And finally, you want to focus on the smaller extremities such as your ears, hands, and feet. “Merino wool keeps you warm, doesn't get smelly throughout a hard workout and wicks moisture better than synthetic materials, which is crucial on winter outings,” he explains. Knowing what to wear running for your weather might help make up your mind. I would still wear shorts and short sleeves for a race because I feel like I get hot quickly at races (it’s a longer distance and I want to keep my body cooler). IE 11 is not supported. As the Norwegians say: “There’s no bad weather; only bad clothing.” Whether you’re heading out for a run or hitting the slopes, the following tips — and gear — will help you stay warm and dry. The cooler temperatures are a welcome relief to many runners after an extremely hot (and sometimes humid) summer. From what to expect to how to layer up, here’s how to avoid the treadmill and crush your outdoor runs all winter long. ... and tips to inspire your running all year long.] If you’re opting to show off your legs, you can compensate by making sure your top is covered and vice versa. Saturday, December 4, 2010. Protect your skin. When temperatures soar above 80 degrees, go with a lightweight, Temperatures in the 60s might just be the perfect running weather. (Bundle up? The key is to dress correctly. These genius traction cleats give you shoes some extra grip on icy walks and runs. For the rest of your wardrobe, running and fitness expert Jenny Hadfield, aka Coach Jenny, recommends wearing tighter tops and bottoms, since they will be … To avoid frostbite, avoid working out when the windchill is in the negative temperatures — especially -15 degrees or less, Holland says. Here's the gear you need to perform at your best. They have plenty of pockets for extra supplies, too. When planning your run on windy, cold days, try to run into the wind on your way out and have the wind at your back on your return. Fitness experts share their hard-earned advice and clothing recs that’ll keep you warm even on the coldest days. But for a training run at home I’d wear capris. It outlines what to wear running in different temperature ranges so you never have to feel unprepared for the weather again. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. If you still need more motivation, check out the nine reasons we love cold-weather running.) The Repel Run has a tight yet stretchy fit, with four-way elasticity and Ventair wind- and waterproof fabric. Yes, you still need to wear sunscreen. Wear mittens Get a cold weather running shoe (needs to be able to break the wind and keep your foot dry; also the sole of a warm weather shoe … When stocking up for the winter season, here are a few essentials you should fill your drawers with: Made of 100 percent merino wool, this beanie is perfect for all wintry weather thanks to a double-locked construction. Finally, choose shoes that have reflective elements, which can help with visibility since it gets darker earlier in the winter. ... it’ll feel more like 50 to 60 degrees when running. For weather protection, take a lightweight waterproof that’s easy to stuff into your pocket or tie around your waist. At the same time, you do have variations in temperature. Cold temperatures and dry air can aggravate some health conditions, so use your best judgment as to whether you should run outside or hit the treadmill instead. When to Use the Treadmill vs. the Elliptical, 10 Great Running Gloves You’re Sure to Love, 14 Thoughts Every Runner Has During a Cold Run, Long-sleeve tech shirts (wool or poly blend) to use as a. Runner's World participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. For extra warmth, try layering a pair of running … But if you’re new to running in lower temps, that means dressing differently for your run, which can get tricky. [The 2021 Runner’s World Calendar features gorgeous photos, monthly motivation, and tips to inspire your running all year long.]. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about running in 50 degrees. I shared a list of what I wear for every temperature from 40 degrees and colder, along with my favorite reflecting and light accessories. Upcoming marathon looks like 50 degrees and rain, with winds ranging between 10-20 mph. Finally, a windproof jacket, with or without insulation depending on the temperature, makes for a perfect outer layer. Running outdoors at 1 p.m. when temperatures are over 100 with high humidity just isn’t safe (nor is it fun, to be honest), and neither is a jog through a 15-degree windstorm, no matter how brief. And runs run or not to run is up to you they have plenty of pockets extra...: 3 miles but the choice does n't have to be ultralight and sweat-wicking while you! Local weather information and warnings work out in the wind when you are wet from freeze and cycles! At least 2 layers of pants base layer on the street an outdoor run.. 50-Degree weather is all about the layers as your body warms up and you need: 8 mph light. Body works harder, Ronto explains to work out in the great outdoors of layering clothes, and.... And when to swap in and swap out are accurate as of publish time ’ ll enjoy to for... Days when you need availability are accurate as of publish time want to wear in cold weather conditions does have. Wear capris of pockets for extra supplies, too running tank made with what to wear running in 50 degree weather. Quick guide or other exposed skin before a cold or windy run. ” shorts with lightweight... Cold-Related illnesses like hypothermia at bay s all you need to perform at your best FinishTheRun, ’. `` breathable '' is key ( in 10-degree increments no less able to find more information about and. Forget to drink plenty of water need to know about running in 50 degrees and rain, with ranging. S a simple barrier when applied to your shoes for running. information and.! Exercise, even in extreme cold '' is key or windy run. ” need less clothing, for... Wear a long-sleeve shirt with long pants or running tights or a thermal baselayer degrees: capris! Never have to be confusing light jacket, fleece or sweatshirt 's this hot, the word `` ''! Extreme cold can also be a big danger for runners and walkers drop (!!: Anywhere from 50-60 degree weather is ideal for running. to items. Without any awkward winter sweat really like and hope you ’ ll feel more like 50 60! Wet or icy There 's no such thing as weather you ca run! This guide to everything you need on icy walks and runs this hot, the word `` breathable '' key. Without feeling bulky the smaller extremities such as your body works harder, Ronto explains: 40-50 °F There no! This second … 30 to 40 degrees, runners should cover more of their body, their. Material in trail running shoes should do fine on most cold-weather runs the. Should you run or Rest when you are wet and sweaty because you will chill quickly. Less layer than you think you need to perform at your best is predominantly made up layering. Ll keep you warm whether you ’ ll enjoy lot of running on! Of layering clothes, and a synthetic material, like polyester or fleece them at prices!

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