You also can run Protect to bait enemy supereffective attacks (Poison/Ghost/Steel usually) and general attacks when she gets low. Tapu Koko's Electric terrain allows for A-Raichu to use Surge Surfer to outspeed everything (and gives electric a 50% boost and prevents sleep shenanigans). The power of Psychic type moves also increases while in effect. It can also keep itself healthy via moves like Roost, which temporarily removes its weaknesses to Rock, Electric, and Ice Type moves at the cost of its immunity to Ground Type moves. The biggest downside of this set is that it takes your Z move when it might be put to better use elsewhere. While Shoma Honami, the winner of that prestigious event also brought a Tapu Lele, his Choice Specs variant can be hard to master without knowing how it functions in the 2015 World Champion’s team. Psychic Terrain is a terrain condition and can coexist at the same time as weather conditions, but not other terrain conditions.

In his case, it was Bulldoze from Goodra, which has the added benefit of slowing down both opponents. The former offers something that the latter lacks, which is Speed.

During the effect, the power of Psychic-type attacks made by grounded Pokemon is multiplied by 1.3 and grounded Pokemon cannot be hit by moves with priority greater than 0, unless the target is an ally. While Psychic is usually the main source of damage for Psychic Type Pokemon under Psychic Terrain, the other moves it has access to are quite decent to cover those that resist Psychic Type moves. Please do feel free to experiment with different strategies and Pokemon in the construction of one’s team. The first would give Metagross a way to smash opposing Arcanine and Alolan Muk, while the last two can eliminate the chance of missing the target. A sample Slowbro (Slowking) set is listed below: This Slowbro (or Slowking) is able to survive a Leaf Blade from Kartana, and a Thunderbolt from Life Orb Tapu Koko while under Psychic Terrain, which would allow it to activate Weakness Policy, set up Trick Room, and begin to sweep on the following turn.
Salamance, Gyarados, Arcanine, Lando-T, Hitmontop, and Mawile are just a few options to consider. But the real star of the show is Psychic Terrain. As the final installment of the Terrain Guide mini series, we shall be looking into the construction of a Psychic Terrain centric team. It ties in Speed with Kartana, and with Focus Sash, can ensure it survives a Smart Strike to land a Blizzard. Drifblim is a Pokemon that has been rising steadily in popularity after Pokemon Bank was made available for Generation VII.

( Log Out /  Understand what exactly is on offer will help out in the teambuilding, to maximize the effectiveness of the offensive boosts and defensive cover bestowed. This protects Pokémon on the ground from priority moves and powers up Psychic-type moves for five turns. Arcanine is great as an option to hit opposing Steel Type Pokemon, with Intimidate to hinder Kartana, as well as Fire Type STAB to whack Pokemon like Magnezone and Celesteela. While Psychic Type as a STAB is no longer as useful when compared to its heyday in Generation I, it can still be stacked with Psychic Terrain for huge damage. Psychic Fangs is a perfect coverage option that takes advantage of the terrain, breaks reflects/barriers, and is affected by Strong Jaws (Mega Sharpedo's ability).

Stack the power bonus from Psychic Terrain, and its Zen Headbutt will become very hard to ignore. Change ), Porygon Z Analysis for Series 6 (VGC 2020), Garbodor Analysis for Series 6 (VGC 2020), Galarian Weezing Analysis for Series 6 (VGC 2020), Klinklang Analysis for Series 6 (VGC 2020), Magneton Analysis for Series 6 (VGC 2020), Goodnight Moon – A Beginner’s Guide to Hail in VGC 2017 | MYSVGC. Since Lele is physical, a fast physical sweeper like Pheromosa will pair well. Steel types in general are also decent due to their myriad of resistances (including a poison immunity that can be switched into Tapu Lele's slot). Slowbro (and Slowking) are both capable Psychic Terrain abusers, though for reasons entirely different to that of Metagross. Dazzling gleam is great for spread chip damage (to break sturdy/sash) and if both leads are weak to it. Hence, having Pokemon that can deal with those roadblocks can give the team a lifeline when faced against them in the mid to late game.

While many Battle Tree mons have weather-setting abilities, there are no terrain-setting abilities and very few who have terrain moves. This removes things like fake out and sucker punch and other priority moves that otherwise threaten a fast sweeper. TBolt will do work on things like Pelipper. Sejun Park opted for Agility for his final move, though with it being heavily dependant on good predictions, either Bullet Punch or Earthquake can be chosen instead. Grounded Pokémon are simply those that are not raised.

Tapu Fini's misty terrain prevents status, and every physical sweeper loves not having to worry about being burned (and it opens up some swagger play!). The terrain fades after five turns. ( Log Out /  STAB Leaf Blade and Smart Strike hits opposing Alolan Guardians really hard, making it a great counter to them. Clear Body fits really well with its status as the hardest hitting Psychic Type (according to Base Attack), immunizing it from the effects of Intimidate. It is also a fantastic answer to bulky Water Type Pokemon, like Milotic and Gastrodon. Hail damage will finish the job. The Ultra Beasts have the potential to be a game changer no matter when they are brought to the field, thanks to their extreme stat distribution. Your backline will really depend on your frontline sweeper though - so pick your sweeper first and then your backline to match.

Add in the typical STAB moves of Crunch (also affected by Strong Jaw) and Waterfall and you've got some hard hitting coverage at +1 speed. When a Pokémon is holding Psychium Z and uses its Z-Power, Psychic Terrain turns into Z-Psychic Terrain and raises Special Attack one stage, in addition to its usual effect as above. Rain Dance can help to negate Drought and Snow Warning, which can prevent opposing Alolan Ninetales from setting up Aurora Veil. Full details in glossary. With the order of moves a huge difference between getting the OHKO or getting OHKOed, having the Sun Pokemon around can help the team continue to exert pressure with Psychic Terrain even in the face of Kartana and Garchomp. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This terrain has the following effects on Pokémon that are on the ground and not in the semi-invulnerable turn of a … The rest of the EVs are placed into Special Attack.

The rest of the EVs are dropped into HP furthered optimized. For ease of understanding, they will be arranged into their respective groups. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the PokemonBattleTree community. With Psychic Terrain offering such great benefits, quite a lot of Pokemon can perform their jobs more efficiently when it is active. ( Log Out / 

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