I'm a animal? He's usually short on funds but that doesn't stop him from begging for a handout. Or perhaps as Timmy Rawlins on ER for several seasons. :

Plummer has a long pretty long résumé. Sharif was trying to get out of the hood, too. He is, as Caine describes him, "young, black, and [doesn't] give a fuck", being "America's nightmare". Caine "Hurry up and buy!" The gang members who robbed Caine and Harold. It was supposed to be temporary, but then his mother died. He tries to convince Caine to come along, but he refuses.

In a flashback scene with Caine's parents in the '70s, Pickens was the victim of Tat Lawson's rage at a card party. Johnson had a recurring role on ABC's Family Matters in the '90s. O-Dog loudly barks at Caine for setting reasonable moral boundaries in their revenge plot, and warns him not to "[act] like no pussy". A Korean store robbery and homicide, too many shootouts, getting kicked out of his grandparents' house and getting a girl pregnant. It was a wrap for Toda's "grocery store man" when he uttered these fateful words to O-Dog.

[during a visit to the penitentiary]  Dutton, as Caine's former teacher Mr. Butler, offered advice that really hit home for Caine, and it seemed as though he was finally about to turn his life around and leave South Central Los Angeles for a better life.

Doster hasn't appeared on screen since his role on Menace.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Ilena's cousin. The teen was trigger-happy and ready to explode, and this comment sent him over the edge. Menace II Society stream Deutsch HD Quality Menace II Society ist ein Psychothriller aus dem Jahr 1993 von Albert Hughes und Allen Hughes mit Tyrin Turner, Larenz Tate und Samuel L. Jackson. He was planning to go to Kansas with Stacy, but he was shot in the last scene of the film. Allen Hughes is directing a series for FOX called Gang Related, co-starring RZA.

Earlier this month, Shadow and Act reported that she will star opposite William Levy in a romantic drama titled Salsa. Alexander has had some very hefty roles on screen since her short appearance on Menace. Shortly before filming Menace, she appeared as "groupie 1" in The Jacksons: An American Dream. On May 26, 1993, a gritty, violent crime drama set in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles and directed by twin brothers named Allen and Albert Hughes opened in theaters.

To commemorate the film's anniversary, take a look at what the cast has been up to over the past two decades. : "You gotta think about your life. She landed a job as an administrative assistant in Atlanta and insisted that Caine move South with her and her son Anthony. Technical Specs, [takes the phone away from his ear in disbelief, only to return it], The 25 Best Movies About Racism of All Time. Pernell's ex-girlfriend.

He spends most of his time lounging around while the others do all the dirty work. He stays busy in Hollywood. He refuses to budge, and gets shot for his trouble.

Ballard's character Clyde was one of Pernell's friends. They blow Harold's brains all over the windshield and hit Caine with some strays before riding off. Teach him the way we grew up was bullshit.

But to Caine's surprise, Pernell insisted that he go with Ronnie and their son to Atlanta. [looking down]  Sein Vater war ein drogensüchtiger Zuhälter, der zumindest einen Menschen im Streit um Geld ermordet hatte. Caine is a young man living in the ghetto of Watts, California, recently having graduated from high school. Tat is a scary, brutish man who sells drugs and takes his money very seriously. Turner had small roles in Hangin' With Mr. Cooper and Deep Cover before landing the lead in Menace II Society. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/MenaceIISociety. Tate, who started out as a child actor, appeared in a number of family sitcoms before landing the decidedly not-family-friendly role of O-Dog. Powell had several credits under his belt by the time he played Chauncy, was part of the crew and overstepped his boundaries when he pushed up on Ronnie at a party.

Critics loved it, and in the 20 years since it was released, the film, which follows a teenage drug dealer who commits heinous crimes with his friends but ultimately decides he wants a better life, has only increased in popularity. Caine didn't know the answer to his grandfather's question until it was too late. You'll remember him refusing cheeseburgers that O-Dog got after beating up Basehead for offering, um, sexual acts in exchange for money. Caine's late mother and father. But after a while, Caine got close to Ronnie (Jada Pinkett Smith), the mother of Pernell's son, and stopped visiting Pernell in the pen. He has a few upcoming films according to iMDB, including a film that he wrote and directed, titled Calista House. She was an executive producer for the documentary Free Angela and All Political Prisoners this year. Most recently, Wiley has appeared in Southland and Love That Girl! Young, black and didn't give a f—k.".


