Kim So Hyun deserves the Best Actor Award for this drama. I'm so addicted to this drama even after watching it for the 3rd time...the drama itself has such a deep meaning to it and i've really learnt a lot by watching it..and not to mention Kim Soo Hyun omg! although i think ga in is a little old but oh wells, shes lucky!!!!! This is the best . kimsohyun one of the best korean actor.. And so adorable. Kim Soo-hyun is so adorable. A wonderful drama! Sadly, they grew up and the adult cast took over. what a beautiful saeguk drama.... This saeguk drama is totally different from other saeguk dramas. they make me fall in love.. thanks. And she's played by what i can only assume is the worst actress in the country. I felt their hurt sadness hatard & luv. thanks for the next 2epi I been waiting for this I love this drama I dont get tried watching iver and over...the story is very touching and theres comedy that you could laughing non stop and help you to removed your problem...i hope the nxt epu is coming soon im s excited to see the nxt one thanks to the director and all the cast and the sub. I really luv luv luv!!!! I'm still debating whether or not to finish watching the drama or not since the story itself is very good, hence the reason why it received so many awards. happyskates Feb 10 2012 11:21 pm [7] However, it drew disappointing ratings given Bae Yong-joon's enormous popularity in Japan. He added warmth and humor. Prince Yangmyung becomes curious also stands in line. Great drama! Elize Jan 11 2012 12:49 pm Joleen dh May 19 2013 8:04 pm Finally, she lived as a shaman. Amazing!

It was hard to see emotions in her face (but I liked her acting in Bad Guy).Kim You Jung gave more life to the character. Broken Youth Jan 01 2014 7:25 pm LoveKdrama Feb 12 2020 1:40 pm Japanese viewers were reportedly confused by the drama's several flashbacks, and its references to Korean history. i love this historical, romantic, drama because the all cast of "moon embracing the sun" is very good, until the last episodes of this drama.

Yeon-woo is now Shaman Wol (which means "moon"); unaware of Wol's true identity, the Queen Mother calls her to the palace so that she can cure the king's "illness." The only thing I like and make me continue watching is Woon, I love him young or adult <3. Maybe that happen because of the main character become king early of the story. After realizing that he is kim soohyun i can't help falling for him. Ga-in Han was so composed having gone through all the trials and tribulations as an actress made it feel all to real. watch its several times, still crying. Tanya Nov 24 2015 9:05 pm One of the best, love this drama so much, watched it 6 times! All things put aside, I totally love this drama. i love it... very nice movie, i really like it much! All the scenes are so beautiful especially the osts! :(((. sooo sad that this drama end... Han Ga In good actress, yes older but age doesnt matter! Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In didn't have much chemistry, but their acting in general was very good. From ep.6 (first airs January 19, 2012) the main leads appears as the adult characters.

Azmi Feb 15 2016 7:27 pm When they both first meet 13 year old Yeo Woon? Also, they play their roles as kings so so well. I'm already anticipating this! The Moon Embracing the Sun is an intriguing story which has stirred my interest to study more about Korean history. The Korean actors & actress are very handsome & beautiful. Epic drama, i loved all actors! One of the best KDs. And all the actor and actress as well.keep up the good work. Majo no Tabitabi Anime.

Anticipated!!! The Crown Prince falls off the ladder and onto Yeon-Woo. kaorukenshin Feb 21 2012 9:45 am Sylvia Casarez Aug 08 2017 12:11 am diana Aug 27 2012 9:47 pm I enjoyed watching it despite some lapses in the screenplay, I will give it a 9/10 rating. in the mean time, song jae-rim LOL this dude is so cool and quiet here i always can't help but laugh when i think of the real life him, Kkb jencel eulalio Jan 06 2015 4:42 am Yeon-Woo is certain that the man is a thief. I hope it will have a part 2 with the same cast and additional cast like BYJ.... Ayten Mar 26 2013 4:53 pm I pitied Bo Kyung more than Yeon Woo. How can ppl(like the king) in that time be in so good shape when they only eat and sat on their but al the time? How I wish that she ended up with Woon or Prince Hyanyung. Alyssa Jan 30 2012 3:02 am

