Savvy gives you top options to choose from without having to do hours of research yourself. However, when was the last time you compared your auto insurance policy to that of a competitor? Full-time, part-time, or remote.

Savvy Insurance Solutions is a local independent Insurance Broker. All Rights Reserved.

Savvy is very flexible - employees get to pick the plan that works for them, wherever they are, and I don't have to manage group health insurance for the company.” Choosing Savvy over other options "We were ready to sign up with a traditional group health insurance plan when we found Savvy.

Yes! ", "As a restaurant business, we believe part-time employees deserve health insurance too, but adding them to a group plan is cost prohibitive. ", "As a healthcare company, we know that providing high-quality health benefits to a remote team across multiple states can be difficult, to say the least. You can sign up for Savvy at any time. Senior contributor Paula Gibbins reviews Savvy and lets us know how it can benefit drivers. An error occurred while submitting your form. Just be sure to be aware of any differences that you might not want made — such as lack of a rideshare endorsement.

It’s just something drivers have to be aware of. Me: Does Liberty Mutual offer rideshare endorsement? Representative: We allow you to use the vehicle for rideshare however, when you have a client in the vehicle or when the app is on and searching for a client we do not cover. From there, it compiles a list of what Savvy considers your best options. This process allows us to propose a solution that best benefits your family. While we definitely recommend a rideshare endorsement, the next best thing is to find an insurance company that will at least let you drive rideshare without kicking you off if you get into an accident while driving for rideshare. Unlike a group health plan, the employer is no longer responsible for selecting and managing specific health plans. Speak with a health benefits expert and learn how Savvy can work for your business. Representative: Welcome to Liberty Mutual, my name is Theresa. Please note that The Rideshare Guy has financial relationships with some of the merchants mentioned here. Savvy makes it super easy and handled everything we needed! I came across this one that shocked me a bit: Liberty Mutual had a section that showed me what features were included. That’s definitely less than what I’m currently paying with State Farm.

This is called an ICHRA, or an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement. When your employees are offered a new health benefit with Savvy, they qualify for a special enrollment and can sign up for a new health insurance plan or use Savvy to pay for an existing insurance plan.

In her free time, Paula enjoys reading, playing board games and participating in trivia nights. Oops! However, it can be extremely cumbersome to manage, and founders have to do it all by themselves. What is the legal structure behind Savvy? Savvy helped our employees find plans that provided great coverage and let us offer a stipend to cover part of the cost. These days, I'm a trusted media expert on all things rideshare and have a number of contributors across the country who are all driving for Uber and Lyft and other gig companies. BUT, the catch is, Liberty Mutual does not offer a rideshare endorsement. I give my team a budget for health insurance and Savvy takes care of the rest. Also, if you do not want to link up your existing insurance account, you don’t have to. Quick link: Click here to use Savvy to comparison-shop for the best auto insurance rates. We make giving flexible health benefits to a team with diverse needs hassle free. From there, I just double-checked we were on the same page, and she confirmed that the driver would not be covered at all when the app is in use. I am a licensed agent who specializes in your state. Text, chat, email or call, we are here to support you 24/7.

They do not ask for any credit card information. A team member will reach out shortly. Can I sign up at any time?

Looking for a right insurance option for your car, home, life, business or income protection?

Instead, they helped our employees find the best plans for their unique needs.

Savvy is very flexible - employees get to pick the plan that works for them, wherever they are, and I don't have to manage group health insurance for the company.”, "We were ready to sign up with a traditional group health insurance plan when we found Savvy. They might not offer all of the same coverages you are looking for. From there it found the vehicles I have on my current plan and starting putting together my quote. Interested in learning more?

The first estimate was $139.17 assuming I qualify for all of the discounts they figured into the price. We personalize our service to each client to make sure that we identify the insurance coverage that best fits your needs.

