10/11/2020: Treating COVID-19 Today, The Lincoln Project, Grizzlies. Retrospective on the life & career of Judy Garland, including interviews with her daughters; a look at how the British cracked the WWII German code, considered at the time to be unbreakable.

Your vote is your voice! And Win Forever, Governor Schwarzenegger | Airport Security | Elephant Orphans, Mind Reading | Is It Murder? All rights reserved. Trump Lambasts '60 Minutes' After Episode About His COVID-19 Conspiracy Mongering. Ep 37 Operation Atlantis, The Last Laugh. We cannot vouch for the user experience provided by external sites. This popular news magazine provides both hard hitting investigations, interviews and features, along with people in the news and current events. McMaster; And, Ed Orgeron's journey from the bayou to LSU, © 2020 CBS Interactive. Trump appeared to respond to the “60 Minutes” episode in a tweet on Sunday. Watch 60 Minutes Full Episodes video on CBSNews.com. Which TV Series would you suggest to people who enjoy 60 Minutes? Which TV Series would you suggest to people who enjoy 60 Minutes? 50-20: 11 Feb 18 Everyone deserves accurate information about COVID-19. 50-19: 04 Feb 18: 60 Minutes Presents: On the 60 Minutes Menu: 491. The Age of Megafires/Life Saver/No Ordinary Spy, Bombing Afghanistan/What's Wrong with the Bees?/Sarko L'Americain, Curve Ball/The Ivory War/Captain of Capitalism, Superbug/Insanity on Death Row/Here Come the Millennials, Evidence of Injustice/The Youngest Terrorist/Calorie Counting, The Purge/One Laptop Per Child/Will Smith, Kings of Congo/Prescription for Addiction/LT MVP, Don't Ask, Don't Tell/Garden of Eden/A-Rod. They are being exposed to bat viruses every day. Trump appeared to respond to the “60 Minutes” episode in a tweet on Sunday. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- “60 Minutes” will air an interview with President Donald Trump on Sunday. The Age of Mega-Fires/Pot Shops/Get Me the Geeks! If we don’t do this we are going to be on the front line again when the next virus hits.” Trump appeared to respond to the “60 Minutes” episode in a tweet on Sunday. McMaster | Coach O and the Sideways Season, Florida's Amendment 4 | The Wall | Sir David, Fire! But in recent weeks, the Wuhan Institute, which is located in the same city where the new coronavirus was first reported, has come under scrutiny from Trump and some of his allies who’ve claimed ― without evidence or scientific backing ― that COVID-19 was potentially engineered at the institute or elsewhere in China and either accidentally or purposefully unleashed on the world.

“You know, the conspiracy theories out there have essentially closed down communication between scientists in China and scientists in the U.S. We need that communication in an outbreak to learn from them how they control it so we can control it better. “It’s just not like that. Then, engineers say a private section of the border wall will eventually fail. Polling hours on Election Day: Varies by state/locality. A guide listing the titles AND air dates for episodes of the TV series 60 Minutes. 60 Minutes, the most successful broadcast in television history. Hell on Earth/Larry King/Senor Presidente? The aim of our work is to directly benefit U.S. national security and public health. | The Mad Scientist of Football, Wall Street Speculation | Obama's Advisor | Wyclef Jean, The Winter of Our Hardship | No Peace Deal | Wine Rx, Buy American | Whistle Blower | Taliban Power, Lower Drinking Age | Muslim Militants | Nazi Mascot, SEC Ignoring Fraud | Mexico's War | The Republican Obama, What Went Wrong | Nourishment of a Nation, Do You Have Worms? For the Nov 3 election: States are making it easier for citizens to vote absentee by mail this year due to the coronavirus. “60 Minutes” asserted that the organization — which has been receiving NIH funding since at least 2002 — had been singled out because of “pandemic politics.”