The MiGs incorporated German research that showed that swept wings delayed the onset of compressibility problems, and enabled speeds much closer to the speed of sound. Uiteindelijk wordt ze vermoord door haar man. Kelly Johnson submitted a design proposal in mid-June and promised that the prototype would be ready for testing in 180 days.

Since the British turbojet was not yet delivered, Lockheed obtained its blueprint dimensions from Bell as ordered by the USAAC.

[21] F-80s are credited by the USAF with destroying 17 aircraft in air-to-air combat and 24 on the ground. [9], The first prototype (44-83020) was nicknamed Lulu-Belle (also known as "the Green Hornet" because of its paint scheme). Lockheed also produced a two-seat trainer variant with a longer fuselage, the T-33, which remained in production until 1959 and was produced under license in Japan and Canada.

A total of 83 P-80s had been delivered by the end of July 1945 and 45 assigned to the 412th Fighter Group (later redesignated the 1st Fighter Group) at Muroc Army Air Field. Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, National Museum of the United States Air Force, List of military aircraft of the United States, "Project Extraversion: P-80 Shooting Stars in World War II. One week later, on 8 November, the first American claim for a jet-versus-jet aerial kill was made when Lieutenant Russell J. The closely related T-33 Shooting Star trainer would remain in service with the U.S. Air Force and Navy well into the 1980s, with the last NT-33 variant not retired until April 1997.

44-83021 was nicknamed the Gray Ghost after its "pearl gray" paint scheme, while 83022, left unpainted for comparison of flight characteristics, became known as the Silver Ghost.

A total of 1,714 single-seat F-80A, F-80B, F-80C, and RF-80s were manufactured by the end of production in 1950, of which 927 were F-80Cs (including 129 operational F-80As upgraded to F-80C-11-LO standards). Two aircraft (44-83021 and 44-83022) were built. Two TF-80Cs were modified as prototypes for the F-94 Starfire, an all-weather fighter which was produced in three variants. The success of these aircraft led to the procurement by the Navy of 698 T-33 Shooting Stars (as the TO-2/TV-2) to provide a two-seat aircraft for the training role. The project was so secret that only five of the more than 130 people working on it knew that they were developing a jet aircraft, and the British engineer who delivered the Goblin engine was detained by the police because Lockheed officials could not vouch for him.

[18], Several P-80A Shooting Stars[N 2] were transferred to the United States Navy beginning 29 June 1945, retaining their P-80 designations. [14] Soviet records showed that the MiG survived the combat.

[4] Bell performed preliminary work on a revised version of P-59 featuring a single engine mounted within the fuselage and a low mounted wing designated the XP-59B, but by this time the Bell factory was swamped with other work so the USAAF transferred work on this project to Lockheed.[5]. [citation needed] The first Air National Guard unit to fly the F-80C was the 196th FS of the California ANG in June 1947. 44-83021 was nicknamed the Gray Ghost after its "pearl gray" paint scheme, while 83022, left unpainted for comparison of flight characteristics, became known as the Silver Ghost.

The F-94 Starfire, an all-weather interceptor on the same airframe, also saw Korean War service.

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