Eventually, he spots a good possibility: Paul Kasura, the lawyer to whom Childan had sold a neck plate forged by Frank in season 1. The reel, showing the destruction of San Francisco, sends Hitler reeling, and he doesn’t recover in time to talk to John. Recap guide / thumbnail previews for "The Man in the High Castle" Season 1 Episode 2 SIGN IN Recaps for TV shows View TV episodes as 50 thumbnails But who is he?

Juliana tells him Trudy had thought of the films as a way out, but after she wonders whether she did see Trudy a few days ago in the streets of San Francisco, he tells her, again, that she shouldn’t ask questions. That’s how I’ll be grading these episodes at least.

Frank, however, mobilizes and pores through Childan’s list of contacts. First, it has an extremely guilty and repentant Frank tell Inspector Kido himself that Ed is innocent. And yes, I realize I haven’t addressed the elephant in the room: This show has indeed been referred to as a point of comparison for today’s U.S. politics. He arrives, expecting to be commended for his actions in taking down Heydrich, but instead, the Fuhrer watches the reel Joe delivered to John first. “I’m the one who’s supposed to die,” he says, shaking, as the ever-apathetic Kido tells Frank that Ed had signed a confession. Yet, when Juliana watches the reel, she can’t quite place the man she’s seeing. The Man in the High Castle recap: Season 2, Episode 7, The Man in the High Castle recap: Season 2, Episode 3, The Man in the High Castle recap: Season 2, Episode 4, The Man in the High Castle recap: Season 2, Episode 6, The Man in the High Castle recap: Season 2, Episode 5, The Man in the High Castle finale recap: Season 2, Episode 10, The Man in the High Castle recap: Season 2, Episode 9, The Man in the High Castle recap: Season 2, Episode 8, The Man in the High Castle recap: Season 2, Episode 2, The Man In The High Castle season 1 finale recap: A Way Out, The Man in the High Castle recap: End of the World, The Man in the High Castle recap: Three Monkeys, The Man in the High Castle recap: The New Normal, The Man in the High Castle recap: Revelations, The Man in the High Castle recap: The Illustrated Woman, The Man in the High Castle recap: Sunrise, The Man in the High Castle premiere recap: The New World.

Some of us are just the same rotten or kind in one reality, or rotten or kind in the next, but most people are different.” To put it as simply as possible, he explains that he wants Juliana to identify the man because the only reel in which San Francisco isn’t destroyed is the one in which this mystery man — yup, a new mystery man! During the meeting, Kido picks up on how strangely Tagomi is acting, especially when the General explains that the Japanese science minister found a capsule with information smuggled from Berlin with data on how to build a Heisenberg device.

Thrown by Frank’s aggressive accusation, Arnold advises him to find someone who has connections. Before waking up in said “high castle, “she has a series of flashbacks: A young Juliana embraces a soldier (presumably her father), a slightly older Juliana walks next to a coffin at a funeral (also presumably for her father), the same slightly older Juliana spots a soldier walking with her, and a wartime young Juliana holds onto young Trudy. “Each one of these films shows a reality like our, but not ours,” he explains, sort of. She recounts what she saw on the film, of the burned shadows in San Francisco, the destruction of the city via mushroom cloud, and Joe murdering her boyfriend Frank. Welcome, Stephen Root.) The line’s blurrier than it seems. In Japanese San Francisco, Juliana Crane receives footage of the Allies winning the war and a … It’s another in a long string of questions The Man in the High Castle raises immediately in its season opener, despite revealing much more to the show than I expected. The Man in the High Castle Season-Finale Recap: The Greater Good Rufus Sewell is the season’s MVP. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. Meet the man himself — and his so-called 'high castle'. Juliana makes it away, but the episode ends with an unlucky kempeitai soldier crawling away from a chilly Gary, echoing a scene from season 1, in which John Smith walks up to a Resistance member and pulls the trigger, showing no mercy. With that, the pair end up talking. It’s a repeated shot — the next time we see Tagomi through glass, he’s at home, praying for his dead son and wife at his shrine before calling Wegener’s family and discovering the bad news of Wegener’s suicide after failing to kill the Fuhrer. The final shot, though, is something we knew happened to Juliana but didn’t see last season: She steps in front of a bus in a yellow dress and the film burns as the bus crashes into her back. Offers may be subject to change without notice. (Yeah… “not throw them out,” in this case, means “hold them prisoner.”). If they can find someone sympathetic to their plight, maybe Ed can be freed. Well, first of all, he’s the one who asks the questions here, and, second, his name’s Hawthorne Abinson (I hope I’m getting the spelling right here, but I’m too afraid to ask the man himself, you know? Their reunion is chillier than ever: “In the future, you have to learn to keep your feelings in check,” John says, chiding his mentee for developing a friendship (or is it something more?) So, after Joe makes it to the Nazi sub, the Nazis blow up the smugglers’ ship, leaving Joe wracked with guilt — and looking more naïve than ever. There are parallels between these two men: Both are fiercely loyal to the cause, and both aren’t afraid to shoot. The Man in the High Castle premiere recap: Season 2, Episode 1. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Juliana plays along, having seen the reel she brought to him and been disturbed by its events. When we finally see him again, he’s just returned in order to make a meeting with the General (character Tzi Ma, joining this season), finally quelling Kotomichi’s fears that his boss has disappeared. “Then we’re screwed,” Hawthorne concludes, taking a 180 from his enthusiastic mood seconds before.

Some of the hanging threads — who’s this guy in the reel and how will Frank get out of this one? Kido could continue investigating Tagomi, but he’ll have his hands full soon enough: Juliana, after being “shot” by Gary, wakes up in the trunk of a Resistance car. When they head to the Kasuras’ home, Childan advises Frank not to speak; after all, the yakuza are there, too, ready to take them out. Trapped, Frank smashes glass back in his apartment, before falling asleep. Juliana isn’t doing well, either: Waking up inside a cell, she tries to defend herself by saying she didn’t want to take Joe’s life. Amazon adapts Philip K. Dick's 1962 novel about an alternate universe where the Axis powers won World War II. ), and, third, his castle is his mind, not the warehouse he’s in filled with film reels acquired by the Resistance. But when a pair of cylons Lem and West Coast Resistance leader Gary walk in, they argue that they needed the film, no matter how righteous Juliana was feeling — and so Gary shoots her, but the shot sounds oddly muffled. The Man in the High Castle premiere recap: Season 2, Episode 1 Meet the man himself — and his so-called 'high castle' By Shirley Li Shots are fired, kempeitai soldiers fall, and Karen dies from a gunshot wound. Meet the Man in the High Castle — after you re-meet The Man in the High Castle and all its unnerving, alternate history ideas first. NEXT: Where, oh where, is the Japanese trade minister? Are you to be trusted? Later, John gets a chance to go to Berlin to meet the Fuhrer himself. Unlike Childan and Frank, Tagomi has walked free — he’s even traversed across realities. As sirens are heard, Lem finally pulls Gary out of his reverie, and the two drive away, leaving Karen’s body behind and speeding right past Juliana, now hiding in the woods. It’s a quick way for the show to say, again: This fascist world first imagined by Philip K. Dick is much more similar to ours than we think.

“This isn’t the man you want to be?” he whisper-sneers.

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