. Blackwater/A Clean Version of Hell/Joel Osteen/Dubai Inc. I guess they want to do business in China!” the president wrote. | The Seed School | Marty's Big Idea, A Relentless Enemy | People Behind the Mosque | Cool Brees, Unfinished Business | The Go-To-Guy | Giving Away a Fortune, High Frequency Trading | Nelson Mandela | Eminem, City of David | Stand Down | Market Street, Anger in the Land | Tax the Rich | Zenyatta, The Merchant of Death | Designing Life | Mark Wahlberg, Good Cop, Bad Cop | Spider-Man | John Paul Stevens, The Big Gamble | Silver or Lead | A Living for the Dead, Descent Into Madness | Yemen | The Gambler, The Spark | Scott Brown: Against All Odds | The King's Speech, Hard Times Generation | Hitchens | Spy on the Ice, Curve Ball | Counterfeit Drugs | The $125,000 Question, The New Tax Havens | One Child at a Time | Coach Hurley, The Next Housing Shock | Gospel for Teens, The Murder of Louis Allen | The Library | Albert Pujols, Greg Mortenson | The Case of Beckett Brennan | The Co-Founder, The Soldiers' Secretary | Afghanistan's Top Spy | Sovereign Citizens, The FBI and The Grim Reaper | U.S. v. Drake | Children in the Fields | Al Sharpton, NYPD's Counterterrorism Unit | Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Otsuchi, Japan | Alex Honnold | Andy Rooney, A Lobbyist's Playbook | Operation Proper Exit, Christine Lagarde | The Pledge | Taylor Swift, Hard Times Generation | The Flavorists | Angelina, The Majority Leader | The Gardens of the Queen | Meryl Streep, Stem Cell Treatments | Brothers in the Marines | Truffles, Wildebeest Migration | Elephant Dictionary | Jane Goodall, Leon Panetta | Roger Goodell | Big Game Species in US, Deception at Duke | India's Gold | The Year of Adele, Trapped in Unemployment | Treating Depression | The Mozart of Chess, Stuxnet | The Archbishop of Dublin | Redshirting, The Spymaster Speaks | Teacher to the World | Aerosmith, Resurrecting Chrysler | Evidence of Innocence | Novak Djokovic, An Imperfect Union | The Sport of Kings | Joy in the Congo, The Case Against Lehman | Christians of the Holy Land | The Trouble with Treasure, The Raptor | Cleaning Up Whitley County | Michael Phelps, Hank | The Gulen Movement | The Role of a Lifetime, Afghan President Hamid Karzai | US General John Allen | Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei | U.S. Eyeware Company Luxotyica | Singer Rodriguez, The Syrian Civil War | New Program in Texas for War Vets | Daniel Craig & Barbara Broccoli, Medical Marijuana | Goldman Sachs Employee Greg Smith | Steven Spielberg, Jobs & the Economy in Asheboro, NC | Missing American Historical Treasures | Shahid Khan, Partisan U.S. Senate Gridlock | Historian David McCullough | Football Player Aaron Rodgers, Residents of Belle Harbor, NY | High-Tech Capable Employees | David McCullough, An Immigration & Customs Enforcement Investigation | Infant Morality | College Football Programs, Free the Children | New York City Ballet | Dereck & Beverly Joubert, Claims Against a Hospital Chain | Shin Dong Hyuk | Bertrand Piccard & Abdre Borschberg, Confessing to Crimes They Did Not Commit | The Race to Save the Tortoise | Hugh Jackman, Tragedy in Newton | Costa Concordia | The Vatican Library's treasures, Internet's Impact on the Media David Kelley | The Barcelona Soccer Team's Unique Training System, March of the Machines | Justice Sotomayor | Free Diving, The President and the Secretary of State | The Fall of Lance Armstrong, Attack in Algeria | 40 Million Mistakes | Lincoln, Israel's Iron Dome | World's Largest Civilian Hospital Ship | Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith, The Life and Death of Clay Hunt | China's Real Estate Mogul | China's Real Estate Bubble, Lethal Medicine | Sheryl Sandberg | God's Architect, American Nuns | Twitter Creator Jack Dorsey | Former Hit Man Says He Has Found God, Crackdown in Russia | Blindsided | The Nile Crocodile, The Newtown Massacre | Basketball Player Jeremy Lin, Searching for Warlord Joseph Kony | Baseball Player R.A. Dickey | Marfa, Texas, The Boston