Amazing story-line. As an American Man, I've got to compliment all the actors, directors and everyone else that partook in making this TV series. So sad that it will end soon..:(, yeyy Mar 06 2012 6:11 am please i love this drama so much... please make it a happy ending..please make past the subtitle. I like the queen (Kim Min-Seo)so much and really feel for her and for me she was the one that kept me going ......great show and fantastic soundtrack. Gene Oct 29 2012 12:11 am The story of this drama is the best. i watched this drama more than 4 times now and every time i watch it i still feel like i am watching it for the first time. I'm glad I gave this drama a chance, if you like historicial dramas this one is definetely recommended! Most period dramas has selfish kings. the cast was so great! its a very beautiful korean drama that i ever watched... one of the good actor in korea kim soo hyun...keep it up u have a good talent in singing and in sad it will end soon..congratulations you're no 1 .. miss you kim soo hyun.. sarangge. It received ratings of 7%, which though far from Winter Sonata's 20%, is still a respectable result given its late night time-slot.
All the characters were just superb and beautiful. Chu Jun 12 2020 6:32 pm Anne Jun 18 2012 7:52 pm But this is still my most favorite, because it only has 20 episode and for me it's perfect. I never watched any historical drama but this one blew me away. He brought the three gods of nature; Poong-Baek (백호, the White Tiger), Woonsa (청룡, the Azure Dragon), and Woosa (현무, the Turtle Snake). I DO NOT CARE ABOUT episode ratings!!! She’s trying to make Wol annoyingly innocent and calm! The four sons and daughters of the master shoemaker, Hyo Seop, were raised without a mother until one day, they meet their father's girlfriend who is a millionaire! Grace Jun 23 2020 10:18 pm I've watched 13 episodes so far and I have to say it sucks to watch more that 60 % of a drama and not be impressed at all. funmi Apr 19 2014 5:24 pm Most of the royal palace scenes were filmed on location at MBC Dramia located at Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si in Gyeonggi Province, where other historical dramas such as Dong Yi, Jumong and Queen Seondeok were also filmed. Watched it many times and never get bored ^^, yeddah marie Oct 18 2012 11:46 pm

window.W4GRB = new Object(); Jo Hyun-Jae was originally cast to play supporting character Kang Il-Kwon, but dropped out of due to scheduling issues. Awesome Plot, Best Actors and actresses. Two thumbs up for Moon embraces the sun and all of his dramas. ayanosuke01 Feb 22 2016 1:40 am the young cast was really good! Kudos to all casts n crews. hahaha Prince Yangmyung (later played by Jung Il-Woo) is the older stepbrother of the Crown Prince. Love the theme song Back In Time... some1 Mar 31 2012 1:28 am

khaada Jul 26 2013 4:12 am I am a huge fan! This drama is a dissapointment. The original soundtrack has made it better <3. peace Aug 16 2016 5:27 am Could not leave without just watching one episode, loved it.Tears in my eye, like a river . I can't hold my tears when Yeon Woo's drink the medicine from her father? and Wish to see all the actors and actresses best of luck in their future and carreer. After Jan Se Yeon's husband died in an accident, she has lived with her daughter. hansika Jun 21 2016 6:09 am
They could actually make a better scene when Yangmyung's died. actually, all the actors were really good in this drama, while the plot and OST went along together very well. but then i realised that i already hooked with the stories and other actors. xoo excited coz....just being curious does the moon can embrace the sun...????? Probably because it appeals to most audiences. Love it till the moon and back. She is so good and beautiful. It's not Lee Min Ho (1987) from City Hunter or BOF. Park Hae-Jin will play 4 different characters in the drama series. and sorry for all Kim Soo-Hyun fans i really loved him in Dream High but in this one he's truly horrible and non-fit, ainie Aug 30 2012 7:53 am

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