Re : Your comment about shooting a pistol or rifle while riding —or at someone riding a horse. Thanks for the informative article. He had been a world champion cowboy several times and where horses were concerned he could do it all. Apparently a holdover from early silent film days when comedians did slapstick routines which were very physical and called 'gags'.Running W: wire and cuffs were attached to horse's forelegs and run through slip rings on the saddle cinch underneath the animal. [25], On May 24, 1986, Yakima Canutt died of cardiac arrest at the age of 90 at the North Hollywood Medical Center in North Hollywood, California.

Surely the extra weight of the saddle would slow the white man down,

The most popular, a device called a Running W, was used to trip horses as they ran, causing them to fall head over heels, resulting in serious injury and sometimes death. [16] When the action was indicated in a Republic script, it said "see Yakima Canutt for action sequences."[5].

(The boot was later sewed together and you can't see any sign of damage).They loaded Dad into John Wayne's (ambulance) trailer and headed for the hospital. His latest book is Wyatt Earp: Showdown at Tombstone. This makes sense in movies because watching someone saddle a horse wouldn’t be very interesting and would take up valuable story time. In the fall, he was given a 30-day furlough to defend his rodeo title. Bronc riding and bulldogging were my specialties, but I did some roping," said Canutt. However , we don`t kill or injure the character actors themselves in these films—we write it into the script . Classic Must-See Horse Movies The running W was a really vicious trick.

James Drury, most famous for his role as The Virginian on the television western series by the same name, clearly knew how to ride a horse. The wire was anchored to the ground via a stake, and when the wire went taut as the horse galloped along, the legs would be pulled up toward his belly, causing a tumble. Hollywood westerns almost always have a famous and attractive protagonist who saves the beautiful maiden and marries her, followed by happily ever after.

Flash would immediately buck anyone else off. Without the skills of the falling horse, classic films such as Dances With Wolves and The Horse Whisperer, and recent films such as Avatar and Django Unchained would not have been the same. [11], While at Mascot, Canutt met John Wayne while doubling for him in a motorcycle stunt for The Shadow of the Eagle in 1932. Canutt's mentor and action director for the 1925 Ben-Hur, Breezy Eason was hired as second unit director, and Canutt to coordinate and ramrod the stunts.

[27] In 1967, he was given an Academy Honorary Award for achievements as a stunt man and for "developing safety devices to protect all stunt men everywhere".

I love how the cowboy is singing on his horse and then there is a 100 piece band playing. No, a running W goes between the front legs to the ankles, is leveraged off the top of the saddle, to pull the front legs out and bring the horse to it's knees. There are so many myths about horses the the movies present, that I could write about them all day and not cover them all.

Also, there are some horses who will only allow one chosen person to ride them. Please comment and let me know if you’ve noticed other prominent Hollywood western myths that relate to horses.

My father said "Yak, don't hurt my boot". Most ” Cowboys ” did not own a horse, but was given a loan of one by the person they worked for. You don’t just jump on a horse and ride. The girl was unhurt but he broke six ribs. During a ” stagecoach chase ” scene if the chasing party hits only one of the horses pulling the coach , the remaining team winds up pulling the coach and dragging a dead horse . His formal education was limited to elementary school in Green Lake, then a suburb of Seattle. Gene could sing but I bet most cowboys who try, can’t (me included).

There was a ranch hand that actually did just that.

Now under scrutiny, experienced stunt men began to separate themselves from amateurs by building special equipment, rehearsing stunts, and developing new techniques. And your horse doesn’t mind at all. Many directors would have no qualms whatsoever about hurting or … [citation needed], In 1934, Herbert J. Yates of Consolidated Film Industries combined Monogram, Mascot, Liberty, Majestic, Chesterfield, and Invincible Pictures to form Republic Pictures, and Canutt became Republic's top stuntman. The trainer repeats the process daily until the horse learns the rein cue and no longer needs to have his leg tied. Walt Disney brought Canutt in to do second unit work for Westward Ho, the Wagons! Box 8008, Cave Creek, AZ 85327. The running W was banned circa late 1930s.

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We'd play anywhere from three, six, eight, ten-day shows. Before the advent of trained falling horses, action film directors used cruel methods of bringing horses to the ground.

They just do many takes I would guess but I’ve often wondered myself. Much of Wayne's on-screen persona was copied from Canutt. Other preparations include digging a hole to fill with soft loose dirt to cushion the horse.

To deliberately fall down with a 1,000-pound animal in a gallop is not for the faint of heart.”, Liked this article? Video: Behind the Scenes of the Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl Commercials "[15] In 1934 the two appeared together in the western Randy Rides Alone in which Wayne starred and Canutt appeared as "henchman Spike. He was a multi-purpose performer in the early sound western, doing stunts/doubling, bit parts and supporting roles, and playing a banjo and singing with groups such as the Arizona Wranglers and Range Riders. Woman in white long sleeve shirt standing beside …

Good ones! Myth: It’s easy to play a guitar and sing while riding a horse. Over the next 10 years, Canutt continued to work, bringing his talents to Cat Ballou, Khartoum, Where Eagles Dare and 1970's A Man Called Horse. Before a horse is asked to fall, the ground is softened with a mixture of dirt, sand and sawdust, according to Mitchum in Hollywood Hoofbeats.

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