews were officially given names by the new administrations.

This is another habitational Polish surname which means ‘someone who belongs to the pine forest’. The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 12,309 total.

Here’s the top 10 most popular Polish last names (as of 2014): As you can see Nowak is the most popular surname in Poland. This is another topographic surname that was derived from a Polish word and means ‘birch forest’. This is Polish surname means a root vegetable which is similar to a carrot. Andrzej, the Polish name for Andrew, means somebody who is masculine. In terms of their class origins most of these names were once considered peasant or bourgeois surnames.

Therefore, the surname Dudziak was applied as metonymic occupational name or as a nickname for a player on the bagpipes.

Like: Brzeziński. This is another habitational last name.

This is a habitational name in Poland which means someone who lives close to the ‘habitational tree’. Where did this kind of name come from and what does it tell us about Poland?

Composites were preferred combining elements like: Diamant, Perl, Gold-, Silber-, Rosen-, Blumen- and -berg, - tal, -baum, -band, -stein.

This tradition is embedded in an older folk usage that disappeared over the course of the 20th century and is seen today as a relic of a time forever gone – but it's still a part of culture.

This Polish last name has an interesting meaning. This Polish surname is very interesting and given to those families who have some ‘bird-like attributes’. This topographical polish surname means someone who belongs to the place called Pakuly. Quarks, Elephants & Pierogi: The word ‘Faba’ in Latin means ‘beans’.

This was particularly effective in the territories administered by Austria and Prussia where special naming commissions were established running on a premise that not two identical surnames should enter the books.

(previous page) () As Jan Bystroń explains, the same person could function under a different name depending on whether he was addressing a Jewish or Polish community: “A Jew from Poznań could speak of himself in Yiddish as Pozner, but in Polish he would call himself Poznańskim (the same goes for such pairs as Warszauer/Warszawski, Krakauer/Krakowski, Łobzowski/Lobzower, Pacanower/Pacanowski),” explains Bystroń. The Polish -ski suffix was originally used to denote topographic location or possessive relation. It means ‘hedgehog’.

This Polish surname means ‘Godfather’ or ‘close pal.’. This habitational polish surname means someone who belongs to the place near the ‘maple tree’. Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with your doctor.

Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary, Polish surnames from Balto-Slavic languages, Polish surnames from Indo-European languages,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. However, in the past the system of feminine surname suffixes was much more elaborate, reflecting not only the sex but also the marital status of a woman. In fact, how the names are connected to places or occupations of people is really an interesting read. This Polish surname is derived from the Polish word ‘ostrow’ which means ‘water meadow’ or ‘water island’.

Most Polish surnames come from one of 3 places: Cognominal – based on a ‘nickname’ or a name given to someone with a certain job, habit or physical description.

Avid poetry readers must be familiar with this Polish surname. Abdulewicz, Achmatowicz, Arsłanowicz, Bohatyrewicz (od: Bogadar), Safarewicz, Szabaniewski (szban), Chalembek, Kotłubaj (bej), Mielikbaszyc, Kadyszewicz (kadi), Tochtomyszewicz. Howev. Kowalski, for example, comes from the word Kowal, which translates to blacksmith. The surname of Poland’s national poet Adam Mickiewicz may be even more instructive, as it comes from the name Dymitr – a name that is absent from Polish Christian calendar and the main stream of Polish national history. The last name is derived from a Latin word. This basically means that one could tell whether a woman was married or maiden just upon hearing her last name. This habitational surname refers to someone who belongs to a mountain or hilly area.

This is another interesting surname in Poland.

Poland means ‘people living in open fields’.

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