The Registered Agent on file for this …

Drivers are busy doing their thing. It has hundreds of insurance companies that it will pair you up with and help you get a quote. Stay up to date on all things rideshare, mobility and more! Click here to use Savvy to comparison-shop for the best auto insurance here. [DoorDash Driver Pay 2020], Mileage Tracker Review – 8 BEST Free Apps To Track Your Miles [Updated for 2020], Ultimate Tax Guide for Uber & Lyft Drivers [Updated for 2020], Click here to use Savvy to comparison-shop for the best auto insurance rates. Most insurance companies have a live chat feature or give you a contact number or email to get your questions answered. She is based in Minneapolis/St. New Insurance from Lyft for Drivers in 11 States, Busiest Time of the Year for Uber Drivers: October-December.

: How to Get a Quote with Savvy. A team member will reach out soon. Everybody is happy and satisfied in the end! Once you set a budget, your employees have freedom to pick any plan they need. It’s super easy to ask a few questions for clarification though. If dental and vision insurance is not offered through medical plans, Savvy offers supplemental dental and vision insurance from leading national insurance carriers. … As independent agents,  we do the shopping for you so that you do not have to. It just made more sense. Employees can pick the best plan for them. It was clear they were different because they made it all so easy. The last thing we need to worry about is paying outrageously high amounts for our insurance. One of those features that was “included” was rental car reimbursement. Health benefits for startups and small employers. new MNI.Widgets.Member("mni-membership-636927605210238631",{member:400635,styleTemplate:"#@id{text-align:right;position:relative}#@id .mn-widget-member-name{font-weight:700}#@id .mn-widget-member-logo{max-width:100%}"}).create(). We will onboard your employees and do the rest. There wasn’t any option to add it to the quote, but I figured it’s not the most well-known thing, so I decided to use their chat feature to find out for certain.

This is a new kind of employer health benefit that was only available for the first time in 2020. An Insider's Guide to Beating the Insurance Company at Their Own Game! Did you know that comparison-shopping could save you hundreds of dollars a year? Talk to a dedicated benefits advisor anytime.

Get on to Savvy for a 60 seconds quick quote and start saving. What if I am currently on a group health plan? Savvy does exactly what they say they will do. I finally got my quote, then I went in and tweaked the deductibles to get to the numbers I have on my current plan. Senior contributor Paula Gibbins reviews Savvy and lets us know how it can benefit drivers. However, when was the last time you compared your auto insurance policy to that of a competitor?

", Join over 100 forward-thinking companies that work with Savvy. You don’t pay for any of the services unless you decide to switch over to a different insurance company. Savvy is 100% free to use. My husband drives full-time for rideshare and was curious about your coverages. If you are interested in switching off of your existing group health plan, prices on Savvy may be lower than what you are currently paying.

That of course changed the quote. But, that’s not Savvy’s fault. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to comparison shop, so we just stick with what we know. The Savvy team helps by picking a plan that works for each one of our employees individually, and managing it directly with them.

How Quick is it to Compare Auto Insurance Quotes with Savvy? I found it odd that it said it was included in one spot but then I was being told to add it (for a cost mind you) in a different spot. Get my free Ultimate Guide for Rideshare Drivers delivered straight to your inbox. In 2016, we opened our Insurance Agency. I thought that was pretty cool because usually you have to pay extra for that.

Do your due diligence when looking at the insurance options given to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. We help them find a health plan for their individual needs and budget, no matter where they are.

I chose State Farm because that’s where I have insurance at the moment. We know first hand what it means to safeguard the things that you cherish the most. We live in the local community of Franklin and have a beautiful baby girl, that our company is named after. You can’t narrow it down to only insurance companies that offer a.

Kat is a Military Veteran with over 12 years of military service and over 20 years of office management experience. You do have the option to compare without connecting, but I chose to connect to my State Farm account. 1.

The Rideshare Guy may be compensated if consumers choose to utilize the links located throughout the content on this site and generate sales for the said merchant. Educate Yourself The essential information you need in order to protect your assets and to prevent you from overpaying for insurance. Savvy is an easy one-stop shop for finding insurance if you’re hunting down a better deal than what you have.

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