Bombings | Sniffing for Bombs | The 9/11 Museum, Angel of Death | Rosie's Run for the Roses, Counterinsurgency Cops | Robin Hood | Invisible Wounds, The Rescue of Jessica Buchanan | Succeeding as Civilians | Bill Gates 2.0, A Face in the Crowd | Three Generations of Punishment | Michael Jackson, The Secretary of State | Imminent Danger | Killing Jesus, The Federal Disability Program | America's First Battle With al-Qaida | Asteroids and Comets, Detroit on the Edge | Boy Wonder: Jack Andraka | Fall of Saigon, Washington's Open Secret | Dick Cheney's Heart | Return of the Humpbacks, 2012 Al Qaeda Attack on US Consulate in Libya | Former CIA Michael Morrel | Peter Gelb, Guantanamo | Lamborghini | The Perfectionist, 210 Days in Captivity | GoPro's Video Revolution | Capturing History, Gitmo | The Giving Pledge | The Recyclers, Inside Amazon | Capital Dome Restoration | Free Diving, Susan Rice | Rocky Mountain High | Quarterback Guru, The Cleantech Case | Hollywood's Villans | Volcanos, The Case of Alex Rodriguez | Memory Wizards, Sex Matters | Philip Seymour Hoffman | 100,000 Homes, Enemy of the State | The F-35 | Cate Blanchett, The Shooting at Chardon High | The Con Artist | Liam Neeson, The Data Brokers | The Heart of the Revolution | ALMA, Bassem Youssef | Drones Over America | Cajun Ketchup, Manhunt | The Pink Panthers | Cartoons in The New Yorker, Rigged | Fast Cars and Rocket Ships | The Virtuoso, Three Years Later | The Health Wagon | Discovered, Portrait of Pope Francis | Shalane Flanagan Casting Light on the Boston Marathon, Robin Hood | Memory Wizards | Joy in the Congo, America's Missile Fields | Saving the Children, Washington's Open Secret | EMERGENCY | Salmon in the Sea, 8 Days in Tehran | The Capitol Dome | The Recyclers, The Director | Cancer Drugs |, Smartest Dog, FBI Director on Privacy | The War on Leaks | The Arrest of El Chapo, Treating Ebola | Breeding Out Disease | Foo Fighters, Campaigning for ISIS | SEAL under fire | Blake Shelton, The Ebola Hot Zone | Cleaning up the VA | Steve Carell, Falling Apart | Chernobyl | Forgotten Corner of Hell, UN World Food Programme | Kevin Richardson, The Spill at Dan River | Disrupting Cancer | The City of Music, U.S. and Cuba | Senator Tom Coburn | Reese Witherspoon, U.S. Gen. John Campbell and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Colorado's Legal Marijuana | Affordable Care Act | Veterans Mountain Climbing, The Republican Leaders | The Cleveland Division | Li Na, ZMapp, | A New Kind of Terrorist | Bradley Cooper, The Storm after the Storm | Lumber Liquidators | Larry David, Argentine Prosecutor Assassination | Golf Company Reunion | James Levine | Laminate Flooring Update, Dead or Alive | A Few Good Women | Back to the Wild, Iraq's Christians | Rare Earth Elements | Starstruck, Homeland Security | The Good Friday Agreement | Wikimania, The Attack on Sony | Ambassador Kennedy | Rush to Judgment, A Crime Against Humanity | TED Talks | Hoop Dreams, Death in the Mediterranean | The Battle Above, The Lesson of War | All-American | Whisky Island, An Unlikely Informant | The Unknown America | King of Crossfit, A Monumental Project | Child Suicide Bombers | Falling Apart, Vladimir Putin | Donald Trump | The Greatest Escape, Hands off the Wheel | Patrick Kennedy | The Hidden Holocaust, Seeking Asylum | Make-A-Wish | Revis Island, Vice President Biden | The New Burma | Inside the Air War, Heroin in the Heartland | Smart Guns | The Slave Ship, Into Dangerous Hands | The Collider | Hamilton, The Paris Attacks | The Speaker of the House | Football and the Brain, Active Shooter | Common Enemy | The Future of Money, The Last Prisoner | The Execution of Joseph Wood | Taking on the Eiger, Confidential Informants | Bonobos | The Spy Among Us, A New Direction on Drugs | The New Force Behind Star Wars | Lewis Hamilton, Lost in the Bermuda Triangle | Agromafia | Little Jazz Man, The Road to Syria | Life After Death Row | Hamilton.

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