> Shuhua’s favorite Korean word is “Yuqi-ya!” The video circulating from the tv show introducing her at the start is falsely translated using YouTube CC. Miyeon: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5df0088fdb9d03c33857bf4cfe47378ce86a2b03ca30dafd54f2e3d01dfd9d9e.jpg -Soojin became a trainee in 2016 and trained for two years. – Her hobby is watching anime (she especially likes “One Piece”). Height: Fans bickering won’t help them in their album sales. – Soyeon says she’s trying to fix being a picky eater but her members beg to differ. (this is proposed by Soyeon) Isn’t Yuqi part of the rap line or have a position of a rapper? About Shuhua: Plz add this info too. Nationality: Taiwanese, Shuhua Facts: You would see how strong she is in dancing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhs0y6k2z3c Her Chinese name is Yuqi. When this happens in 90% of songs of the group’s entire discography, then that rapper should be viewed as the main/lead rapper. Most people, NOT NEVERLAND, think of Soyeon when they think of the group, it’s simple as that.

You can keep parroting the same “facts” regurgitated by fans on Twitter, and that’s your personal opinion, and you are entitled to it, and I respect its right to exist.

They all spoke in their first languages in the introduction videos.

you forgot Let Me Know.

– Yuqi is a fan of NBA player LeBron James “Shuhua hates strawberries and she likes chocolates” you write it twice as well (please remove one). Plus positions aren’t matter either bc every member is talented (i hate this rule in kpop). Indeed, thanks for the comment! Not all are given the vocalist position. Disclaimer Whee In is MAMAMOO’s strongest vocalist, Solar is main vocal but Hwasa gets the largest portion of songs as again she has the most interesting voice.

Yuqi: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, FoTG Most liked =/= fotg. Yuqi became friends with Momoland’s Daisy and WJSN’s Yeoreum after competing with them on ISAC 2018, source: (G)I-DLE’s I-Talk ep 22. thanks . It depends on a song. Minnie- Lead Vocalist Thank you for the explanations, it’s much appreciated! – when mom goes to sleep current FACTS show that soyeon represents the group for music while yuqi does for varieties. About Soyeon: I don’t think the members have solo accounts. If someone who isn’t a main, gets more lines than the main, that means that their voice synergies with the type of song/concept they are singing. I looked up their birth charts xD but yeah, they’re both on the cusp. Where can we get their official positions? Woah! They are all beautiful except for the thai. and yes thanks for the explanation, yet I hope Miyeon have social media tho hehe, No, it’s true that Yuqi’s Korean name is Woogi (우기) not Yugi (유기). And 2PM’s Main Vocalists are Jun.K and Junho but Woyoung of 2PM is also singing the chorus in certain songs and he is a Lead Vocalist, even Nichkhun of 2PM is singing the chorus in some songs and he is a Vocalist. Yuqi: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/430e8c4cc2f5ec31d87285310c6e5fa5e7316d5bafd42514972af84f343c44c8.jpg (59 Second Manual. All the people saying this group would become “Soyeon and Friends” can shut up now, i love how Yuqi and Minnie sing in latata tbh, maybe she learned some, because she was in unpretty rapstar which is rapping with english is like the style of rapper in that show.

I couldn’t find it anywhere). Her surname, Yeh, is written as 이으 in korean, so couldn’t she have just chosen 이 (Lee) as her Korean surname?

My bias is Soojin but I will never ever say she is the best dancer or main dancer.

– Miyeon knows how to play the violin and piano. well it wasn’t meant to be a direct translation or anything. 164 cm. Their zodiac is listed right, They don’t have a fandom name yet, but let’s hope they’ll choose one soon , @tracymagaling:disqus @disqus_nGr2zGdQaI:disqus @disqus_Z0srocS4r8:disqus ahh it was the on where yanan was selling the cotton candy, I have 2/3 biases actually…. Well, but ㅊ is closer to the q sound rather than ㄱ imo but if they decided like that then aight, what do you mean? Starting at around 37 sec, there’s a really good view of her: Latest Korean Comeback: if Yuqi’s name in hangul is 우기 does that mean you pronounce it without the Y (Uqi)?

(G)I-DLE Discography. Position:

@mymusictaste-4017d09309c8f634c22aa95ca66b2f9f:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! , Thank you a lot for providing their comeback photos along with their names, it’s very much appreciated!

