We a tropical people, you understand? “Cain” and his homeboy “O-Dog” (Larenz Tate) were realistic example of what type of lifestyles men were living in the hoodback in the day. Again, his language is a lil’ explicit in this one. They know how to feel their way into madness and come up with an agonizing reflection of a generation at war with itself. He recently talked to ThisIs50’s Jack Thriller about his rivalry with Jay Z’s former music business partner, Dame Dash and he described how he actually landed the role of “Caine” one ‘Menace.’ The way he told this story had us crakin’ up over here. For O-Dog, killing is more than possible and palatable; it’s easy, almost a reflex he resorts to when something offends him, whether it’s a clerk talking about his mother, or a homeless drug addict offering to suck him off for a hit. [Sharif tells Caine to stop vomiting] Sharif : Come on now, get up from off your knees praying to that porcelain god, that white porcelain god. The film explicitly posits the Watts riots of 1965 as the moment when hope and optimism fled, and drugs and gangs began to infiltrate communities. Social and Behavioral Sciences Commons, Home |

Menace II Society provides Caine with multiple ways out of his situation. . Menace II Society brought an unprecedented rawness and truth about South Central Los Angeles, a year after the LA Riots, holding no reservations about the brutality, violence and nihilism surrounding the ‘hood. Caine, the young man at the center of "Menace II Society," is not an evil person in the usual sense of the word.

Aker’s social learning theory predicts why crime occurs due to differential association, reinforcement, definitions and modeling. Killing loses its horrifying power and becomes queasily palatable. He isn’t looking for a way to escape oblivion and a bad end; he’s looking to embrace them. . We didn’t hear much from Tyrin again until he made his presence known in the 1998 film, By the way, Tyrin is also still good friends with his former ‘. About | Murder and other forms of meaningless violence are in Caine’s bloodline, part of his parents’ poisoned legacy. As Caine slowly dies in Stacy's arms, seeing flashbacks of the events that led to this final moment, he realizes that "in the end it all catches up with you". Caine : Man, you better get your Shelenkem-Shilom ass up off this box and pass me a motherfuckin' brew. . Also, the theory will explain how his intimate peer group influenced him to engage in criminal behavior instead of getting out of the gang lifestyle as he first intended to. Early in the film, Caine’s grandfather asks the central question of the film: does Caine want to live or does he want to die, and he answers, truthfully, that he does not know. Nothing the Hughes brothers have done in their videos for Tone Loc, Tupac Shakur and others prepares you for the controlled intensity and maturity they bring to their stunning feature debut. The film isn’t subtle about connecting the dots between its anti-heroes’ violence-infected lives and the overarching social causes that produce generations of poverty and violence. . Journals and Campus Publications In an VladTV interview from 2016 the Menace II Society actor/rapper MC Eiht revealed on how Shakur felt about his role. he had stated that Tupac had raised questions on why … All rights reserved. Caine’s death at the end of Menace II Society has a faintly tragic air, but for a man who has spent the entire film doubting the value of life (his own and the lives of others), it’s also something else: a relief. What time do you think it was when Anne Frank chose to starve herself?

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