Many female relatives of Dhananad that included Dhananand’s daughter, some wives and cocubbines and brothers wife and children were left behind in magadh fort. For all purpose we can ignore their real caste and consider them as Kshatriyas as they were basically warriors. Even citizens did not respect a Shudra King. Another version says that Chandragupta was an ambitious teenager and wanted to defeat Nandas and hence joined hands with Chankya to defeat Nandas. Aarya Dharmchand Kumar, who was last seen in Colors’ Havan playing the character of Yajur, is all set to appear on the TV screens again. THIS Chandragupta Maurya actor is becoming ... Tarun Khanna Gets a Sweet Surprise This Valentine's Day! He had to go into exile in forest to save his life as Dhananand’s army was after him to capture and kill him. Another question - is CGM likely to be the one to kill Bhadrashal, or will it be Ahilya? One version was Chankya brought/purchased Chandragupta as a kid from his parents and trained him in taxila till his youth. In the ACK, Dhananand & all his sons were killed that way, but in this serial, only one son was mentioned, alongside Durdhara. 1-people at that time accepted royal families as their ruler so it was a necessity for cgm to marry durdhara, 2-chankaya wanted a baby who could succeed cgm. Dhananad was an incapable and cruel king who extorted huge amount of wealth through huge taxes. both he did sent him to exile but after that he killed him. Dhananand himself had many sons and daughters. During his time Magadh had very powerful army. One by one pain stakingly he captured the smaller regions in Nanda empire.

Chankya handled the revolt well and malayketu was isolated and he became a vassal of Chandragupta.

And now his son, who was in exile, will come to the forefront and will claim his rule over the Nanda Dynasty.
One day Chankya was passing Chandragupta’s village when Chandra along with his friends was playing role of a king. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Porus was murdered by Euedmos in 317 B.C. His name was Kshema Dharma and mothers name was Moora. Euedmos could not handle the attack and moved back to Persia, thus making Chandragupta the undisputed King of Punjab. Sneha Wagh bags &TV’s 'Kahat Hanuman…Jai Shri Ram', Sandeep Arora to join the cast of RadhaKrishn, Kamaljeet Rana to join the cast of RadhaKrishn. The story goes that baby Chandragupta was found in the cowshed by his father and brought up by him. Whatever the version, Chnadragupta and Chankya combined forces to defeat Nandas and unite India. Finally Chandragupta Maurya changed his strategy and attacked frontier regions on edge of Nanda empire. All rights reserved. Pultrach, the greek historian says Chandragupta met Alexander in his youth in 325 BC. Here is Kapil Dev's First Picture from the Hospital after the Heart Attack, Bigg Boss 14: Divya Khosla Kumar assigns a special task to the contestants, Aww! Chandraguptas exact caste cannot be known as his real family was never found but some consider him Shudra as he was brought up by Shudra parents. In the ACK Chandragupta, they have it that the Vishyakanya killed him. with this comment you are challenging chanakya intelligence directly,there is no way killing  by vishkanya make cgm a needed proper political thing,cgm made army and made a revolt against dhananda,he was captured,sent to exile and was just like how gaddafi got killed. So we can only tell that Chandragupta was adopted by a peacock herdsman and his wife and brought up on outskirts of Pataliputra the capital of Magadh empire(modern day Patna in Bihar, India). Till 320 B.C.

Chandragupta then conquered entire India from Afghanistan to Mysore leaving very few kingdoms independent.
The actor will be seen in Imagine’s Chandragupta Maurya, in an important role.

Nands daughter and Chandra Gupta Maurya : Love at first sight, Nigrodha and Ashoka - A meeting that changed Emperor Ashoka. The latter has an existing grudge against Bhadrashal, so it would make more sense if he does it, rather than CGM. Dhananad was an incapable and cruel king who extorted huge amount of wealth through huge taxes. If you can share your silence with someone, never let go: Ashish Sharma on celebrating his seventh anniversary with wife, Archana! His mother was captured and executed by Dhananand.

Chandragupta’s army ran away to save their lives.

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