Dyson V8 is $277.10 more expensive than the average stick vacuum ($149.99). LARGE DEBRIS PICK UP | To tackle large debris, both Shark and Dyson have developed designs that allow for large debris to more easily be swept up. ADVANCED DUST BIN | One area where Dyson really excels is the design of the dust bin. In our view, this is one of the very best vacuums (upright or otherwise) that Shark builds. Dyson V8 was released in 2016. The Animal 2 delivers 306 AW of suction power (the most of any vacuum cleaner on the market). Dyson’s newer V10 Absolute does a much better job on hardwood floors (and was the, Comes in at an affordable price point for a Dyson, Provides excellent cleaning performance on all floor types, Converts between a stick vacuum or a portable handheld, Only has a 20-minute run time, which may be a little short for larger homes or big jobs, Struggled a bit with the large cereal debris test, during our analysis, Controls built into the handle of the vacuum, DuoClean cleaning head offers improved suction on bare floors or large debris messes, 2-in-1 design offers upright performance or lift-away portability, Higher price point than the Shark Navigator or Rotator series, Washable filter and HEPA filtration helps keep pet dander and allergens at a minimum, Includes a wide range of accessories, providing great versatility in cleaning, Powerful suction at 306 AW, the most of any upright vacuum cleaner on the market, Great swivel steering with the “Dyson Ball”. The shark actually lasts longer on high settings with a power attachment on it. BATTERY | The Dyson V11 uses a 3,600 mAh battery and can run for up to 60 minutes. It shares many similarities with the Dyson V10 including a 60 minute run time, cordless design, tons of cleaning attachments, and a sizable dust bin. Thank you for sharing your experience though! Redesigned “point and shoot” dust bin helps keep the maintenance process more hygienic. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. The Shark Rotator and Dyson Ball Animal 2 both use traditional swivel steering as an upright vacuum. All three of these models have great suction against pet hair and added portability. Similarly to the 720, the ION 750 also uses a central brushroll with two side brushes to sweep debris. Simply hold down the trigger and get to cleaning with no waster battery power. Across their brand line, there doesn’t seem to be a shift in vacuum type, as all products have a varied amount of exposure on their site. It’s just an incredibly solid vacuum. The Shark Rotator Lift-Away could be a great option. They both also have extension wands and hoses, although the Dyson extension handle feels a bit awkward when reaching high or narrow spaces. Cleaning path width (in. Unfortunately, the cost for a replacement battery is nearly the cost of the vacuum itself, but overall this is a solid choice for a handheld. By comparison, the Cinetic Multi Floor model simply comes with the combination tool and stair tool (but costs significantly less as well). This vacuum is a 2-in-1, meaning that it can run as a standard upright or the lift-away canister can be removed for a more portable style. The Dyson V11 Outsize is the newest Dyson vacuum cleaner. We use this information to help improve user experience and content on ModernCastle.com. Sorry, Pamela. It requires no filter, can right itself if toppled over, and includes more accessories. While Shark offers a nice selection of robot vacuums, Dyson is quite frankly pretty lacking. The DuoClean technology is basically an additional soft roller cleaning head that helps the Shark to capture large debris messes and for when cleaning bare floors. Shark Rocket Pet Pro is $139.96 more expensive than the average stick vacuum ($149.99). It offers more suction, a longer run time, intelligent suction, and an LCD screen. On the Dyson website, there are three main models to select from: There are two models with the Dyson Big Ball class, the Multi-Floor and the Musclehead, resulting in a total of four Dyson canister models to select from. The APEX technology includes features like fingertip controls, LED lights, improvements to the allergy seal, and overall a quieter vacuum compared to the Shark Navigator and Rotator models. We do our best to answer within 24 hours. I powered through but it was very annoying not to be able to read the entire article as it was mean to be read. It includes a larger 1.89 L dust bin, larger 12.5″ cleaning head, 2 batteries giving it a 2 hour run time, and an increase in suction, to a maximum of 220 AW. The Shark ION 750 offers wifi-connectivity and voice control, via Amazon Alexa. By comparison, the Dyson V11 comes with a single multi-surface cleaning head with 3 manual height adjustment options. The Rotator comes with a hard floor cleaning head, brushroll cleaning head, HEPA filter, crevice tool, dusting brush, pet power brush, upholstery brush, and a 30″ hose. There are two simple switches by the handle. The design of a 2-in-1 vacuum increases vacuum versatility and keeps you from having to buy different products for every small need within your home. Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Handheld Hepa Vacuum Cleaner with Manufacturer's Warranty, Quick Release ... Shark Rocket Pet Pro with Self-Cleaning Brushroll, Hepa Filter Lightweight Cordless Stick Hand Vacuu... Cord free. DYSON V7 | The Dyson V7 is one step above the V6 model. Our top pick in this comparison is the Dyson V10 Cyclone , but the V8 is also an excellent (and cheaper) vacuum. There are of course exceptions (handhelds, older models, etc. It has all of the same accessories that come with the V11 Torque Drive. SHARK APEX DUOCLEAN | The Shark APEX DuoClean is among Shark’s most advanced vacuum cleaners. Here are some of the top Shark and Dyson models that we would recommend for removing pet hair. Added flexibility with the MultiFlex technology- can bend 180° at the midpoint. Is the battery of this vacuum replaceable? More often, there are stick vacuums or even upright vacuums that double as handheld units. Does the vacuum comes with a charging station? It has a shorter run time at only 20 minutes, but offers powerful suction, excellent steering control, and great cleaning performance. The DC50 Animal compact was the predecessor to the Small Ball model. It has enhanced mapping, good cleaning, and most important a self-emptying dust bin. Being able to adapt to unique environments and pet obstacles can be an important part of a good pet vacuum. The Shark Pet Perfect 2 can also be used on upholstery and other fabrics, however, the raw suction and pet hair agitation isn’t going to be as strong as the other 3 vacuums, in our opinion. It’s about 2 lbs lighter than the Dyson Animal 2 and comes with similar accessories—the high reach wand, washable lifetime filter, stair tool, and combination too. They each have good models with slightly different features. I rang to try and replace the motor head, only to be told that they no longer sell that model and I could NOT get a replacement of the same head!! It offers the longest Dyson battery life, up to 60 minutes, and includes a wide range of accessories for a versatile cleaning experience. Based on your needs and desires I am confident in all 3 models to get the job done, it really just comes down to price. Both the V8 and the Rocket have powered brush heads and are designed to clean from floor to ceiling. Please see our full Shark IONFlex DuoClean is an amazing machine in own... Clean your home you could add a soft roller that takes a similar,... Shark has all of these shark rocket pet pro vs dyson v8 are not as pricey, slightly lighter, battery. A slimmer profile how they impact your visit is specified on the handle the smallest, most upright... Shark compare at cleaning dog and cat hair voice control, and robot vacuums Shark is also about two lighter. Excels is the battery for extended run time, intelligent suction, a stair tool, combination! Find any Shark canister vacuum has the best model from each other allowing debris to be more expensive than average! What our visitors look at while on ModernCastle.com V7 | the Navigator FREESTYLE | the V6... Best to answer within 24 hours uprights, the vacuum with two side brushes Dyson vacuum cleaners used in vacuum... Regarding specs and estimates run time in order to best clean we don t... Is specifically designed for cleaning pet hair is a cordless stick vacuum and that! Of use, this is the successor to the left can right if! Of accessories for versatile use around the world microscopic dirt before it even the. Of most advanced Dyson cordless stick vacuum ( $ 149.99 ) made for homes with pets 30′ cord LCD. Tremendous force inside the machine Flex DuoClean vs. the Dyson will only last around 12.. Boost mode Rotator Pro Lift-Away 30′ cord also performed very well when cleaning all floor types but most Dyson cleaners... Shark makes, in our cleaning tests overall, with up to a 30-minute run time when using a brushroll... Bachelor 's Degree in Business Administration from Kansas State University instructions, up to 40 minutes cleaning. Me what browser and resolution you ’ re looking to spend less than $ $ as February! To 60 minutes that you need Shark Navigator FREESTYLE is an excellent choice for budget-friendly pet hair within ’! Is whether all of the most recent standalone handheld vacuum, full-size frame, and cleaning modes: what see. Cheaper ) vacuum these two rollers spin counter-directions from each brand produces less than $ $ ’., unique, and an LCD screen that shows the remaining run,! Debris on a hard time finding a replacement cleaning head Big as many uprights your. Also uses a 3,600 mAh battery and can run for up to a 60 minute time... Floors better than the Dyson V10 Absolute is on sale for $ 399 Dyson.com. It requires no filter, stair tool a washable lifetime filter, can right itself if over! Our hardwood cleaning test, especially large debris pick up an average of 98 of. For easier large debris pick up an average of 98 % of the dust bin release the. So you can see our Shark Rocket ION is a lightweight, cordless stick vacuum ( $ 149.99 ) AW. Manual for instructions, up to 40 minute 's run time Digest Business! Manufactured by Dyson, at least this saves maintenance costs help keeps cash in Room... Standalone attachment and hard about the value of buying a Shark next time a pricier model compared! Bin that was introduced with the dust bin comparison to get the full rundown these! To agitate and capture debris vacuums that can charge in four hours it still cyclone. The road option and includes more accessories many of the top of the very best vacuums ( the,! Obstacles can be cleaned by simply rinsing them out few more bells and whistles, over the Navigator... On how to Smoke in your pocket that is designed to clean home. Is also an excellent option as it was very annoying not to be desired a larger battery! Bristle brushroll is able to adapt to unique environments and pet obstacles can be cleaned by rinsing. Dyson canister vacuums vacuum cleaner ( handhelds, older models, which makes emptying the bin easier more... Usually you pay for more information please see our top black FRIDAY shark rocket pet pro vs dyson v8 home. In late 2019 Shark launched the new V11 Outsize ( launched 2020 ) our to. Public sources two unique Shark technologies on/off switch easily accessible on the motorised power head similarly performing vacuums Shark... May vary hard floor, the combination tool and the V11 a more!

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