As of 2009, he was an aspiring rapper with the moniker — you guessed it — "Menace.".

[takes the phone away from his ear in disbelief, only to return it] 

"Caine, do you care whether you live or die?" Tre is a pretty dorky guy, most likely due to his bookworm father, and sticks out like a sore thumb alongside most of his friends, who are hardened gangsters. Filming & Production : One of Caine's friends. Alexander landed the role of Karen Lawson, Caine's heroin-addicted mother who died when Caine was very young, after appearing in several Broadway shows and choreographing Whitney Houston's world tour. MC Eiht's A-Wax character was part of Caine and O-Dog's crew. Since Tate's portrayal of O-Dog, the name has become synonymous with being a fearless gangster in pop culture.

Is that what you think? Some basehead who hangs around Caine and his friends. However, this video shows Doster supporting his childhood friend, Jordan Farmar, former Los Angeles Lakers point guard. He is in (guesstimating here) one out of three straight-to-DVD/Netflix movies featuring predominately black casts. As far as acting goes, he appeared in Who Made the Potatoe Salad? He gets word that Caine abandoned her and the baby and wants to check him. Pernell Williams' character Stacy was determined to make it out of the hood.

A'ight? | Now that you been out the joint two weeks don't you think it's about time you gave me my money?" Johnson, as Grandpa, preached to Caine and O-Dog about doing what's right, but scripture and religion went "in one ear and out the other.". It's been a long time, Caine. O-Dog takes particular offense to him offering some sexual favors as payment, and shoots him dead, stealing the cheeseburgers that he previously offered. Pernell Johnson died in 2000 in Los Angeles.

Menace II Society (pronounced Menace to Society) is a 1993 American teen hood drama film directed by Allen and Albert Hughes in their directorial debut, and starring Tyrin Turner, Jada Pinkett, Larenz Tate and Samuel L. Jackson. Doughboy is sadly murdered two weeks after getting revenge on his brother's murderers. According to iMDB, her next role is the character Pauline Lin in We Are Family, featuring Christian Keyes, RonReaco Lee, Frenchie Davis and Wanita "D. Woods" Woodgett. He's a fun-loving, laid-back dude who spends most of his time gambling, selling drugs, and kicking back with the crew. Pernell and Ronnie's young son. Karen is a heroin junkie who usually uses up her husband's supply, which makes him beat her up. Mit 18 Jahren verdient er sich nun als Drogendealer sein Geld.

In 2012, he directed The Obama Effect and in 2000, he directed the HBO mini-series The Corner. Go with Ronnie, Caine. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
In 2012, Allen and Albert directed The Book of Eli.

She lives in a house he bought for her, along with their son, Anthony. He had a scholarship to college in Kansas and hoped to be able to provide a better life for his kids.

On average, Powell has done about seven movies per year since 2003. The child actor landed choice roles in '90s films such as Waiting to Exhale, Soul Food and Mars Attacks, but Hammond hasn't appeared on screen since the early to mid-2000s when he was in the TV movie Our America and an episode of The West Wing. O-Dog will kill, Doughboy could be a bit fierce but was mostly easygoing and reserved. She played Francine "Fran" Boyd, a crack-addicted mother in Baltimore, on HBO's The Corner, and she also starred in Simon's Treme, as LaDonna Batiste-Williams. The film's protagonist. If you blink, you might miss Jackson in this role as Tat Lawson, Caine's father, but he had a quick yet memorable altercation — "Look here, man.

35 and Ticking? I know the way she feels about you and that's cool.

He used to play football, and plans to pick it back up in Kansas, moving there with Sharif. Pernell gets gets out of prison and marries Ronnie, then they both see revenge on the dudes that killed Caine. I can't do shit for him in here.

He also appeared in The Hurricane with Denzel Washington. She's been looked after Pernell's prodigy, Caine, and is slowly developing feelings for him. Caine denies that the baby is his, which breaks her heart and causes her to inform her cousin about the situation.

: recently had a recurring role on Showtime's House of Lies as Malcolm Kaan.

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