Please remove Minnie as Main Vocalist. I agree. – Soojin is the “mom” in the group because she takes care of members like a mom

– Her ideal type would be Zoro from “One Piece”. they look like a blackpink group theyre all pretty as well, as from i heard from their first v live, Hear Me? Apparently dispatch said Soyeon and Sunwoo of the boys are dating, Yes, she is a Main Vocalist alongside Miyeon. thank you, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OKNXn2qCEws. Blood Type: O remember when soojin was least popular im crying, Soyeon,Heejin(Loona),Jungkook(BTS) are relatives https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/136b3b56d2c133a400852138bbd61dd8aec797141a033d985dc3b35d8af0254c.jpg, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5e9d1c8b23a974a8ac847be5c7384a111ad1419a8255ea26a22f679009bfd459.jpg, Soyeon and Miyeon (along with Madison Beer and Jaira Burns) collaborated with Riot Games League of Legends for the Worlds 2018 performance, going under a group name K/DA with the song POP/STARS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOxkGD8qRB4, Just stop, there lots of koreans that are Jeon but it doesn’t mean there all relatives and if this is a joke its not funny, Soyeon, Miyeon, Madison Beer and Jaira Burns made a song Popstar for League Of Legends, jeon is a very common last name in korea, even one of my cousins last name is jeon but he isn’t related to any kpop idol. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio She’s still a official Main Vocalist, so your statement is false. She is the member of the famous Kpop girls group G-Idle formed by Cube Entertainment.

Just like an artist lives inside their fan, it means that (G)I-DLE will forever live in ‘Neverland’ as (G)I-DLE and will never change and always be with their fans.”, Who is really the face of the group? Even if you wanna go with an absurd position like “LINES HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH POSITION!!!

And that makes Miyeon and Minnie 21 internationally and 22 in Korean age. , @disqus_24L8DVhN4z:disqus

Position: Main Vocalist, Visual Are the positions confirmed by them or the company?? – Miyeon says her eyesmile when she laughs is so cute.

At the beginning, when they introduce members and their positions.

– Miyeon says she’s a cutie-pie.

Minnie – Wattana Wittaya Academy Soojin: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper minnie said its gonna be around august :)))). yuqi: an only child – She also attended media class because she was very interested in writing lyrics and composing songs. but like honestly though we won’t know their real positions until their debut, all this is our own opinions anyway and cube might have different opinions than we do or are looking for different things in their vocalists/dancers/whatever, the only thing we can confirm so far is soyeon as leader and probably main rapper but until wednesday we can’t know anything for sure, Cube will release profiles on either their website or it’ll be in album booklet. Source: https://www.allkpop.com/forum/threads/shuhua-confirmed-to-be-the-visual-of-g-idle.169156/ that’s because in the Chinese language, ‘q’ is meant to be pronounced somewhat like ‘ch’, unlike in English!! They have their own concepts. Birth Name: Song Yu Qi (宋雨琦/송우기) Minnie – Lead Vocalist

And also Soyeon should be Vocalist.

, Thank you for the info and for providing the source! Miyeon is definitely the main vocal, minne and yuqi are likely lead vocals. miyeon got 57.

I know, I just meant that ‘Cho’ is the official romanization used by YG and Cube. Kpop Quizzes – Shuhua says she has a great figure (we are aware). so let’s just relax and wait for their debut, It said on YuQi’s introduction video that she knows English, Korean, and Chinese.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/12-foreign-idols-incredible-fun-latest-episode-idol-room/. Height : 165 cm – Yuqi has been nominated for “Most 100 Beautiful Faces of 2018″, representing China isn’t it knowing bros or as they said knowing brother? She like to introduce herself as Pretty Spring girl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cevbhEqQF4, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cevbhEqQF4, their comeback, please update it, thankss, latest comeback, please update it. The members also seem to think Soojin has the best/sexiest body in the group. Facebook: @G.I.DLE.CUBE Miyeon She also sings first in the songs. Disagree, I consider Yuqi and Soojin to be about equally skilled when it comes to vocals. , Lol… how did you know which part?!

Plus her tone give their songs more texture.

Soojin and Yuqi are both better dancers than Soyeon, Soyeon is lead dancer, Soyeon: Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Center

BUT ME AND MINNIE HAVE THE SAME BDAY!!! Thanks for the help and the explanations.

I would show you some but I forgot which video I found them in—, The whole FACe of the group thing with Yuqi & Soyeon really reminds me of Taeyeon & Yoona, Soyeon is a fan of C-jamm. I love her voice, but her dancing? Miyeon and Minnie are Main Vocalists or just Miyeon is the Main Vocalist? Birthday: December 12th, 2001. Yuqi has more of a baby-face; her eye-lip:nose-ear ratio is very low (in other words, her eyes and lips are wide like a baby’s compared to her head size).

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