It probably goes without saying, but robber placement should hinder the biggest threat to you and in general, experienced Catan gamers will be understanding if that’s what you do. Feast, if people roll 8s a lot, but famine, if they roll the equally-common 6s instead. You may also use the robber as extortion, and say that if someone trades you a particular resource, you will place the robber somewhere else. Use those rare resources to your advantage by trading aggressively and cutting deals that would be borderline highway robbery. For example, placing your two settlements adjacent to two 8s will give you a game that lends itself to feast or famine. That’s why it’s important that you grab development cards to acquire knights. For example, if someone has 2 Knights and 3 more development cards up their sleeve and everyone else has a single Knight at most, that player might already have another 2 points in the bag from the special Knight achievement. Settlers of Catan is a strategic board game, where you build settlements, roads and cities, by using resources of wheat, ore, lumber, sheep and brick. Development cards is also a sneaky way to disguise how many points you have. Beware of holding more than seven cards. Pick the best numbers to maximise production. The things that make Settlers of Catan such a great game to introduce new gamers to is its combination of easy-to-learn rules and mechanisms, player interaction, and obvious heuristics/goals that are easy to grasp. It determines what resources you get, what your expansion paths are and also what strategies you’ll pursue. Things Everyone Needs to Keep in Mind. You could become the main target if you continuously brag about your ability to track all their cards. The more rounds you have a settlement/city, the more resources it will produce throughout the game. If you liked this article, you may also like:, I Need More Than a $50 Discount to Ditch the Xbox One S Optical Drive, Corsair HS35 Budget Gaming Headset Review, Why Won’t Nintendo Give Us What We Want — Retro Games, What it’s Like to Play Spiritfarer as Someone Who Has Grieved. Settlers Of Catan: 10 Strategies To Win At This Classic Board Game 10 Expand Production. Be aware of the tactics of the other players, their cards and what you can do to stop them. Settlers of Catan is commonly classified as a gateway game into modern boardgaming. What can you control and how quickly can you control it? Ore and wheat to build cities. Sometimes you can get very beneficial trades by pointing out that someone else is about to win, but if they trade you a bunch of cards, you will be able to stop them, for example by taking the longest road. 4. Honestly, if it’s economically feasible, you should be able to plop down a settlement after building the required road segments needed to build a settlement in the first place. Otherwise, if you’re fine looking at it in text form, then read on! The reason for that is because once the road structures are placed and no settlement is placed afterward, you’ve created a huge priority for people to focus on because they know that if they take that spot, they’ll not only deny you a chance at getting that spot, they will have gotten you to waste your efforts building the roads to that spot. Keeping a low profile may be a more successful way to victory. That said, try to make trades that benefit you in some way.

1. Ruining your opponents’ plans is an effective strategy throughout the game. It can be especially useful to get to a port that matches your most common resource, where you can trade it 2–1. If your opponent really needs a card, he might give you two cards for one. There’s a high chance it’ll stay there longer. Sounds obvious, right? Taking the lead is dangerous because it then attracts bandits to try to block your resource generation or steal resources from your warm, living hands. So make use of them, get the resources you need for cheap, and laugh as you achieve that final 10th victory point. Where you place your first roads can decide if you get a flying start or fall behind early.

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