The "sleeping suits" seem to be nothing more than official pajamas. Leggatt tells the Captain that he must be marooned somewhere on a Cambodian island because "it would never do for me to come to life again." Course Hero, Inc. As a reminder, you may only use Course Hero content for your own personal use and may not copy, distribute, or otherwise exploit it for any other purpose.

Download a PDF to print or study offline. The role of each man on the ship is plainly defined (first mate, second mate, steward), but like the ship itself, no man has a name that defines him. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. We have tutors online 24/7 who can help you get unstuck. Writing in 1965, one critic stated bluntly that the story's secret "can ... be summed up in one word: homosexuality." Not affiliated with Harvard College. 24 Oct. 2020. The Captain reminds Archbold that Leggatt saved the Sephora during the storm by maneuvering the sails. Even after learning that Leggatt has escaped from another ship after being accused of murdering a fellow crew member (which he did), the Captain doesn't believe his new friend is a killer. Returning to his room, the Captain provides a detailed description of the layout of his room. Leggatt continues his story, explaining that he was angry that he had saved the ship in the storm but was treated like a criminal for fighting off a lazy crew member at that dangerous moment. Modern critics have additionally suggested that the clandestine relationship between the two might have a homoerotic tone. Hiding Leggatt from the crew creates a special relationship between the two. The Captain realizes he can't keep Leggatt forever.

9 But the narrator goes beyond deceptive actions to protect his partner with saving lies. Conrad plays with the idea of a second self for the Captain by introducing the escaped character Leggatt.

The first mate seems surprised; the second mate looks a little worried.

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A number of aspects of the story seem to exist in this mysterious, undefined zone. He says that he, the Captain, will take the first overnight watch awaiting the winds to pick up. The technique of using a doppelgänger, or a character who closely resembles another, allows a writer a number of opportunities. The Captain is shocked at how close they are, but he tells the crew "to keep her good full" on course. He can never be seen again at home or on a ship for fear of the law finally catching up with him and executing him.

The Sephora's captain followed the letter of the law and put Leggatt in a locked room to stay in until they came to land and he could be turned over to the authorities.

He gives him three gold coins. Course Hero.

The story was adapted for a segment of the 1952 film Face to Face, and also for a one-act play in 1969 by C. R. Wobbe. The Captain hides Leggatt in his stateroom.

The Captain allows him to climb up the ladder onto the ship. The Captain feels he is beginning to understand his ship. He enters what Conrad suggests is a grey moral area. Even the descriptions of where and how Leggatt will hide in the small stateroom are a little hard to believe. The action of the story varies between daytime and night, though the most important developments all take place in the obscured grey world of night. An unnamed young Captain is on the deck of his ship in the still waters of the Gulf of Siam (now called the Gulf of Thailand) waiting for the winds to pick up so he can begin his journey home to England. The Captain is amazed the steward didn't see him. The Captain notices the man's arm holding the ladder and then the man's upturned face. After goodbyes, Leggatt enters the water to swim for shore.

He enjoys a cigar on deck as his crew sleeps below, rejoicing in "the great security of the sea as compared with the unrest of the land.".

Below, the Captain explains his plan to Leggatt. Heading back down to his stateroom to escape the uncomfortable feeling of being on the deck with his crew, the Captain realizes he feels "less torn in two" when with Leggatt, and there is "no one in the whole ship whom I dared take into my confidence.". In the quiet of the sleeping ship, the two talk and the man, named Leggatt, elects to come on board. Parents Guide. Course Hero, "The Secret Sharer Study Guide," February 7, 2019, accessed October 24, 2020,

Conrad deliberately does not give the Captain a name, with the intention of making him a universal character. The second mate says that his theory is right. The Captain says his "strangeness" has made him sleepless and hopes his time on watch will allow him to get more acquainted with the ship. Be the first to contribute! An unnamed young Captain is on the deck of his ship in the still waters of the Gulf of Siam (now called the Gulf of Thailand) waiting for the winds to pick up so he can begin his journey home to England. Leggatt knows he must disappear somewhere. As the dialogue continues, the captain is startled to learn that Leggatt, a young chief mate, has killed a man at sea and has been held prisoner for weeks aboard the Sephora. He smuggles Leggatt into the sail locker, and just before they shake hands and part, he places his hat on his "other self. Leggatt reveals that he was a mate on the Sephora but that he killed a man, although he justifies that the man was very evil. Many weeks ago, the Sephora hit bad weather.

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